The joke may be on us

Think about this one. It is a celebration of (1) the indoctrination of children, (2) success in bypassing voting by judicial oligarchy, and (3) the use of children for obtaining political power to subjugate citizens.

Kids around the world are suing governments over climate change—and it’s working by Ephrat Livni – “Nobody could have predicted the kids would get this far.”

“Back in 2015, a group of 21 young Americans decided to sue the US government over climate change. In Juliana v. US, the plaintiffs argue that the government has violated “the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property” by adopting policies that promote the use of fossil fuels—despite the knowledge that carbon dioxide emissions are a primary cause of global warming.

That might sound like an extreme claim. But in the years since, the lawsuit has kept succeeding against all odds. …

To the average observer, the case may still seem like a long shot. But the kids are part of a global movement of concerned citizens advancing similar claims. Collectively, the lawsuits are creating new precedents that bolster activism—and may, in the long term, help alter the way governments think about their responsibility to protect citizens against climate change.

… In this case, attorneys for the trust argue that a fundamental right to a stable climate that sustains life is implied in the US Constitution.

There’s no explicit mention of climate change in the Constitution, of course, since human-induced global warming wasn’t a concern in the 18th century.

“Climate change is already destructive,” 13-year-old plaintiff Sahara V. said in a statement after the appeals court decided not to block the US case. “It’s harming me and my family, and will only get worse unless the government starts taking action to stop it rather than cause it.”

There is so much wrong here. (but wait! there’s more! …)

Our robed master Bates strikes again by Scott Johnson – “The latest in a series of legal defeats to the Trump administration’s effort to rescind the Obama administration’s unconstitutional program to regularize illegal immigrants by executive decree.” A judge decides that enforcing the law requires an immediate rationale and explanation?

“Our robed master Bates ruled that the Trump administration had inadequately explained its rejection of the Obama administration’s DACA decree, but he kindly afforded Trump one more chance to explain. As Jordan put it: “The judge stayed his decision for 90 days and gave the Department of Homeland Security, which administers the program, the opportunity to better explain its reasoning for canceling it. If the department fails to do so, it ‘must accept and process new as well as renewal DACA applications,’ Judge Bates said in the decision.”

This time around — I have embedded the 25-page memorandum opinion below — Judge Bates declares that the administration’s restatement of its rationale for withdrawing DACA still fails to pass muster. He nevertheless graciously continues the stay of his order of vacatur “for a brief period—twenty days—to permit the government to determine whether it intends to appeal the Court’s decision and, if so, to seek a stay pending appeal.

In this case the joke may be on us. Even so, I can’t help but think of Gulliver and his good master when reading Judge Bates’s opinions in this case. While the Bates joke is Swift’s first in the text of chapter 1, Judge Bates’s joke takes its place in a long line brought to us by our robed masters, and not just on DACA. On the DACA version of the joke, see Josh Blackman’s January 2018 NR column criticizing yet another ruling to the same effect in “A ludicrous ruling that Trump can’t end DACA.”

Rajneeshpuram: A Microcosm of Today’s Democrats? by Lauri B. Regan – “Today’s liberals, like Rajneesh’s followers, are desperately seeking someone to take care of them.”

“For those who have not yet watched the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, it is a must-see. The story of cult leader (AKA the “sex-guru”) Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s takeover of a small town in Wasco County, Oregon in the early 1980s provides a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the cult, and, in particular, the quest of Rajneesh’s number one, Ma Anand Sheela, to retain power. … Rajneesh’s ability to hypnotize his lost followers coupled with Sheela’s evil doings in order to retain and expand her growing empire resonate with those of us who believe that Barack Obama and the Democrats utilized similar tactics in order to attain and maintain their control. One cannot help but watch the documentary and consider that Rajneesh and Sheela were the king and queen of community organizers of their time.

One of the reasons David Koresh’s Branch Davidians (the subject of a well done Paramount documentary, Waco, available on Amazon Prime video) grew to barely 150 members, while the Rajneeshees attracted nearly 10,000 to Oregon, reflected the difference between cults promoting abstinence versus orgies.

