QOD 07ma16

The Quote Of the Day (QOD) is from Dr. Sanity referring to the projection in a cartoon and the dogma of the left.

Does all this sound vaguely familiar to you? It should. It is the same old Marxist/socialist/communist bullshit we’ve been innundated with for decades by the proponents of that pathetic ideology who simply won’t go away and leave the human race alone. These people are so out of touch with reality they will cling to their socialist fantasies even if it kills us.

There are three concepts that come together here. One is the derivatives from the philosophies of Karl Marx, another is the out-of- touch-with-reality idealism and the third is persistence in trying to make fantasy real. These concepts have consequence.

This perversion of intelligent thought–which has resulted in more human death and misery; more suffering and oppression; more subjugation and destruction of individual freedom; and more poverty and hopelessness than is even remotely conceivable under the auspices of it’s arch-enemy, capitalism–remains like a lingering malignancy that hides in the bloodstream and plagues the human species long after its necrotizing tumors have been surgically excised. This cancer of socialism drains away all the vital energy that makes us human, and perverts all the goodness of which humans are capable.

It feeds on envy and greed and all those aspects of human nature that civilization works to control. Yes, capitalism needs those aspects of human nature to function, too. But capitalism allows the transformation of all those same negative human traits into something positive for each individual as well as for all of humanity; while socialism institutionalizes and encourages the acting out of all that is destructive in human nature.

So much here, so many things to discuss. That is why it is today’s quote of note.

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