Walking away from country and civility: biting the hand that feeds you.

Google Walks Away From America’s Security by Michael R. Bloomberg – “It bowed to pressure instead of standing up for our country.”

“Google’s decision not to renew a contract to develop artificial intelligence for the Defense Department was a victory for the employees who had protested it. It was also a defeat for U.S. national security, patriotism, and the cause of limiting civilian casualties in war.
The company understood all this as recently as April, saying in a statement that the technology “is intended to save lives and save people from having to do highly tedious work.” Yet some bad public relations and a handful of people walking out is apparently all it took to provoke the reversal. One of the roles of senior management is to do the right thing, even if it provokes criticism. That’s especially critical when our collective security is at stake.
Helping to defend the U.S. is nothing to be ashamed of. That shouldn’t be a controversial idea among our nation’s business leaders.

Trump absolutely correct to rescind Eagles’ White House invitation by George Parry – “Being invited to the White House for public recognition of your achievements is an honor.”

“So, what happened when the Eagles were invited to the people’s house for a ceremony to honor them for their Super Bowl victory? Fewer than 10 members of the organization accepted the invitation. Apparently all of the other Eagles had something more important to do than to condescend to accept the accolades of their fellow Americans.
The Eagles’ behavior is typical of the self-importance and narcissism that have been on display at NFL games as protesting athletes kneel during the national anthem. Everybody is entitled to his political beliefs and opinions. But, just as the White House is the people’s house, so too is the flag of our nation the emblem of the American people. Every time an overpaid, pampered athlete takes a knee in protest, it is plainly, simply, and inescapably an insult.
The Eagles’ refusal of the White House invitation will only steepen the decline for the simple reason that treating the American people with arrogant disrespect is an imbecilic and self-defeating marketing strategy.

#Spygate and Leftists’ Lack of Patriotism by Tom Trinko – “Leftists, despite their continual condemnation of America’s values and their steadfast insistence that all international problems are due to America, become incensed if their patriotism is questioned.”

“The ongoing fake-news Russia-stole-the-election meme that the leftist establishment has been peddling since 2016 is a great example of how leftists put their own ambitions for power ahead of what’s best for America and are thereby unpatriotic.

Leftist lies about the impact of Russia on the election and Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia to steal the election have done far more damage to American’s trust in our electoral process than anything the Russians actually did. But the leftists continue to lie about it, because they don’t care if they destroy democracy in America so long as it means they get more power.

If we look, we can see that there is no evidence to support leftist groupthink.
This, in turn, means that our job is to disabuse our friends, relatives, and neighbors – in a polite and caring way – of the lies they are constantly being fed. As Hitler pointed out, most people are honest and would never lie about anything major. Hence, they are reluctant to believe that the major media would constantly and repeatedly lie about issues that are critical to America. We need to break through that barrier and get them to realize that the mainstream media comprise liars who cannot be trusted.

Stop Sanitizing the Inspector General’s Report and Deliver It Now by Roger L Simon – “Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email “matter” (and other things, no doubt) has been completed for weeks. Nevertheless, you and I, the taxpayers who paid for it, have not been permitted to see it.”

“what we are witnessing in this slow-walk is what we can legitimately call an American nomenklatura digging in mightily to protect itself. No doubt, once the edited report is published, they can depend on their friends in the mainstream media doing their best to ignore, downplay or obfuscate its conclusions and significance. But this is no moment to relax or depend on third parties, even those as reliable as the MSM. The stakes are huge. People can go to jail. Reputations can be ruined and — this is the most intriguing though least likely part — politics could be realigned.

They are busy trying to do to the report what they had previously done to almost all emails, texts and documents requested by congressional committees and other interested parties in their investigations

McCabe Demands Immunity From Congress by Jonathan Turley – “The demand for immunity comes as Washington braces for the release of the Inspector General’s report on the conduct of McCabe, James Comey, and other high-ranking officials during the Clinton investigation.” … “The last thing that the Republicans would want is to create a barrier to McCabe’s prosecution. The answer therefore is likely to be “no.”

Wrapping It Up by J.R. Dunn – “How long will the “Russian collusion” circus continue imploding before it reaches critical mass and leaves nothing but wreckage across the liberal D.C. landscape?”

“At this point, no other outcome is conceivable. Any hope that the investigation would land a glove on Donald Trump has been long abandoned by any rational onlooker.
What’s telling, and almost difficult to credit, is how flipped the whole operation has become. What must have appeared the slam-dunk of nailing the brash, boisterous Donald Trump has, in little over a year’s time, inverted itself, as if it had slipped through some other dimension, so that every shot fired at Trump boomerangs and hits somebody in the Mueller-Comey posse.
What Collusiongate, this bizarre, grotesque, uncalled for, and historically unique episode, requires is a validation – for all sorts of reasons.

First, we need to gather and identify the loose ends – and playmates, as there are more of those in this story than they’ve got at the thread and yarn shop.
A second reason is to inform the public. It is no less than astonishing how many citizens of this country have no awareness that an attempt has been made to snatch their government away from them.
Lastly, we need to root out the last remnant of the people responsible. The Deep State is a characteristic of banana republics, and in examining their records, we find that they constitute a chronic and inheritable disease
If any narrative ever needed a validation, it’s this one. There are many things that need to be said, many morals that need to be underlined: that the United States is not a plaything. That you defy its norms and traditions at your peril. That evil is fundamentally stupid. That career bureaucrats are a frail reed under all circumstances. And oh, yeah…that you should never try to take on Donald Trump. He’ll clean your clock every time.

Also in the news is that many are overwhelmed by the news. Consider it a war of attrition. 

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