Many liberals today lack the ability to think on their own. They ingest hours upon hours of CNN and MSNBC hosts spewing out lie after lie, and the brainwashing draws them farther and farther in.

What struck me in the first episode of Wild Wild Country was that Rajneesh appears to be the father of many of liberals’ current obsessions. For instance, he and Sheela were seemingly the original multiculturalists as well as the founders of the concept of becoming “woke.”

Sheela also arguably represents the Deep State today. In some ways, she utilized the U.S. Constitution and our laws in order to expand her power, just as Obama discovered that he too could use his phone and his pen to sidestep constitutional limitations.

Similarly, both Sheela and the Democrats use physical and psychological threats to intimidate their enemies.

Sheela and Democrats also believe they are above the law. In the end, Sheela did not exhibit empathy for the victims of her actions or remorse for her sins. She still believes she should have been able to use our laws in order to attain her “virtuous” goals.

Hope and change, peace and love – both are dreams, not practical political and cultural realities. Cult leaders prey on the weak, and while those interviewed for the documentary continue to praise Rajneesh to this day, they are pathetic losers to the rest of us. If multiculturalism and safe spaces were his legacy, it is clear that he was a failure just as Obama will be viewed as such when history looks back on his years in office and sees a disappearing legacy. Obama, too, had no real message to impart. His gift was his way with words and his ability to prey on the weak – those who dream big but who know little about the real world; those who desperately want to belong and do not understand who they are joining or the quixotic nature of their cult leaders’ compelling promises turned empty lies.

Ben Shapiro: ‘Socialism Violates Three of the Ten Commandments’ by Emilie Cochran – “syndicated talk radio show host Ben Shapiro at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference on Thursday in Washington, D.C.” Idolatry, theft, jealousy all take their turn. Where is false witness?

“Socialism seeks to destroy the system of action and consequence,” Shapiro said.

When comparing other countries with the United States on economic policies, those who believe in socialism should be aware of the differences in the culture and size of the economies, said Shapiro. Things such as culture and population are very different in the U.S. than those in socialist countries.

In addition, people that are considered “poor” in America are not considered poor in other places around the world, he said. At some point or another, people feel that their situation is unfair.

“Wealth is not created by socialism; suffering is created by socialism,”

Pope Francis Says No to Centuries of Church Teaching by Liam Warner – yes, we have a ‘woke’ Pope where ideology and a lack of intellectual rigor and integrity produce things that sound oh-so-good but have little founding in the Bible. “His announcement that the death penalty is now ‘inadmissible’ has no basis in Scripture or the Church Fathers.”

“It is my lamentable duty to say that the Congregation’s letter is a blatant contradiction of Catholic doctrine, which puts Christifideles such as myself in an odious position. There are several questions that must be kept distinct, so let us deal with them in order.

We can see that there are three considerations involved in the death penalty: just punishment for the crime itself, encouragement of the criminal to repentance and rehabilitation, and prevention of further harm to innocent people.

What we hear from Pope Francis, however, is rank Whig history. “But they didn’t understand back then, you see. Now we have ‘the new understanding of penal sanctions applied by the modern State.’ Now we know about ‘the possibility of judicial error.’”

My indignation may seem to many readers to be a raging bloodlust, a grotesque love of capital punishment. Not so. I am breathing fire not primarily in favor of violence toward criminals but in protest of violence toward the Catholic faith. Regardless of what the Catechism says, that faith remains unchanged and unchangeable. This is not simply “how it is now” — this is not how it can ever be.

Saint Peter, pray for us.

Six things that the New York Times probably didn’t think about when hiring and defending Sarah Jeong by Thomas Lifson – “I haven’t been able to find any indication of what Sarah Jeong’s middle name is, or even if she has one. But it is clear that as far as the New York Times is concerned, it ought to be Pandora.”

