Challenges feed paranoia

A Perfect Storm Threatens America’s Survival by Frank Hawkins – “While there are still external challenges, the most serious threats are increasingly internal. Individually, each is troubling but not necessarily fatal. Blended together, like adding glycerol to concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids to form nitroglycerin, we have to ask, is America facing a Perfect Storm?” If your paranoia quotient has been a bit low lately, check Hawkins list of worries.

Was the strange language in Michael Cohen’s guilty plea a set-up? by Steve McCann – “Mr. Cohen recently retained Lanny Davis, best known for being the energetic legal enforcer of Clinton, Inc. and many others in the Democratic Party over the years.” The ‘witch hunt’ idea keeps getting fed.

“This entire sorry spectacle is no more than another feeble attempt to overturn an election wherein the “chosen one” Hillary Clinton inexplicably lost. After 16 months Robert Mueller and his unfettered and unrestrained army of prosecutors are no closer to achieving this ultimate objective, so Michael Cohen, thanks to his foibles, stupidity and greed, was the pawn in the latest gambit.

The Luciferian Left by David Solway – “The minions of the Left will never stop in their efforts to undermine the Republic.”

“They will try everything — historical revisionism, bald-face lies, blatant slander, racial discord, judicial usurpation of presidential authority, political witch hunts, voter fraud, illegal immigration, climate change, green energy, media disinformation, open borders, transnational globalism — to impose a vision on the world that in every attempt, without exception, has led inexorably to tyranny, state-sanctioned murder, economic collapse and human misery.

The lessons of history have no meaning for them. They regard themselves as uniquely exempt from the past, as if they will triumph where their predecessors have miscarried and aborted. This is why the Left cannot be treated with or engaged in reasonable discourse. No counter-argument, no matter how factual, how meticulously researched, how rational or sensible, can ever hope to gain purchase on minds steeped in ideological prejudice or influence hearts shadowed by moral darkness.

it is a catastrophic error to regard the Left and its outriders — Liberals, Progressivists — as comprising a legitimate political movement. It is not. It is a force for evil wherever it trains its ideological weaponry and needs to be institutionally quashed.

Learn from what was?

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