False narrative. Without evidence. Piling hysteria on top of moonbattery,

Fact-Checkers Without Evidence. Eric Lendrum – “Even more than “journalists” fact-checkers claim to be above the fray, depicting themselves as sticking to the “cold hard facts” while leaving their opinions at the door.”

“Of course, this is meant to cover up the fact that almost invariably they inject their opinions into various matters while projecting a false narrative that their work emanates from some higher authority that must be believed, much like a college professor who thinks he must not be questioned by mere students.

The Kavanaugh hearings brought on one of Snopes’ most recent failures. It was actually a hilarious display that tied them in the knot of blatant lying, followed by admitting to the lie, while still insisting that the lie was true.

At the same time, the President has not hesitated to place the blame exactly where it belongs: With the Democrats and the American Left. Naturally, CNN rushed to denounce this with just the latest of many, many uses of their new favorite phrase: “Without evidence.”

Whenever Trump or someone on the Right makes a claim, the media always throws up that phrase as a sort of disclaimer; but when the Left makes a claim, even if it is truly without evidence (like the entirety of the “Russia” conspiracy theory, or the Kavanaugh allegations), the media appears to assume that the burden of proving the charge untrue is on the accused.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly innocuous (and not to mention self-awarded) title of “fact-checker.” Fact-checkers are nothing more than glorified and self-elevated members of the mainstream media, and thus cleave to the same left-wing bias and agenda.

The Ever More Delusional Left. Patricia McCarthy – “Despite 98% of the media foaming at the mouth against President Trump since he was inaugurated, the left, meaning the legacy media, academia, all elected Democrats and the radical progressives, has convinced itself that Americans hate the man.”

“Why do they believe their unscrupulous tactics will work? Because they believe we are all mind-numbed, uninformed imbeciles who can be cajoled by their nonsense. … Those people are not a majority anywhere; they are the disordered among us. The left has psychologized politics; their party has become a refuge for the deranged persons who seem to think they live in the worst nation on earth when, in fact, they live in the greatest country ever created.

Worst of all was the left’ s self-revelation of exactly who they are; vicious to the point of evil.

Those who promote violence against conservatives — Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Eric Holder, et. al., — think their rhetoric will win supporters, but they are driving sentient Democrats and independents away. Their delusional belief that the rest of us are easily proselytized is a dream too far. The Democratic Party is dying by its own dishonorable hand.

The Opportunity Costs of Socialism. Steven Hayward – “With socialism becoming the new fad for Democrats, good to see the Trump White House getting out ahead of it. Today the Council of Economic Advisers released a 72-page report entitled “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism” that clearly and succinctly lays out a powerful case against all of the leading Democratic nostrums that are likely to be the heart of the Democrats’ 2020 platform.

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