Fake News, Fake Charges …

How The Clintons Directed Michael Cohen To Plead Guilty & Implicate President Trump by DCWhispers – “Now he’s using Michael Cohen to add manufactured fuel to the “get President Trump” fire as the Clintons sit back and watch and wait…”

“Now the Mueller investigation is said to be working furiously to use the plea deal script that was manufactured by Clinton operative Lanny Davis to further implicate President Trump. …

Far-fetched you say? Consider this – Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to non-crimes as they relate to Donald Trump. He has tax issues, fraud issues, but what Davis was most concerned with is the alleged “hush money” payments that Cohen now says were directed by then-candidate Trump in 2016. That is the only legal item that involves the president directly regarding the Cohen plea – and it isn’t a crime. It’s a fake charge but Cohen is playing ball with the prosecution because of the other charges he is facing. This is how the U.S. government works. It can manufacture anything to go after anyone at any time and no entity has done this more often and more aggressively than the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Mark Levin explains the dangerous absurdity of it all

FLASHBACK: When the Media Didn’t Care About a President’s Criminal Friends by Geoffrey Dickens – It’s the compare and contrast, especially to the treatment of Obama and Clinton by both the media and the DoJ, that illustrate the real issue at hand.

17 million reasons why Trump not guilty of campaign violations by Mark J. Fitzgibbons – “The Deep State is indeed acting like the Star Chamber, getting people to confess to nonexistent crimes to help ensnare others for political reasons.”

Media has seizures after Republicans lament the death of Mollie Tibbetts (Update: NY Times changes headline) by John Sexton – “The “Republicans seize” formula has become a running joke on the right because it happens every time a news story puts Democrats on the defensive.”

“The fact that Trump mentioned it in passing (the story says he “alluded” to it) somehow justifies a “Trump seizes” headline. CBS News did pretty much the same thing. Their story is headlined: “GOP seizing Mollie Tibbetts murder as political issue.” Here’s the opening of this one

Is “corporate gun control” the next front in the war on gun rights? By Jazz Shaw – “insidious methods being employed outside of the halls of government to curtail gun ownership in the United States.”

“On to the actual subject at hand, French is pointing out some very real assaults on gun rights which are happening today, not describing some hypothetical future boogeyman intended to scare voters and get them out to the ballot box. Bowing to pressure from progressive campaigns, banks are already denying loans, credit card processing and other services to companies engaged in the manufacture or distribution of legal firearms. In the communications realm, you’ve already seen the stories of how companies like Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have suppressed the networking and communications abilities of people selling or even talking about firearms.
Government infringement on Second Amendment rights can be remedied through education and majority support among the voters. This is something far darker and much more difficult to combat. And the real problem is that it works and it’s already going on today.

Darker and more difficult to combat …

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