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A suicide at the University of Texas Reveals Dark Side of #MeToo Movement. David Paulin – “Morrisett’s suicide was the first time a media outlet riding on the #MeToo bandwagon veered into troubling new territory – targeting an ordinary man like Morrisett instead of the #MeToo movement’s usual high-profile villains.”

“Strangely, not a single news outlet has reported on Morrisett’s suicide, even though a media firestorm made him a reviled public figure. It’s not as if his suicide is a secret. On the contrary, the cause of Morrisett’s death can be readily obtained from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office. Why have the Statesman and other media outlets ignored his suicide?

“They’re embarrassed,” Morrisett’s lawyer, E.G. Morris, said during a phone interview. He added, “Just because you have a particular piece of information, doesn’t mean you should publish it.”

Human beings are infinitely complex. It is risky to judge them too quickly. But such nuances were lost on the news media and campus mob in the final weeks of Morrisett’s life. Those who knew him well were appalled at how he was vilified.

By all accounts, Morrisett was a man going through a rough patch in his life. In the end, he was destroyed by a newspaper article, a media firestorm, and a campus mob. Readers, of course, can make up their own minds about who has blood on their hands.

Then They Came for the White Women. Clarice Feldman – “Since the left cannot — oh you know why — attack Black or Latino voters, they’ve aimed their bile at white women voters.”

“The attack on Brett Kavanaugh was a typical leftist attack on white men. Its insistence that a woman must always be believed when accusing men of sexual misconduct was part and parcel of the Duke Lacrosse team and University of Virginia frameups, among numerous others. It was enshrined in the Obama-era overreach of Title IX to deny college men the right of due process in such matters, and as time has passed, many colleges and universities are paying and will continue to pay male victims of this outrageous policy. No one has better publicized the harmful effect of such anti-male phrases as “toxic masculinity”, “frat boy”, “bro” and “testosterone poisoning” and unfair campus tribunals than Professor Glenn Reynolds who this week suggests that higher education institutions should use the summer break to clean up their act.

With the women should vote for a woman (Hillary) and white men are all rapists (Kavanaugh) tactics having failed, the left is now turning against white women as the enemy

Jim Acosta abused his privileges as a member of the press. Michael Goodwin – “As for the practical fallout, there are good reasons why trust of the press is at an all-time low.

“Indeed, the response to my column supporting the initial suspension reveals that Americans on both sides of the Trump line believe manners still matter. They differ over who is at fault, with Trump supporters seeing most journalists as Democrats with press passes, while Acosta supporters mostly argue he was justified in behaving badly because Trump does, too.

The idea of using someone else’s conduct to justify your misconduct is childish. Go to any playground and you’ll hear a chorus of “he started it” defenses.

It’s simply laughable when adults use that lame excuse, which is what Acosta and his defenders are doing.

The First Amendment is a key to American liberty in glorious ways, but it is not an excuse for bad manners. It is a tragedy of our era that the media must be reminded of that common-sense truth.

Perhaps those who condemn the President’s “bad behavior” should look in the mirror and then should examine the standards they use and their pass practice in upholding those standards.


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