Gosnell; Marxism warning; Constitutional threat

JD Mullane: The media’s still blacking out Gosnell. Ed Morrissey – “national news outlets ignored the story even when Gosnell came to trial. Only after Mullane’s picture of the empty courtroom pews set aside for media went viral on Twitter did the media show up to cover the trial.”

“The motive here is pretty transparent. Gosnell raises all sorts of questions not just about abortion itself, but also the manner in which pro-choice forces have cowed governments to the point of refusing to police clinics where abortions are performed. That’s precisely what happened in Pennsylvania for the 17 years prior to the discovery of Gosnell’s horrors, which happened because of an investigation into illicit drug sales. Even before that, though, the state and city refused to follow up on specific complaints about Gosnell’s work and refused to investigate the death of Karnamaya Mongar when it happened.

That editorial bias happens in less overt ways, too. For instance, the film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer opened in 673 theaters this weekend and scored the highest gross of any independent film released this week. It came in 12th overall, 4th among all new releases, and had a respectable $1,836 per-screen average. (In contrast, the highly promoted Bad Times at the El Royale scored $2,573 per screen.)
Mullane’s correct; the media still doesn’t want to talk about Kermit Gosnell. Fortunately, people can go directly to the theater to see Gosnell and to get an accurate recounting of his horrors.

A wonderful Catholic sermon against cultural Marxism. LuboÅ¡ Motl – “Archbishop of Prague Dominik Duka has already defended Mons. Petr PiÅ¥ha – while some Catholics have left the church in the middle of that sermon and some cultural Marxists, e.g. the Templeton-funded “priest” Mr Tomáš Halík, have attacked Mons. PiÅ¥ha in the media. The priest has already been sued for “fearmongering” by a far left group (ČŽL, Czech Women’s Lobby), too.”

“Another threat, as I see it, is a certain convention’s extension of the rights and freedoms and we are completely overlooking the fact that freedom isn’t a sum of partial freedoms, freedomlets, and little freedoms. Instead, freedom is a unique, compact whole, and it is indivisible. It has the character of the sea that is not the sum of droplets like the rain. Freedom is either present – and then all the smaller things naturally follow from it – or it doesn’t exist and there’s non-freedom instead.

Who and What Threaten the Constitution? Victor Davis Hanson – “Trump poses no threat to the U.S. Constitution. Those who since 2016 have tried to destroy his candidacy and then his presidency most certainly do.”

“In general, free societies more often become unfree with a whimper, not a bang—and usually due to self-righteous pious movements that always claim the higher moral ground, and justify their extreme means by their self-sacrificing struggle for supposedly noble ends of social justice, equality, and fairness.

Media darlings, not media ogres, receive a veritable free pass to ignore constitutional norms. Champions of bipartisan consensus, “the people,” and the power of big government to do the “right” thing and advance social justice are the more dangerous to watch, not those championing the rights of the individual, and small and less intrusive government.
when the media become unctuous and complicit with those whom they are supposed to audit and cross-examine, then politicians and political movements—especially those voicing utopian bromides—grow ever more emboldened, empowered and occasionally quite dangerous.
During Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, we saw just how fragile a 231-year-long American institution of due process actually was when it was seen as an obstacle to social justice, the anti-Trump forces, the #MeToo movement, and the general progressive agenda.

The 231 year long American institution is just as fragile as the irresponsibility of its constituents.

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