So mad they can’t see straight – going full French Revolution

Kidtrina by Clarice Feldman – “The advantage of having to write a column at the end of the week is that usually within seven days, the latest leftist meme has been thoroughly debunked.”

“And so it is this week with such bunkum as claims that crying toddlers and children at the border are being ripped from the arms of loving parents and held in concentration camp-style settings. My online friend Randy Bock has dubbed this propaganda ploy “Kidtrina,” and it certainly bears a great deal of similarity to the overwrought coverage of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans. And for the same reason: to deflect blame from Democrat politicians and to demonize Republican presidents.
By any honest account, children caught in this web during this administration are being handled far more humanely and responsibly than they were under Obama’s.

Like the coverage of Katrina, the media handling of Kidtrina is short on fact but high on partisan emotionalism.

Why This Immigration Psychodrama Will Also Pass by Victor Davis Hanson – “A month from now there will be a new manufactured news story that Donald Trump is savage, represents an existential danger, or is unhinged.”

“We’ve already been through the dizzying odyssey of legal suits in three states over supposedly fraudulent voting machines, the nullification of the Electoral College effort, the meltdown on Inauguration Day, the Emoluments Clause tizzy, the 25th Amendment con, the various Russian collusion hysterias, the leaked phone call to the Australian prime minister, the Michael Wolff Fire and Furyfantasies, the Dudley Do-Right James Comey pre-indictment book tour, and all the surreal assassination chic stories, from Kathy Griffin’s beheading photo to the Shakespearean troupe’s ritual stabbing of Trump.
In general, nothing hurts a cause more than going full French Revolution.

Trump says it’s time to deny entry to illegal immigrants. Can he? By Paul Mirengoff – “Rucker and Weigel do not mention this presidential power. But its existence undermines their suggestion that Trump would be denying “due-process rights” if he decided to deny entry to immigrants without granting them a trial or an appearance before a judge.”

“The plain language of §1182(f) and the case law involving it notwithstanding, one can easily imagine certain judges second-guessinging a determination by this president that the “detrimental to the interests of the United States” has been met. Maybe some judges would find that the crisis of family separation the left has been screaming about is not detrimental to the interests of the U.S. More likely, they would demand that some other “solution” (i.e., catch and release) be employed.

Such judicial activism would amount to an attack on our system of government. President Trump shutting down the border in response to recent developments would be nothing of the kind.

The left loses its cool by Marc Caputo and Daniel Lippman – “In the Donald Trump era, the left is as aggressively confrontational as anyone can remember.” Yeah, a town hall is the same as a dinner at a private restaurant and both sides are the same.

“What it means for 2018 — whether it portends a blue wave of populist revolt for Democrats or a red wall of silent majority resistance from Republicans — largely depends on one’s political persuasion. But there’s a bipartisan sense that this election season marks another inflection point in the collapse of civil political discourse.

Leftist Thugs Guarantee Another Scalise Tragedy by Daniel John Sobieski – “Someone is going to get killed.”

“we all know what happened to the Nazis. They were hunted down worldwide and executed. The left’s incitement of physical violence through rhetoric and mob action is excused or ignored by a leftist media who go into spasms of righteous indignation after every presidential tweet.

In the days of civil discourse, ideological opponents would target each other’s rhetoric, not each other. What you said was evil or inappropriate and must be denounced. Now, following Saul Alinsky’s playbook, it is not what conservatives stand for that is evil. Conservatives themselves are evil. They must be thrown out of restaurants, confronted at their homes and, yes, shot on baseball practice fields.
This incendiary rhetoric and physical confrontation is a reminder of the heated leftist rhetoric that preceded and inspired a gunman to hunt down and shoot Republican congressmen at a baseball practice field in Arlington, Virginia. Then, too, it was suggested by some that the targets of the gunman had it coming, as some say of the targets of current leftist thugs.
Joy Ann Reid’s litany of Scalise’s crimes against humanity for which he deserved being target for assassination reveal how skewed to left is the moral compass of those on the left
Just as in the case of Steve Scalise, those on the left are suggesting that Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, and even young Baron Trump, deserve the vitriol and confrontation directed at them. Their hateful end-justifies-the-means rhetoric will likely inspire someone like the loon who shot up an Alexandria baseball field to take similar action.

After all, if you believe in securing the border and enforcing the nation’s laws, you have it coming.

Climate Policy Should Be Set By Legislatures, Not Courts by Donald J. Kochan – “Climate change advocates are undoubtedly frustrated that they cannot succeed in getting legislation or regulation that is broad enough to satisfy their policy preferences. So, with the support of some lawyers who see the possibility of a big payday in judgments or settlements, climate change advocacy is increasingly moving to the courts.”

“Public nuisance claims are very rarely brought and even more seldom won. It is hard to prove that someone has engaged in unreasonable or unlawful conduct that interferes with a right common to the general public, especially as each of those elements has been interpreted. Conduct which is lawful is seldom unreasonable and by definition not unlawful.

