A toxic stew brews questionable methods and means

Why Americans Distrust The Media By Alex Berezow – A Gallup and Knight Foundation poll: “The takeaway lesson is that, when it comes to the media, Americans care less about partisanship and more about dedication to “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Unfortunately, Americans believe — quite justifiably, in my opinion — that the media is not delivering. Let’s hope that changes.”

The Media’s Latest Poll Dance by Brian C. Joondeph – “Treat these polls for what they are – partisan campaign commercials – and don’t despair. These same pollsters predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide victory in 2016. But do remember to vote this coming November. The stakes could not be higher.”

Joe DiGenova: Latest Strzok-Page texts reveal criminal and civil liability of many officials – ‘they are going down’ by Thomas Lifson – “The former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe DiGenova, knows what he is talking about when it comes to legal liability, and he has the guts to lay out in straight talk what really happened with the conspiracy to swing a presidential election, cover-up the effort, and take out a duly elected president.”

Same old story: New Woodward book raises old questions about methods by Byron York – “Of course, Woodward did not hear every word uttered by every character in the book. So any reader would ask: How does he know exactly what they said?”

“The answer, of course, is that it is not possible for Woodward to know precisely what was said, quotation marks or not. But even as controversy swirls around Fear, it’s important to note that questions about Woodward’s quotes are nothing new. Fear is not the first time these questions have arisen in connection with a Woodward book. In fact, many of Woodward’s books have raised precisely the same questions, leading to similar, and similarly unsatisfying, answers. Here is a look back at a few of the how-does-he-know questions that have surrounded Woodward efforts in the past.

Investor’s Business Daily: Verizon Just Destroyed The Case For ‘Net Neutrality’ – “With the advent of 5G home and wireless services, the “net neutrality” argument falls down like a house of cards.” … “Why innovators like Google and Facebook can’t understand any of this is a complete mystery.”

At Ace of Spades: Desperate Democrats Try Ridiculous Hail Mary, Claiming There’s an Eleventh Hour Accuser Against Kavanaugh and the follow-up FBI: Why No, We’re Not Going to Be Investigating an Anonymous, Third-Hand, Completely Evidence-Free Allegation of a Local Alleged Crime Allegedly Committed 40 Years Ago, Well Outside Any Statute of Limitations. Trying a smear timed for the last minute of high school behavior is something to behold. Ugly. – “How can the Republic endure if we don’t know whether or not Brett Kavanaugh gave a geek a Purple Nurple in ninth grade?”

Update on Feinstein’s mystery letter: FBI doesn’t plan to investigate Kavanaugh, will refer matter to White House; Update: Details revealed? By Allahpundit – “Remember this, though: This isn’t Kavanaugh’s first rodeo. … He was first nominated to the appellate bench in 2003. His nomination there stalled for three whole years until he was finally confirmed. Democrats have had very good reason to want to take this guy out for fully 20 years.” … “The whole thing reeks of a political hit, an egregious smear.”

“A source who said they were briefed on the contents of the letter said it described an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman that took place when both were 17 years old and at a party. According to the source, Kavanaugh and a male friend had locked her in a room against her will, making her feel threatened, but she was able to get out of the room. The Guardian has not verified the apparent claims in the letter. It is not yet clear who wrote it.

In an earlier post, Allahpundit saidEither there’s a very dark secret in Kavanaugh’s closet or the left is unrolling one of the dirtiest dirty tricks to damage a nominee in recent history.”

Dianne Feinstein Sends Letter To FBI Accusing Brett Kavanaugh Of Nothing [VIDEO] by by Nina Bookout – “ this is why this kind of tactic is so hateful and honestly reeks of desperation. Democrats are willing to swim in the pits of slime more and more all because they don’t like Trump, they don’t like our Republic, and they don’t like anyone who had a different point of view from theirs.” … “This was an embarrassingly desperate move by Dianne Feinstein. Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks Democrats are off the rails regarding Kavanaugh.”

The mystery of a Russian satellite attacking others by Andrew Malcolm – “Russia has launched a military satellite that, according to U.S. officials, is behaving strangely. And they say concerns are mounting that it is a test for some kind of military weapon,” With this, keep in mind that Russia is also accusing NASA of drilling holes in it’s ISS supply craft.

Why it’s still so hard to talk about police shootings by Jazz Shaw – “David French wrote a lengthy essay criticizing the police shooting of Botham Shem Jean in Texas. It was a tragic event which never should have happened and many questions have been raised about the officer who killed him and how the situation came to such a conclusion.” Shaw’s got a struggle going and, at it’s core is the ‘both sides do it’ or ‘both sides are equal’ fallacy. He does note how reality sticks its nose in the tent, though. He also confuses causation and correlation in attempting to rationalize behavior patterns.

“But why is it so hard to talk about these things? Because it feels as if everyone engaged in the debate on both sides is backed so far into their corners that each aspect of the discussion can be taken as an immediate cause for offense.

And we should be clear about one thing here: this has unfortunately devolved into a debate about racism to the point that race can’t be removed from larger issues of proper law enforcement procedures.

French has brought up the fact that the greater number of per capita lethal force encounters for black suspects might be at least partially explained by the fact that black males are statistically more likely to wind up engaging in a violent crime than white males. This is not because of the color of their skin or some inherent, genetic flaw, but simply because people who grow up in economically disadvantageous conditions, surrounded by poverty and crime, are more likely to fall into such behavior.

There are more examples, but the fact is that the entire subject is fraught with tension. We do have very real problems in some police units (the Gun Trace Task Force in Baltimore is one of the more recent examples) and they need to be addressed. But this debate isn’t going to become any easier nor any more civil from what I can see. It’s boiled down into a toxic stew and it’s going to be very difficult – if not impossible – to walk back from that.

The “toxic stew” is from the use of accusations of “racism” as a matter of projection and transference and the inherent bigotry involved in lambasting a group for the sins of a few of its members. The issue isn’t police errors or malfeasance. It is how allegations of such are being used to stoke political fires and rationalize improper behavior or irrational fantasies.

On Puerto Rico, Trump Is Right by John Hinderaker – “This “issue” was not on my radar until one of my kids texted in a family chat: “Is trump off his rocker with this Puerto Rico death toll stuff?” That caused me to look into it. As so often happens, Trump is right.” It’s about another smear based on a constructed reality. “But when have Democrats ever let the facts get in the way of an anti-Trump myth?”

Toxic Feminism by David Solway – “With its reliance on false assumptions, phony statistics, affective resentment, and glib verbosity, feminism is the most potent carcinogen attacking both the body social and the health of the education system.” It’s just another subject in academia where this has happened.

“Investing in a false theory or inequitable practice never prevented its adherents, whose reputations and livelihoods are at stake, from surrendering their perquisites. Rather, educrats and their cohorts will double down and increase their efforts to further their agenda. They will persist in finding ways to evade the most far-sighted and ethically determined efforts to redress the parietal imbalance by refusing to implement new directives from enlightened government agencies.

Then there’s the New York story about the U.N. ambassador’s quarters … so many fake, misleading, incorrect, biased, ignorant stuff in the mainstream propaganda outlets for the Left.

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