What is said vs. what is heard

Dr. Sanity describes how what is said is often not what is heard. An example is given in showing the speech the President gave on an aircraft carrier. It so irked his opposition that they are using the anniversary of that event to play politics with the lives of soldiers in the field. And any rational person comparing what was actually said to what some say was said is going to be very puzzled at the mismatch.

Frankly, you don’t have to imagine it at all. Just look at the great harm the current Democrats are doing to the prosecution of this war. Just take a gander at the flippantly casual vitriol and unveiled hatred the left slings from the ideololgical caves they hide in; and where they can be found chortling at their own cleverness.

To paraphrase Obi-wan as he entered the Mos Eisley Cantina, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany than those who have taken on the “mission” of destroying this country–both from within and without. Their deepest desire is to raise a banner that says “Mission Accomplished” themselves…and I for one will do everything I can to make sure that day of surrender never happens.

Dr. Sanity notes that “There is no magic cure for this type of psychopathology. All the treatments that exist take years–and even then there is no guarantee of success” and in many ways that is the same challenge we face with the GWOT. We have two contingents in this war and both seem to be suffering malignant psychosis. They support each other and, in that support, gain confidence in their own misperceptions of reality. It is the kind of feedback that builds – much like the screech you used to hear with PA systems where the mic is too close to the speakers.

What can be done? In the GWOT, 9/11 was a point where everyone said “enough, let’s go get ’em.” Even the 5th column took a break from their delusions and joined in this. But time has allowed them to regress and they are backpedaling and rationalizing their behavior as they get back on track. The question is whether this can be turned around with ‘therapy’ or whether it will require revolution or, indeed, whether it can be turned around at all.

There is a revolution in progress although one wonders about its effectiveness when looking at polling data or elections. This revolution is based on holding people to account for their perceptions. Blogs like Dr. Sanity’s are one way to do this. Talk radio is another. But all such efforts still depend upon the public because it is the public that must discern reality from rhetoric and must hold those who cannot accept reality accountable for their behavior. There must be a demand for intellectual integrity else fantasy will continue to wreak havoc.

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