Can’t you see?

On the Cohen plea by neo – “What I’ve never seen is this sort of general technique used by partisans of one party to get the president of the United States, although I’ve seen something like it on a lower level”

Dealing with Democrats’ Swarm Tactics by Sally Zelikovsky – “Why do the Democrats get away with their transgressions in ways Republicans could only dream of?”

“Chris Collins, Jim Jordan, Duncan Hunter.

Remember these names. They are just three of the most recent victims targeted by the Democrats and their embedded goons in the administration, with accusations of misconduct in the hopes of ousting good men from Congress and reducing the Republican majority.

We’ve seen this playbook before: Ted Stevens, Herman Cain, Donald Trump.

We’ve also seen how more often than not, the accusations miraculously fizzle out or disappear after an election or when the accused is actually acquitted, as in the case of Ted Stevens. Left-wingers dutifully play their part as the self-righteous accusers cleansing politics of Republican riffraff. Republicans usually hang their accused brethren out to dry.

The entire left-wing tactic is formulaic:

America’s Two Parties: Traitors and Patriots by Peggy Ryan – “Why, if we’re still a free country, do we have to put up with this ongoing insurrection?”

“No one involved in this coup has had to answer for his crimes. Hillary Clinton broke laws with her private server, destroyed evidence that was under congressional subpoena, sold 20% of our uranium to Russia, and commissioned a hit piece to frame Donald Trump. Yet Hillary hasn’t been in court for so much as a traffic ticket, much less felonies.

Evidence is surfacing that our intelligence agencies spied on a political opponent, unmasked Americans, and conspired to frame an innocent American (President Trump) using Hillary’s fraudulent document.

Our American Pravda uses its platform to attack President Trump as Hitler, a white supremacist, deranged, “not psychologically or physiologically fit to serve” – endless, relentless assaults to delegitimize our president, to take him down.

Why, if we’re still a free country, do we have to put up with this ongoing insurrection? Why should American patriots live every single day under threat that the cabal will overturn the election, end our democracy?

The Liberal Media Narrative Is Immune to Facts by Jim Treacher – “Once a delusion sets into a person’s mind, it can be really tough to dislodge.”

“When you just know you’re right, you’ll figure out some rationalization to convince yourself that it’s true, and that everybody telling you otherwise is part of the cover-up.

Immune or blind?

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