What happens when the mind is deranged

Robert Reich and the Tragedy of TDS by David Catron – “The symptoms of TDS include the inability to think rationally, as well as verbal incontinence. Reich exhibited both symptoms six days ago on Facebook, where he suggested annulling “Trump’s unconstitutional presidency.”

“Because TDS has ravaged the Democrats, academia, and the media, no one around him understood that Reich’s weird post called for an intervention. This was certainly unnoticed by the other TDS victims at the University of California at Berkeley, where he teaches public policy, so his intemperate ejaculations continued the following day at his blog site. The next day they appeared on Twitter. Inevitably, all of this caught the eye of the legacy media, including Newsweek. The editors of that storied publication, demonstrating the journalistic judgment that commanded the princely sum of $1 dollar when sold by the Washington Post, gave Reich another chance to expand on how the nation can remove the Trump stain
Trump would, in other words, become an un-President. Everything his administration has done since January of 2017 would be reversed and expunged from the public record. There is not, of course, a single syllable in the Constitution that would legally justify any attempt by any entity to act on this creepy proposal.
Mark Steyn tells Tucker Carlson that Reich wants to annul reality
In his usual hilarious fashion, Steyn accurately diagnoses Reich’s disease. Trump Derangement Syndrome has disabled the part of his brain that facilitates critical thinking. TDS causes its victims to deny that objective facts reflect reality, to create alternate fictions that conform to their fantasies, and compels them to bray incessantly about the resultant “reality.” Reich and other TDS victims refuse to believe that Donald Trump won in 2016, and neurotically lurch from implausible conspiracy theories about how he managed that to even less credible claims about how to get rid of him. TDS is a tragedy for its victims, and it’s unhealthy for the nation. Time to seek a cure. To paraphrase Barack Obama: We won. You lost. Deal with it.

Triggered! CNN Lashes Out at President Trump ‘We Don’t Lie!’ by Cristina Laila – “CNN PR lashed out at President Trump in response claiming they ‘don’t lie’ — even though they were caught in a huge lie after Lanny Davis outed himself as the anonymous source in their ‘bombshell’ Trump Tower story and admitted he lied.” … “Now CNN is quadrupling down on their lies by claiming they don’t lie. Unbelievable.”

Then there’s the McCain saga. What a spiteful bitter man, even in death. He did much and did his duty but taints his honor with pettiness and vindictiveness. See, for example, The Self-Regard of McCain by Steven Hayward – “Just how can you complain about Trump’s boorish egotism when you decide to shun the person whose career you ruined, and who has been nothing but loyal?” Also see DJ Drummon In Defense of Candor – “This article addresses the valid reasons for President Trump’ opinion, and praises Trump’s decision to remain consistent in his behavior regarding McCain.”

Shock study: U.S. had far fewer mass shootings than previously reported By Stephen Dinan – “A shock 2016 study argued that the U.S. accounted for nearly one-third of all mass shootings, sparking global headlines about the dangers of an American gun culture. … Now another researcher says the original study “botched” the data.”

“If you fix the data, you get the opposite result from him,” Mr. Lott said. “He has the United States way out there, all by itself in terms of mass public shootings. He’s simply wrong. The United States, when I go through this, ranks 58th in the world in the rate of mass public shootings and 62nd in the world in terms of murders from mass public

Why School Gun Incidents are Significantly Overstated by Kemberlee Kaye – “The number thrown around most — 240 — is alarmingly high. It’s also incorrect. By a lot.”

“This is part of the reason passionate defend second amendment protections defenders write off most reports or opinions on gun ownership — the reporting, data, and descriptions are almost always wrong and egregiously so.
Even the most ardent gun rights defenders grieve the senseless loss of life, but tire of being blamed for the mistakes of few, especially when faulty data is continually thrown in their face for justification.

These 6 new technology rules will govern our future by Vivek Wadhwa – “We have already begun to see ways in which computing, sensors, artificial intelligence and genomics are reshaping entire industries and our daily lives.”

Headlines: words matter. The use of “pounce” and “sieze” and similar ‘assault’ words to impugn the right is common to the point it is noted by commentators. Another headline propaganda technique is that of misassignment. “Google Debunks Trump’s Claim It Censored His State of the Union Address” at slashdot and “FBI refutes Trump claim that Clinton’s private email server was hacked by China” at arstechnica provide two examples. In both cases, the President picked up on claims or conclusions made in studies or by witnesses that these sites then ascribed to him. Rather than take apart or critique the study or witness, these tech groups go personal. They don’t like being called out and show defensiveness rather than intellectual integrity. It is a denial of a problem that bothers many who do not hold their views.

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