Suspicion honed by experience

Ace of Spades notes that “There’s Just No Way That a Terrorism-by-Mail Scheme Targeting the Political-Media Establishment Could be a False Flag. I Mean, It Couldn’t Happen Again, After The Last False Flag Mail Terror Attack in 2001. Everyone remember the Anthrax mailings?” The ‘bombs’ count is now up to an even dozen but the ‘irregularities’ in the ‘terror’ campaign are becoming noticed. That means the media campaign to blame Trump is becoming more difficult to rationalize and that means the behavior of the media and others on the Left becomes even more distorted.

Fake bombs are not bombs. Fake news is fake news. Patricia McCarthy – “The fake news of the day has been disingenuously pretending that any those persons to whom the fake bombs were addressed were in any danger. They were not. Who sends bombs to people who do not open their own mail?”

“As Roger L. Simon wrote, it doesn’t matter who built those little fake not-pipe bombs, the intent is clear. The message? See, it isn’t only the left that is vicious and violent. The right is violent too! Whoever is guilty of perpetrating this latest stunt is irrelevant; their intent is obvious. Demonstrate that there are lunatics on the right too! Great plan.

Underestimating the intelligence of the American people is a progressive conceit. People on the left are confident that those not on their “team” are all troglodytes.
Whoever the maker of the fake bombs turns out to be is, as Roger Simon asserted, irrelevant. It is the mainstream media that is the malefactor in our life and time.

HuffPost Lectures Trump On Rhetoric, While Delivering A Daily Dose Of Hate To Its Liberal Readers. Investor’s Business Daily – “Every day their front page is rife with violent and hateful rhetoric — all directed, of course, at Republicans.”

“And when not consulting its dictionary of violent verbs, HuffPost routinely mocks Republicans, links them with fascists, and otherwise demonizes them.
And on every issue, there are no shades of gray. Republicans are always cast as liars, cheats, schemers. Democrats — especially the far left ones — are always the heroes.
True to form, the site is now pinning blame for the bomb scares on Trump’s choice of words when criticizing his political opponents or the leftist media. (To be sure, every other major media outlet is doing the same thing.)
This is not to say that there isn’t extremist rhetoric on the right. But none of it appears on sites considered a mainstream news outlet like the Pulitzer Prize-winning HuffPost.

If “hate flows down” as the HuffPost headline states, then doesn’t HuffPost have a responsibility to tone down the unending stream of violent rhetoric and divisive, hate-inducing headlines it’s sending down to its readers?

Maxine Waters: ‘I think that they are acting out what the president wants them to do’. John Sexton – “Maxine Waters gave an interview to a site called Blavity in which she reacts to finding out she was one of the targets of the mail bombs sent this week. As Waters sees it, this is the direct result of presidential dog whistles” (just who are you calling a dog?)

“Look, I get that some people really believe rhetoric creates a climate of hate that leads to violence. All I ask of those people is that they believe it regardless of who is spewing the rhetoric and not limit it to rhetoric on the other side. Maxine Waters fails that test. If she really believes what she’s saying, she should be a lot more careful with her own words at her own rallies. And if she’s not going to take any responsibility for that then she shouldn’t be demanding anyone else do so.

While Demanding ‘Civility,’ NYT Publishes Fan Fiction Depicting Trump’s Assassination. Bre Payton – “Should The New York Times, which published Trump-killing fan fiction, be held to the same standard it expects of the president?”

The media’s false narrative complaints ring a bit hollow. Jazz Shaw – “Two largely unrelated stories clearly have many journalists at both print and cable television outlets seeing red.”

“The social media responses to both the incoming Honduran migrant caravan and the recent spate of non-functional pipe bombs being mailed to prominent Democratic figures are “creating false narratives” and the tech giants who control these platforms aren’t doing enough about it. That attitude is aptly demonstrated by the Washington Post’s Drew Harwell this week. His complaints center on the rumors and speculation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which describe both of these events in ways the Washington Post and CNN clearly disapprove of.
The overarching theme here is that the social media giants need to be squashing any stories describing the serial bomber as potentially being some sort of Democratic operative or issuing warnings about the dangers posed by the caravan because they are “creating false narratives.” Of course, for anyone who has been paying attention, what they’re actually upset about is the idea that somebody else is creating a competing narrative to the one they’re trying to sustain. That’s because in both cases we’re talking about situations where there are too many unknowns involved for a factual consensus to be reached at this point. This hasn’t stopped the media from preemptively trying to do just that, however.
Again we see two different narratives, each with an element of truth to them, or at least a valid possibility being suggested until more confirmed facts are revealed. So when Harwell and other media figures begin carping about “false narratives” emerging on social media, that’s a disingenuous complaint. What they’re really upset about is that someone else is building a competing narrative which runs contrary to the one they’re trying to peddle.

Andrew McCabe, the deep state henchman. Thomas Lifson – “The process by which the FBI and Department of Justice were corrupted into serving as political attack machines for the Democrats is finally coming into focus.”

“In an article in The Hill that is today’s read of the day, a retired senior FBI executive puts together the evidence already on the record to offer a roadmap of how the politicization of these powerful bureaucracies was accomplished.

Update: looks like a suspect has been found in the pipe bomb incident. That will start a new page of speculation and narrative manipulations.

So many threads and they keep showing patterns and connections.

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