Why has a handle on reality been lost by so many?

Ace of Spades details the latest shoe to drop as “Chuck Grassely Criminally Refers Leftwing Activist Who Claimed in Graphic Detail to Have Been Raped by Brett Kavanaugh, But Who Turned Out to Be Decades Older Than Him and Never Having Been in the Same State as Him; She Admits It Was all a “Ploy” … Then there is a get out the vote effort, “Grab Them by the Ballot” featuring a picture of Democrat-supporting women going nude – “Question: Have I been eye-raped? Am I now a #Survivor?

When Laws Are Not Enforced, Anarchy Follows. Victor Davis Hanson – “The result of hundreds of “sanctuary cities” is not just to forbid full immigration enforcement in particular jurisdictions. They also signal that U.S. immigration law, and other laws by extension, can be ignored.”

“The problem with ignoring laws is that it is contagious—and can boomerang.

German philosopher Immanuel Kant noted that “anarchy is law and freedom without force.”

Translated to our current context, Kant might say that all our high-minded talk about the Bill of Rights means absolutely nothing without the cop on the beat and the local district attorney.

Why engage in false character assassination? Why go nude to parade a hate distorted perception of others? Why has a handle on reality been lost by so many?

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