A particular brand of madness

Yelling in a theater is like earning a liberal merit badge by John Romano – “This is what today’s progressives don’t seem to understand. They believe they occupy the moral high ground, and somehow that excuses their own sins and intolerance.”

“As the narrative goes, Democrats are motivated in 2018 because President Donald Trump has made America a less tolerant place where decorum is nonexistent and anger is palpable.

So now the response is a liberal version of intolerance and indignation in spiffy made-for-Facebook videos?

And Democrats wonder why they don’t win elections.

The harassment of Attorney General Pam Bondi in a Tampa movie theater on Friday night was a sad example of today’s look-at-me moral outrage. Somehow, it seems befitting of our new era of reality-television politics.
If you believe in a different kind of America, then you need to make a compelling case for your vision. And you don’t do that by yelling in a restaurant or movie theater. You certainly don’t do that by demeaning conservative voters by insisting their values are backward.

Mad Max and Nancy Pelosi: The twin faces of the Democratic Party by Patricia McCarthy – “How delicious is it that the face of the Democratic Party is that lovely duo, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi?”

“So deluded as to why Trump won, they seem to think their particular brand of madness that includes the public shaming of anyone and everyone in the Trump administration is going to win back the House and Senate for their party.

It is by now undeniable that the hate-Trump left has gone stark-raving mad. Its members have lost all semblance of sanity, decorum, and class. With Mad Maxine Waters leading the way, they are encouraging public interference and assaults in the form of hastily assembled mobs to shame anyone connected to the Trump administration who has the temerity to venture out in public.
It can be lost on no one that the Democrats care not one bit for American citizens.
Just in the past week, we have incidents of leftist intolerant moonbattery writ large

Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence by Kurt Schlichter – “I see these leftist morons charging headlong down the same slippery slope I was stationed at the bottom of in Kosovo.”

“The bottom of the slope is really bad, and they should stop their descent. Now.

But there’s no sign of sanity.
Maybe I missed the liberal outcry in defense of the right of conservative kids and women not to be abused. Or maybe there wasn’t one because no prominent Dem is willing to anger a liberal base that accepts both options if it helps get Trump out of power and them back in.
When people tell you they want to hurt you, you should believe them. And we Normals are starting to listen to what liberals say.
So the leftists attempt to intimidate us into submission, showing up at people’s houses and screaming at them in restaurants. Take that, Sarah! The idea is since the leftists can’t convince Normals with the power of their ideas – because leftists’ ideas inevitably involve Normals ceding more of their rights and money to leftists – the left wants to make submission and obedience the price for being able to participate in the culture. But what’s inevitable is that us newly militant Normals, whose power is political rather than cultural, are going to respond pursuant to the New Rules and demand that leftists bake us a cake.
Intimidation isn’t working. It makes the libs quiver with joy, but it just makes us mad.
we’d prefer the option the liberals have ignored – a return to a society where disputes are resolved via the processes outlined in the Constitution and the individual rights set forth within it are respected.

Don’t go with violence, progressives. It will end badly.

Not I, said the discriminatory Red Hen by Washington Examiner – “If the distinction between a person’s humanity and her politics is destroyed further, we will find it hard to maintain civic peace.”

“Ana Navarro, a conservative-turned-full-time-Trump-hater, argued that anyone who would “defend baker’s right to refuse service to gay couples” ought not to “whine” about people “refusing service to a person who’s the face of a deceitful administration. What’s good for the goose, is good for the Red Hen.”

But the analogy is inapt to the point of casuistry. Social liberals’ inability or refusal to see the difference is telling. Refusing to serve someone as an equal because of who he or she is is wholly different in kind from refusing to provide specialized services tailored to an event that in good conscience you find objectionable.
Sanders, however, was there simply to have dinner. She was asking to be treated the same way as every other customer. Serving her dinner would not have expressed agreement or acceptance of her work. It would simply have been selling her the restaurant’s goods and services, the way it does to everyone else. Nobody was being asked to endorse or participate in anything Sanders was doing.

The restaurant flatly declared her unworthy of its service because of who she is. Tactically it might seem best to call the Left’s embrace of the Red Hen simple hypocrisy, and there is a heaping dinner plate full of that, for sure.

But there’s a more important insight here. The distinction made by most people between refusing to serve the person and refusing to participate in his activity is not one made broadly on the Left. The notion of a human as a human, separated from his or her politics, is not one that today’s revved-up Left tolerates. You are your politics.
If the distinction between a person’s humanity and her politics is destroyed further, we will find it hard to maintain civic peace. That priceless commodity is already battered and derided. It is in the nation’s profound interest to preserve it and to repudiate the intolerance of those who seek to destroy it.

The misogynistic resistance: Pam Bondi becomes 4th female Trump supporter to be harassed in public by John Sexton – “It’s still early in this new phase of the resistance, but one noteworthy aspect of this is that, so far, the public harassment seems to mostly be targeting women.”

The Media’s Sickness Is Terminal by George Neumayr – “It has gone beyond a syndrome to a disease.”

“One of the media’s favorite refrains against Donald Trump in 2016 was that he lacked the “temperament” and “maturity” to govern. The charge was usually leveled by the most ill-tempered, immature journalists imaginable. It is typical of the left, which owns almost all of the media, to demand “civility” of its opponents while granting itself limitless incivilities.
The relativism underpinning liberalism makes it hopelessly willful. Its relationship to civility is determined not by any principle independent of human will but by pure political opportunism. Insofar as civility is useful to gaining or preserving power, liberals pretend to honor it. But the moment civility becomes an impediment to holding or regaining power, they give themselves permission to violate it. The “ends” suddenly justify the means, and anyone who questions their uncivil behavior fails to see the “higher” good at stake.

and then there are court cases that came down this week. The truly frightening insight from these decisions is that clear Constitutional definitions don’t seem to have much weight resulting in narrow decisions or a split court.

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