Furthermore, the hurdles for establishing the elements of a traditional public nuisance claim are purposefully high because it is usually seen as an extreme remedy. But, here, the municipal plaintiffs seek to break down these time-tested limits that have kept public nuisance claims narrowly tailored.
The expertise of judges is suited to police the Rule of Law and to decide actual cases based on concrete facts and identifiable, existing legal standards. And the duty of judges is to avoid the temptation to create new torts or assist the mutation of existing ones beyond recognition rather than leave that creative enterprise to the legislative branch.

The media discovers another “scandal” around Scott Pruitt, producing nothing by Jazz Shaw – “If you ever get bored during the work week and are looking for some good scandal news out of Washington, all you really need to do is open up your favorite news search engine and type in the name of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.”

“Odds are that no matter how crowded the news cycle may be with other pressing matters around the world, somebody on the Washington beat will have mysteriously discovered a new instance of supposed wrongdoing on Pruitt’s part.

This weekend was no different, with the Washington Post publishing yet another shocking revolution from Pruitt’s time heading the EPA. What was it this time? Another cafeteria worker saying that he ate at their facilities too often? A request to purchase another used mattress? No… this story is far more dark and sinister. Having gotten hold of even more of the Secretary’s private correspondence, the WaPo discovered that someone who knows Pruitt had made an inquiry about possibly landing a job at the agency for one of their friends.
There you have it. The Scott Pruitt Scandal of the Week, courtesy of the Washington Post. A friend of the family inquired about a possible job for a kid they knew and he wasn’t hired.

Insurrection is Here; How Long do We have Until Civil War 2.0 Starts? by Peter Barry Chowka – “Organized lawlessness is spreading to cities across the United States but the news is almost totally ignored and blacked out by the mainstream media.”

“Meanwhile, neighborhood businesses, including restaurants, have had to hire private security because occupiers are stealing (or “borrowing”) everything that isn’t nailed down and trespassing on businesses’ parking lots, impeding commerce.

At a number of points, the mobs have literally taken over and closed down one or more streets as the police do nothing.

This wave of insurrection aimed at ICE is one element of a broader effort to frustrate and curtail law enforcement in many other areas and to intimidate government officials. The big picture agenda is to tie the hands of police at every level.
In recent years, law-breaking from the streets to the political suites no longer carries consequences for the preferred classes – Democrat politicians, high-level Deep State bureaucrats, professional leftist and anarchist agitators and their fellow travelers, and now illegal alien invaders.

It’s Crazies All The Way Down by John Hinderaker – “Just in the last few days, the liberal outrages have been hard to keep up with”

“You will note that usually, when harassment takes place in person, the victim is a woman. I suppose members of the fascist “Resistance” are afraid of getting punched. They should be.

How many Americans know about these outrages? How many understand that the Democratic Party’s most stalwart supporters are stark, raving mad? Not enough. The liberal press generally covers up, downplays, or tries to portray in a positive light Brownshirt tactics by its allies. But it is important to understand that there is no “respectable” Democratic Party that is distinguishable from the disgusting Brownshirt “Resistance.”

Have you seen a single Democrat politician denounce, criticize, or try to distance himself or herself from any of the outrageous incidents itemized above? I haven’t. The fact is that Democrat politicians view “Resistance” Brownshirts as their storm troopers, leading the way to victory in November and beyond.
We are rapidly approaching the point where there won’t be any alternative but to fight fire with fire.

If “social warfare” is the new norm, conservatives will be forced to play the game by Jazz Shaw – “We’re used to raucous town halls and counterprotests at rallies or when controversial speakers show up at college campuses, but this was something new.”

“It was so far outside the traditional rules of engagement on the political playing field that it defied description. Of course, that was just a group of Democratic Socialists, so I found myself reasoning that if the public expressed outrage or dismay at such an affront, things might calm back down.

Not only is that not the case, we’ve now learned that the “social warfare” on display in that instance wasn’t an accident. It’s part of the new leftist playbook.
Now that the phrase “total social warfare” has been coined, it’s time for us to admit that this genie isn’t going to be put back in the bottle.
This isn’t going to end unless there is an actual incentive for it to end. And the media isn’t going to supply that incentive since most of those folks either openly support social warfare or convey signals that they privately do.
Nobody is going to get the message until Democrats and liberals find out that they don’t get a free pass to behave in this fashion and go unanswered.
Will that end the problem or end the Republic? I have no idea. But this can’t be a one way street simply because one team decided to throw the playbook out the window.

George Will urges voters to oust the Republicans in November by neo-neocon – “George Will now appears to be vying for the leadership of the NeverTrump movement, and he’s taking it out on the entire GOP.”

“It is typical of people who are incensed about the family separation issue to outright lie or at least be so sloppy with the facts that they mislead, and to ignore the dangers faced by illegal immigrants on their journey. Therefore Will’s failure to have noticed the true story or to mention it is not the least bit surprising. He’s become a propagandist himself. And he’s got plenty of company.

Why the Left Is Having a Nervous Breakdown by Roger L Simon – “The Left is having the worst flu season ever. Almost all of them have been infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome to such a degree that they can’t see or think straight.”

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