You’e blind if you don’t see it my way

Guy Benson tries to debate the “both sides equivalent” issue starting with the headline NBC Journalist: Stop With the False Equivalencies. It’s ‘Plain as Day’ That Republicans Are Just Worse.

“These partisan assertions, dressed up as clear-eyed truth-telling, were pumped into the Twitterverse in response to an MSNBC segment in which radio host Hugh Hewitt invoked this incident as push-back against a different liberal’s claim that “there is no equivalent” to President Trump’s rhetoric within the Democratic Party. Harwood went off: …

I agree with Hugh in the sense that the unhinged diner screaming at Mitch McConnell at a Louisville eatery wasn’t an aberration. … A high-profile Democratic member of Congress has directly advocated this approach to ‘discourse.’ Maxine Waters isn’t just a random back-bencher
Some may argue that the modern American Left lacks a figure like Trump, whose rhetorical excesses, street-fighting impulses, casual deceit, and power are unmatched. There are entirely fair criticisms to be leveled against Trump, just as there are unfair attacks, too.
Ugly as it may be, the obnoxious and aggressive harassment of politicians doesn’t sink to the level of bona fide physical threats or actual violence … It’s also true that Trump whips up tribal frenzies and is rarely bashful about leaning into social conflicts in which he senses potential political benefit. He has said some appalling things, overtly or by omission. Only his most hardcore sycophants are blind to those realities.

“Those realities” need examination as Benson is using them to refute the headline assertion with a ‘both sides do it’ rationalization. If you look at the ‘realities’ cited and then at what he compares them to, you’ll see the problem with his argument despite his threat about blindness if you don’t agree with him. From the Left is broad based generic assault and call for violence. From Trump is a few very specific responses to individuals who have attempted to harm him often ignoring the possibility of misperception. Benson is not doing well with intellectual integrity in his moral preening. The dog whistle here is the list questionable assertions about Trump and the attempt to assert the logical fallacy of correctness by authority.

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