“The excuse that she was responding to trolls excuse has created a need to find evangelical Christians, cops, (and New York Times reporters) trolling her. Robert Stacy McCain collects examples of viciousness directed at people that it might be very difficult to find trolling from

Sarah Jeong is a warning sign of something wrong with the left by John Sexton – “What does bother me is the way in which the left collectively responded to her tweets with a big shrug.”

“That really sums up what bothers me about this whole story. It’s the assumption that a public comment like “White men are bullshit” would get a shrug if not for conservatives seizing on it. It’s an admission from the Post that there is almost nothing you can say about white men that anyone on the left would deem problematic (to borrow a popular SJW term of art).

The reason why Jeong’s tweets didn’t really matter to anyone on the left is that they’ve nearly all accepted the idea that racism doesn’t mean what most people think it means.

It’s that one form of blatant bigotry gets a pass on the grounds that it won’t really hurt anyone. If the left thinks that’s true, I think they’re not paying attention. Sarah Jeong isn’t all that significant but what this affair says about the left’s mindset does matter.

SJWs turn a white gay’s life to hell for his thoughtful anti-racist essay by Luboš Motl – “After some time, I was shocked by the atmosphere around the U.S. media landscape and the selective and brutal suppression of the freedom of speech.”

“Needless to say, some of the defense of Jeong says that her tweets were a satire, or a response to some tweets and acts going in the opposite direction. Well, most of the claims that her tweets are jokes are indefensible – simply because a repeated joke ceases to be a joke, especially if you repeat it hundreds of times, and even people who aren’t too bright – including Jeong – probably can figure out that the added value of the 200th tweet of this form is small. She writes this stuff because she can’t help herself.

Also, even if her tweets were a reaction to something, great. The Holocaust was also (partly) a reaction to something. Some of the complaints against the Jews, their wealth, and power were (mostly) true. But none of these things justified the racially driven pogroms. The German Jews were rather wealthy in the early 1930s – and so are whites – but most of this edge is a fair result of a mostly meritocratic system.

I am afraid that the leftists are becoming so numerous, hurtful, and dangerous – and complicate even basic and vital activities such as the publishing of Sullivan’s essay and the decency of his life afterwards – that we will simply have to think about phasing out the overreproduced leftists. Their number in the Western civilizations must be dramatically reduced. We must find the optimal and decent enough way to do so, and perform it, otherwise our civilization will be screwed. Note that I am proposing the reduction of the people for their particular terribly damaging or criminal behavior, not for their race or something that they couldn’t affect.

Instapundit’s Ed Driscoll closes the loop with a FLASHBACK: Sarah Jeong Stoked Twitter Mob Against Andrew Sullivan For Alleged Racism.

WaPo wonders: “Is it okay to make fun of white people online?” by Ed Morrissey – “Make fun of, or vent rage and prejudice against?

“So we only get a headline from the legit Daily Caller, and two quotes from … offended conspiracy theorists. … The only inclusion of rational argument from conservatives comes from the very rational David French at NRO, who rightly points out that race-based invective harms society no matter how it’s framed. It perpetuates the notion that human beings should be judged for their immutable characteristics rather than their character and actions …

In comparison, the Post’s article quotes three institutional sources sympathetic to Jeong, offers them much more space for their arguments, and without the anthropological tone of their reference to conservatives.

12 times Christopher Steele fed Trump-Russia allegations to FBI after the election by Byron York – “Because he had broken his agreement with the FBI, bureau procedure did not allow agents to keep using Steele as a source. But they did so anyway

“It’s likely that the 302s and notes, if released, would show that the FBI was both still trying to get new information out of Steele after the election and that it was also trying to verify the information Steele had already provided in the dossier installments he handed over in preceding months. Remember, the FBI had already presented some of the dossier’s allegations as evidence to the FISA court. After going out on a limb like that, the bureau wanted to know if the allegations were true or not.

In a larger sense, the Ohr-Steele 302s could shed some light on how an effort — it certainly included Steele, but also others — to keep Trump from being elected morphed into an effort to keep Trump from being inaugurated and then morphed into an effort to remove Trump from office. A version of that effort is still going on, of course, even as some in Congress try to find out how it started.

