Another marker in the scandal ridden whatever

There are those like E Clift of Newsweek who think the current administration is scandal ridden. The only problem they have is in trying to come up with scandals that are scandals of the administration and not scandals of malignant accusation and allegation. This week there are two more markers in this ‘war of the scandal ridden’ that is often said to be a horse ridden to victory in the last election.

One point is the Sen. Frist was cleared of the allegations against him. Another point for the scandal being that of unfounded allegation.

The other is that McDermott’s appeal was turned down and he is being held accountable for illegally conveying a cell phone conversation to the media.

The pattern continues to become more clear. Berger gets convicted of stealing documents from the archive while Libby gets convicted of not remembering a straight story about something that wasn’t improper in the first place. And then there’s the latest ‘tell all’ book trying to — oh well.

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