just what is ethics in government?

Obama Receives Ethics in Government Award by Matt Margolis – “What, exactly, did the committee at the University of Illinois think Obama did to earn an Ethics in Government award?”

“Today, we saw just how far academia is going to perpetuate the myth of Obama’s “scandal-free” administration when he was awarded the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government by the University of Illinois. Not since the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize has Obama been so undeserving of an award. But, I submit that this award is even worse than the Nobel Peace Prize he didn’t deserve. In 2009, the Nobel committee was at least ignorant of what Obama’s record would turn out to be. There is simply no excuse in 2018 for Obama to be receiving an Ethics in Government award. The Nobel committee eventually realized their mistake. But, the Paul H. Douglas Award is now forever tainted.

I document thirty different scandals in my book The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama. Each scandal on its own makes the idea of Obama receiving an ethics award laughable. All of them together make this award blasphemous.

It’s bad enough when Obama claims he was scandal-free. But, when he receives an ethics in government award, it diminishes the meaning of ethics. It’s time to stop pretending Obama was scandal-free or ethical.

Democrats’ Hostility to the Constitution Laid Bare by John Hinderaker – “One of the more revealing moments in the Democrats’ Judiciary Committee clown show was when Kamala Harris sneeringly referred to the Constitution as “that book that you [Judge Kavanaugh] carry.”

“When liberals like Kamala Harris refer to “the Constitution,” they don’t mean the actual written document–“that book that you carry”–they mean an unrestricted charter that gives liberals the right to rule over the rest of us, via the judiciary. Which, of course, nullifies the whole point of having a written Constitution.

How much of this Kamala Harris understands I don’t know, but the childish leftism that she embodies, along with many others of her party, is one of the greatest threats to our democracy.

just what is ethics in government?

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