The Omarosa News Cycle Is Everything That’s Wrong With Media Coverage Of Trump By Bre Payton – “The news cycle surrounding Omarosa Manigault Newman is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the news media’s coverage of the Trump administration.”

Accepting a tiny snippet of audio from a fired White House staffer with an axe to grind and a pile of books to sell without even attempting to verify how accurate her version of events is makes it clear that when it comes to this president, all the rules of journalism get thrown out the window.

It would be one thing if Omarosa’s audio broke a news story about corruption or some other abuse of power in the White House, but the only audio she has released has come from her firing — she apparently only recorded people when she knew she was on her way out.

Objectivity in the media in a post-Trump America is a paper-thin veneer members of the press hide behind as a mere formality. Adding a quick disclaimer that they did not bother to verify wild claims made by a highly unreliable source before playing audio she gave them in full on live TV does not make it a fair and accurate depiction of what’s going on. Many members of the media should stop letting their hatred for Trump blind them. It’s clear to everyone who’s not playing pretend that Omarosa’s last gasp for attention does not deserve the air time it has received.

The Legacies of Robert Mueller’s Investigations by Victor Davis Hanson – “Although that Mueller mandate of collusion was never formally defined, much less explained as a criminal offense, the media salivated at the idea that Mueller’s whiz kids nonetheless were going to find it and no doubt thereby usher in impeachment. … Now we have gone from melodrama to bathos.”

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