Also see Ace of Spades: FBI Releases Records on Christopher Steele, and SURPRISE, They’re Almost Completely Redacted.

Another Democratic Socialist says capitalism must go and is incompatible with democracy by John Sexton – “In the long run, democratic socialists want to end capitalism,” Meagan Day wrote. She added, “We want to end our society’s subservience to the market.”

“Does it always have to work that way? So long as human nature remains what it is, there will always be ruthless men who achieve power and then set about making sure they never have to give it up. Democratic Socialism is putting all the hens in one giant henhouse and then promising that only the elected wolves will be given admittance. What could possibly go wrong?

It would be great if a few reporters would start asking rockstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if she believes capitalism is incompatible with democracy and how the alternative would work out. That should be entertaining at the least.

Mass Destruction Of Capital by jccarlton – “The problem is that Professor Perry talks about the trade of things and loses the issues of the trade in capitol and ideas. As such he and most of the experts miss what is really going on.” A good rundown on hubris exposed among the financial elites.

“Trump has been taken to task for his trade policies. A look at the Wall St Journal on any given day will have articles, editorials and op-ed piece about why Trump is an idiot and that we need freer trade and not more tariffs. But the various journalist are making a mistake. They are not taking into account the massive destruction of American capitol that has gone on since the late 1980’s and the fact that the chickens have finally come home to roost.

The big problem with the way Progressives deal with economics is the way they seem unable to understand realities. They have this tendency believe that you can make a change in the tax or regulatory structure and nothing else will change. This tendency is shared by most of our elites.

They also don’t really see the devastation that they cause, whether it’s in Fork’s Washington or Bridgeport Connecticut.

The fact is that the free traders and the global economy types have had the opportunity to make their case. The United States has followe the prescriptions of the free traders and the globalists for decades now. The elite s promised us a new prosperity if the country did so. The chart above and all the others that go with it tell a different story, a story of capital destruction and dead towns.

The Russians Are the Least of Our Problems by John Hinderaker – “Many on the left are obsessed with Russian meddling in the 2016 election. I am a great deal more concerned with meddling in the election by the FBI and the CIA, which deserves to go down as the greatest scandal in American political history.” … “What is least possible to take seriously is talk about how the Russians have sown distrust and division in American society. The last thing the Democrats need in that regard is help from the Russians, as Michael Ramirez ably points out. Click to enlarge” (photo at link).

Trump and the Bannister Effect by Hank Wallace – “Conservatives are newly conscious and energized and have a hope that is strong, rooted in values liberals fear but cannot understand.”

“The Bannister Effect is the notion that once a person sees someone else perform an exceptional feat, all doubt as to the possibility of that feat is erased, encouraging that person to strive for the goal, with hard work and training. This happened with the four-minute mile, and certainly has played into the success of Apuada.

Who would have thought that one man, one solitary man, could take on the corrupt news media, and make them look like fools?

But now we know it is possible. Now we know that there are actually some thinking people in this country. The economic producers in flyover country now see that it is possible to push back and reverse huge chunks of liberal regress, and in only a couple of years. Large masses of the population, including liberals, are seeing that our news media, the Democrats, and the Republicans are part of the same flock of slugs that inhabit Washington, D.C.

And Donald Trump called evil, evil. Never in my life had I expected to hear this plain-speaking honesty from a president. I now know it’s possible, and due to the Bannister Effect I’m going to work even harder to put more people in charge who will call good, good, and evil, evil at every level.

But the major benefit of this phenomenon is that now many of the American people, at least the ones who are paying the bills, know that all is not lost. We may well have to go through some kind of social civil war to get us back on track, but the notion that “it’s possible” is now lighting hope in the hearts of working men and women.

Certainly, there is a huge battle ahead, but we are armed with principles, not the infatuation of personality. We now know the positive possibilities for America are unlimited. Every good thing is possible, with enough hard work and time, even the destruction of liberal evil.

See you on the front lines.

Or the joke is on us.

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