The gotcha’ mentality

Trump speech and press conference on the caravan and illegal immigration. neo – “This type of muddled and/or mendacious coverage is typical; there’s nothing particularly special about CNN.” An analysis of the difference between what happened and what was reported: a Fake News case study.

On birthright citizenship: the truth, the whole truth, and the “Trump truth”. neo – “I wish Trump would somehow convey that information more clearly. I wish it were easy to do it succinctly. But what Trump certainly does do is to get people’s attention.” This one is a look at the ‘Trump Lies’ meme and it’s problems.

Associated Press Spreads Fake News: Trump Kids Received Birthright Citizenship. John Nolte – “Worse still, after claiming the piece has been corrected, the AP is still attempting to spread the outrageous lie that it is kind of true Trump’s oldest three children were granted birthright citizenship.”

“In what is yet another example of the garbage fire the establishment media have become in the age of Trump, the AP originally published the story with the headline, “President Trump’s First 3 Children Received Birthright Citizenship.”

No doubt, the AP thought it had the gotcha of all gotchas on its hands.

This, of course, is a lie. When Trump’s first three children were born, Trump was a U.S. citizen, therefore his children are U.S. citizens — which means his children are U.S. citizens, period. There is no mixed assessment of that fact.

Just another example to deny, rationalize, and try to pretend it’s not Fake News from a supposedly reputable source yet again.

Why demanding a randomized controlled trial for vaccines is disingenuous. Christopher Johnson – “The enduring mystery in this perennial chestnut of a topic is that vaccine deniers demand a level of safety and certainty from vaccines that they demand from no other medical procedure or treatment.” Standards and values depending upon context are indeed a mystery.

“I’m going to write about a particular form of concern trolling common among vaccine denialists: the claim that they would fully support vaccines if only vaccines could be shown to be fully safe and effective, using their own special definitions of what that means. In effect, they erect an impossible standard to meet, which is of course how concern trolling works.

Concern trolling. Wokeness. Wickedness.

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