Just where ya’ goin’, boy?

Black Crime Gets Crazier by Colin Flaherty – “no matter what you think is the craziest story of black violence – and the denial, deceit, and delusion surrounding it – this recent story out of Oakland is way past that.”

“”White supremacy slashes throats, it stabs, it lynches, and continues to kill our people in horrific ways,” said one Twitter poster. It is evil. “Don’t tell us to play patty-cake with it.” And on and on this went by the thousands: black people bitterly complaining about white-on-black crime and how cops in places like Oakland never do anything about it.

The only other explanation is one that just happened to be true: crime in Oakland, one of America’s most dangerous cities, is a black thing, wildly out of proportion. Anyone who cannot see that is in full denial, deceit, and delusion.

After a year, the geniuses at the East Bay Express ascertained that black ridership on BART was about 11 percent, but complaints against black people made up about 70 percent of the info from the app. It did not take long to figure out that the app was racist, and it was soon never heard from again.

Just a few weeks ago, BART was back in the news when it was revealed that 66% of the people banned from BART for criminal behavior are black. More racism, of course, said the people who were loath to consider, even for a second, that black people on BART create holy Hell six times more than their ridership should.

From Baltimore to Oakland, a common reaction to black-on-white crime is that only white privilege gives white people living near black people an expectation of safety. Besides, everyone knows there is no difference between black crime rates and white crime rates.

White people do it, too.

Just because something is easily shown to be the greatest lie of our generation, that does not mean that lots and lots and lots of people refuse to say it over and over and over again.

The truth about ‘Fake News’ by Alicia Colon – “Most of the anti-Trump protests have been predicated on false news reported in the mainstream media.”

Why the Mueller Windmill tilt-a-thon needs to continue unabated by Andrew Thomas – “President Trump is up against the most ruthless and spiteful army of tortured souls ever to erupt from the bowels of Hell.”

“These are the modern leftists who control the Deep State, the government bureaucracy, establishment Washington, most of the judiciary, and portions of the military. They are supported by millions of mindless, emotionally immature useful idiots. They are protected and defended by a leftist media and propagated by leftist-controlled public and private educational institutions. It’s quite a formidable array of foes.

The ruling elite have shown that there are no bounds in their mission to overturn an election and overthrow a sitting American president. A falsified FISA warrant? No problem. Intimidating potential witnesses against Trump with armed raids on their homes and offices? So what? Imprisonment of a suspect (Manafort) in solitary confinement indefinitely without a trial? Who cares? Releasing confidential conversations between client and lawyer to the press? Big deal. Using U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on an opposition candidate and then on the president-elect? Priceless.

Privacy rights, legal confidentiality, and the rule of law are minor impediments to the objectives of the left. They are useful only when they can be weaponized against traditional American institutions and conservative causes.

Victor Davis Hanson on how and why the Democrats got in touch with their inner Russian hawk by neo-neocon – “Victor Davis Hanson opines on an ironic phenomenon that has resulted from the Democratic need to discredit President Trump: their sudden discovery of the awfulness of the Russians.” It’s a twofer!

“Like so many things happening today, it’s so obvious and egregious a contradiction that it would be funny if the whole situation weren’t so sad and dangerous. But that’s where we’ve arrived.

They couldn’t care less about any of it. All they want is Trump gone, and to be in control of Congress themselves, as well. Then to win the presidential election in 2020 from Pence, who is perceived as weaker…

The entire Hanson article is well worth reading; it contains a great deal more than these excerpts. The arguments it makes are so obviously true that I don’t see how anyone could disagree—but of course, vast swaths of the population disagree and/or are not even familiar with anything the right has to say other than the distortions presented through the MSM filter.

Deliver Us to Evil by David Prentice – “So many have written about the left’s meltdowns over the past years. A crucial component is missing.”

“There are lots of theories about this leftist meltdown, and a lot of them are right. But I want to point over to a line not many care to look at. The title of this post misquotes what we know as The Lord’s Prayer, where He asks us to pray to be delivered from evil.

There are behaviors that are consistently condemned across the world. Buddha nailed them. Moses nailed them. Confucius nailed them. Jesus nailed them. Don’t cross those lines; don’t go there. These are lines of behavior that destroy, wreak havoc, and leave individuals and cultures in shambles. Like Venezuela. And that is why they are so universally condemned. …

So why is the left crossing so many of these lines of behavior?

On the left, you’ve become a house of horrors. The American people are learning what you have become. We know about the terrible things you’ve done. Take care, because for the first time in your lifetime, there will be consequences.

Back to the Future by Connecting with the Past by Scott S. Powell – “When facts and accountability no longer matter, media coverage regresses to propaganda and fake news, and politics devolves to preoccupation with power over ideas.”

“When one considers the appearance of the United States from a grand historical perspective – notably its rise from colonial poverty to the world’s economic superpower in 200 years – it’s a bit like a production car today going from zero to 60 in three seconds.

And while people’s standard of living has been greatly improved and their longevity significantly increased, many Americans now seem oblivious to how we got here. The incredible benefits attributable to the application of both the scientific method and the spiritual truths of the Judeo-Christian heritage are increasingly taken for granted at best. At worst, they are viewed as unnecessary, even obsolete.

because the truth cannot be destroyed, we can turn things around if we follow Paul’s advice to the Ephesians to stand firm and recognize that “our struggles are not against flesh and blood,” but rather “against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil high places.” Paul’s final counsel to the Ephesians was to pray constantly and declare the truth fearlessly. Probably the best advice for these times, too.

Just where ya’ goin’, boy?

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