Concern Trolling v Spygate

The Collapse of the Collusion Narrative by Conrad Black – “No serious person could find anything in the conduct of the president that could be construed as obstruction of justice, the all-purpose catch-all of American prosecutors, who can conjure that charge from the most mundane acts.”

“The Trump-impeachers, shuffling grimly forward into the desert like Old Testament slaves to the chant of the ineffable millionaire congresswoman Maxine Waters: “Impeach 45!” will perish in the sand. The vultures will pick their bones in an Ozymandian setting. … After two years of exhaustive legal investigation accompanied by intense media innuendos about everything President Trump and his family have done more ambitious than putting on their shoes in the morning (unlike the Clinton case and much closer to the relentless media badgering and defaming of Richard Nixon in the Watergate affair), there is nothing to impeach with, or about.

The early righteousness of the anti-Trump lynch-mob was deflated when the Steele dossier was revealed as defamatory lies assembled and paid for by the Clinton campaign.

It also seems to be clear that Comey, and former National Intelligence and Central Intelligence directors James Clapper and John Brennan, were involved in improper leaks of confidential information and in coordinating their activities to mislead the president-elect. All three also appear to have misled congressional committees while under oath.

As the rot spreads and evidence of the questionable involvement of elements of the Obama administration in the sand-bag job on Trump appears at earlier dates, before the 2016 political conventions, demands from congressional committees for more information from the Justice Department are becoming more extensive and insistent.

The Biggest Threat to America’s Future Is the Media by Rick Hayes – “with the odds of any real threat of invasion to the U.S. coming from a foreign country at near zero, the only possible way the American people can lose their freedom is through an internal collapse – a breakdown not only of the rule of law, culture, and language, but Judeo-Christian values upon which America built its foundation.”

“If there is a playbook on the specific steps needed to dismantle America from within, it is indeed in use today. There is no secret how the left has been amazingly successful in such a short period.

Outnumbered and without supporting evidence or facts to back up its globalist, anti-American rhetoric, the left relies entirely on the full support of the media. Today, the media in the United States are not objective seekers and disseminators of truth. In truth, the media serve as the propagandist and protector of the forces that want to change America from a constitutional republic to a socialist state.

The media can no longer hide behind the benign image of a sometimes left-leaning communications entity because they have exposed themselves for what indeed they are: active participants in the dismantling of traditional American values.

Don SurberTrump let the Left outsmart itself. “the Left thought a little witch hunt would doom the Trump presidency. The trouble is, sooner or later you have to produce a witch. And the Left does not have one.” Press hypocrisy of the day. “The more names atop the story, the sloppier it will be because no one is taking responsibility for the piece.” This one is about using standard phones to access Twitter rather than super secure whatevers. But then, the press considers the President on Twitter as sworn testimony and fascist dictator orders rather than public communication.

“The problem is media is the media has focused on Russia, Russia, Russia, while Donald Trump has focused on being president of the United States. He is succeeding. People notice.

A press that blew off a secretary of State placing 33,000 sensitive emails on her server — possibly for sale to foreign governments — is concerned that someone may hack into Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

This is concern trolling.

They hate him, and his Twitter account because he uses Twitter to get around their beastly lies.

Thomas LifsonClapper’s desperation revealed in appearance on ‘The View’. “James Clapper has a brand new book to sell, which must be his excuse for forgetting Denis Healey’s First Law of Holes.Coming attractions: FBI agents speaking out about the abuses of Comey and McCabe. “Despite the best efforts of the Trump-hatting, Russia/Stormy Daniels-obsessed media to ignore it, the story is going to build into a major factor in the coming midterm elections and far beyond.”

“In 2013 Sen. Ron Wyden asked Clapper: “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions, of Americans?”

He did not ask Clapper about a specific program. Wyden simply asked if the NSA was collecting any data at all on millions of Americans, and Clapper said no. As it turns out, his response was a lie, plain and simple. Instead of fessing up and admitting that he lied before Congress five years ago, he’s doubling down.

there will be a cascade of evidence coming our way. The DOJ Inspector General’s report is one source, and potential criminal referrals from that report could provide far more grist for the wheels of justice to grind. But the wheels of justice move slowly. Before that happens, there will other drama playing out.

Keep in mind that Watergate took a very long time to unfold. In today’s media environment of social media and cable news, the pace is faster, but still requires time. A vast transition in psychology is part of the reason for this pace. Potential whistleblowers need to feel safe, which requires a body of supportive evidence exist before they can take that risk. And the general public has to be acclimated to the notion that that something very wrong has taken place.

Criminal Lobby is Rolling in Cash—Thank Soros by Lloyd Billingsley – “California Governor Jerry Brown tweeted that Trump “is lying on immigration, lying about crime and lying about the laws of CA,” though the short-timer chief executive offered no details.” Typical example: don’t like being called on your behavior so you claim “LIE.” It’s called denial.

“President Trump last week met with California public officials who oppose the state’s sanctuary law which, as the president said, “provides safe harbor to some of the most vicious and violent offenders on Earth, like MS-13 gang members putting innocent men, women and children at the mercy of sadistic criminals.”

California Democrats claim they are not protecting criminals but they keep federal official from the jails where false-documented illegals are already in custody. State Supreme Court Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye objects to federal ICE agents “stalking” illegals in courthouses. Public officials who swear to uphold the Constitution have instead become a criminals’ lobby.

This is not a new development in the Golden State.

As the Sacramento Bee reports, “Soros has funneled about $400,000 to Phillips through his California Justice & Public Safety PAC” and has been “spending heavily this year to flip district attorney races for progressive candidates all over California and in several other states.”

Jerry Brown, proud citizen of the world’s fifth-largest economy, has no problem with that. Neither does the state’s former state attorney general, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, who got her start under Willie Brown (literally) and received $5,400 from Soros for her 2016 senate campaign. Clearly, “justice” doesn’t come cheap.

Family that took in Parkland shooter being sued by Jazz Shaw – “They took in a kid they perceived as being in crisis (as well as being a friend of their own son) who had just been left orphaned. Sure, he turned out to be a monster, but they were still only just getting to know him. This doesn’t really sound like justice to me.”

While Allahpundit asserts that the President is “gaslighting people about fake news,” There is this one: The Problem With CNN’s School Shooting Count by Stephen Gutowski – “Nearly half of incidents identified this year are unlikely to be recognized by most as school shootings.” Compare and contrast to see the difference in values about what is important, misleading, and deceitful.

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