Isn’t self harm a psychiatric problem?

The Growing Popularity of Foot Shooting by Ron Ross – “A lot of people smart and talented enough to know better have let their politics and egos ruin them.”

“Presumably De Niro and other actor-activists got into acting to entertain people. That’s why they earn the big bucks. Now, rather than entertaining, they’re making many of their fans angry and disgusted.

Comedians have also fallen prey to foot shooting. The purpose of a comedian is to make people laugh. That ceases when humor becomes politicized.

The NFL has unfortunately revealed who and what they are. Although they’re good people in most ways, in this instance they’ve behaved like spineless, clueless cowards. They should have nipped the protests in the bud before they became overblown and out of control.

The owners have demonstrated a disrespect for their fans as well as their country and demonstrated that they are afraid of their own employees. Their brains have been addled by political correctness and virtue signaling. Their self-preservation instincts have gone dormant.

The owners have insulted a large portion of their fan base. It’s hard to forget and forgive being insulted and disrespected.

Perhaps the greatest practitioners of foot shooting are the media. As have entertainers, the media have elevated their political goals above their reason for being. Because a large fraction of their customers do not agree with those goals, their customer base is now far smaller than it used to be.

The most pathetic and confused group of foot shooters are the Never-Trumpers, Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, and George Will, for example.

Let’s hope that at some point the politicization crusade will go too far and end up consuming itself.

The New Religion of the Left: Selectivity by John Scotto – “Every aspect of the left’s current extreme ideology involves being selective. Selective outrage, selective morality, selective media reporting, selective justice and selective “facts,

“Every member of this leftist religious sect must take a solemn vow to always be selective when it comes to reporting on any kind of news, evidence or facts. All must be willing to advance the left’s radical agenda through any means necessary. Each member must learn to subscribe to double standards. Many of these cult members must learn to feign selective outrage on cue and even manufacture a crisis when necessary to aide their cause. The members must choose to exist within a life of illusion/delusion where perception and confirmation bias trump facts and evidence, and reality itself.

Sadly, the truth no longer matters to the modern day left.

The good news is most of this propaganda and selectivity by the left is now backfiring. Many voters the Democrats once considered safely theirs are starting to shift away from the Democratic Party in droves. The socialism the left has mostly downplayed is coming out of the closet for all eyes to see.

The left will continue to be selective when it comes to just about everything. It is up to Trump and the rest of us to continue to point out the left’s ridiculous double standards. Rational people eventually figure it all out. The truth is something very powerful, and when allowed to flow freely, the truth eventually shines its light upon everything we need to see. Not just what those on the left wish us to see.

Selective? Or intolerant?

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