5th Column update from Strategy Page

22 March 2007 It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This – this is just one tactic among many:

Islamic terrorists are encouraging their supporters, who can write in English, to get on American web sites and pretend to be friends or family members of American soldiers or marines. The “media jehadis” are instructed to tell stories in line with the anti-war tone of American and European media. … This strategy is already being executed by American media is very subtle ways. … by concentrating on the Sunnis, you get an anti-war human interest story, without revealing that you are examining the self-inflicted tribulations of the people who have caused all the problems in the first place. Information War doesn’t get any better than that.

and an example of the result of this years long effort can be seen When Realities Collide:

Young marines, who are often the best recruiters, are increasingly encountering civilian friends and acquaintances who have a completely unrealistic idea of what’s going on over in Iraq. The marines try to explain that the enemy is real, and evil, and that for the many Iraqis, who are victims of the Islamic terrorism, what the marines do is very much appreciated. But the U.S. media has created a mythical Iraq, where U.S. troops are unwelcome interlopers, and valiant Iraqi freedom fighters sacrifice themselves to expel the foreign invaders.

What is particularly stunning about this particular example is that the strategy is one that has been defined by the enemy as a primary tool against the U.S. Even knowing that the terrorists groups depend upon media misinformation to destroy the will of the enemy, that media takes no notice of its participation as agents of the terrorists. When faced with this participation, the behavior becomes something particularly of interest to psychologists such as Dr. Santy but it does not bode well for our culture or our civilization.

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