wheels within wheels

How Anti-Trump Leakers Moved From Offense to Defense by Lee Smith – “A trail of evidence appearing in major news outlets suggests a campaign to undermine President Trump from within the government through illegal leaks of classified information, and then to thwart congressional investigators probing the disclosures.” It’s a rather detailed history of the big ugly.

White House Lawyers Reviewing The Declassification Conundrum by sundance – “Finally we are starting to see articles outlining the actual reality of the issues behind the congressional declassification request, and the challenges for President Trump.”

“There are officials within the executive branch who are against the declassification because there is an inherent risk for two agencies: The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Their self-serving anti-declassification position is bolstered by the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel (OLC); and conniving tricks previously played by internal usurpers within the DOJ Special Counsel “small group”.

The scheme team of Mueller’s crew is conniving and smart; When they called McGhan as a witness for their investigation they created a situation where the White House counsels office became witnesses. McGahn was forced to recuse his office from having anything to do with the Robert Mueller probe. The probe was/is against the office of the President.

Does the New York Times have a guilty conscience? By Monica Showalter – Misrepresentation of confidential information for political reasons brings to mind the ‘loose lips sink ships’ reminders from WW II. 

“What the Times does is delve into the Castroite conventional wisdom that all coups d’etat are bad, which is the Black Legend spread by the Cuban regime for 50 years. Never mind the Declaration of Independence, or even Nelson Mandela’s justification of taking up arms against an illegitimate regime intent on holding power forever. Nope, coups are bad, because the Castro brothers said so, and never mind Cuba’s own record of stirring up violence and coups in the region, all of which came to bad ends.

It also circles around to suggest President Trump, despite telling some Venezuelan coup-minded disgrunted military men to go away, still was all in for coups.

Yes, it just leaked out, and the Times was the only one who printed it. It likely leaked out because of Deep State undermining of Trump, or given the Times’ history of collaboration with the Cuban agents, because of something the Cubans told them.

Now the Maduro regime has been strengthened, and the torture notices are going out to all dissidents, not because there was a coup attempt, but because the Times wanted that scoop to Get Trump and who knows, let Maduro’s regime to stay put for the sake of Cuba. All they did was make life even more miserable for Venezuela’s democrats, and they bear some responsibility for it.

Nope, they’re blaming Trump and citing the same old tired pious arguments against coups. Sorry pals, your guilty conscience is showing.

California Man Arrested After Trying to Stab Republican Congressional Candidate by sundance – “Against the ongoing physical attacks and assassination attempts by the political left against Republicans (Rand Paul, Steve Scalise and Lee Zeldin); and amid instructions from Democrat Maxine Waters to target political opposition (Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, Pam Bondi etc); and with the mid-term elections less than two months away; the latest attack against republican candidate Rudy Peters becomes even more alarming.”

Presidential Chaos by Chet Richards – “All of the above may, or may not, be true. Only those in a day-to-day working relationship with the president know the reality, and publicly they say only positive things about the man.”

“Creative people understand chaos. They especially understand it if they have collaborated with other talented people on a difficult problem. Creative chaos is the norm in such an environment. Without that chaos productivity can vanish.

Trump faces a problem: the Government. The Government is not, by its nature, a creative institution. When it tries to be it almost invariable gets it wrong. Just consider all the failed social programs if you doubt this.

Creative people just don’t fit comfortably in a process oriented organization.

In engineering terms, Trump’s senior staff should serve as an efficient impedance matching device. Given Donald Trump’s major talents, and with such a mature staff around the president, we can expect this administration to go down as one history’s greatest.

Calling it “chaos” is using the wrong word. Brainstorming was invented for this structured management technique to foment creativity.

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