Now it has a name – the CYA scramble begins

The Origin of The FecesCorrupt Intelligence Community Now Leaking To Justify Unlawful Election Surveillance: Operation “Crossfire Hurricane” by sundance – “U.S. intelligence officials who participated in the 2016 Russian interference narrative/scheme are now attempting to justify their conspiratorial conduct with leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post.”

“Their leaks are a transparent effort to justify prior conduct. This cover-up endeavor has been their primary focus since congress started demanding documentary evidence from the DOJ, FBI, State Department and intelligence participants in the scheme.

When you start asking these irreconcilable common sense questions, you begin to realize -and expose- how insufferably corrupt the entire intelligence scheme really was. The entire scheme was an assembly of individual lies; each lie a thread rolled into a bigger ball of entwined nonsense. Look at it from a distance and it looks like a vast Russian conspiracy ball; however, pull any single strand out, look at it, and there’s no truth to it.

Today’s motive for the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was exactly that: coordinate talking points, circle the wagons and reach a consensus on justification. As we have outlined exhaustively the Senate Intel Committee is the second most corrupt deep-state assembly in Washington DC.

NYT Report Confirms Obama Administration’s FBI Spied on Trump Campaign by Kemberlee Kaye – “The New York Times confirms Trump’s claims, which have been frequently dismissed by major media outlets as kooky and conspiratorial, true.

“Operation “Crossfire Hurricane” is what they called it. It was a super double secret operation that only a handful of agents and DOJ officials were aware of.

Agents, “obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena” and “at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos.”

Federal Court On Verge Of Ruling Robert Mueller Investigation As Criminally Incompetent by DCWhispers – “He shouldn’t just be fired. He should be charged.” Citing a RedSate report:

“If this is true, and from what we’ve seen of this particular case the odds are that it is true, then Jeff Sessions should step in and fire the entire team that managed this indictment for blinding incompetence. Mueller needs to be called on the carpet by someone with balls, and that would not be Rosenstein, and read the Riot Act over the disgraceful legal chopshop that he’s running.

You Lose, Democrats: Mueller Told Trump Legal Team The President Cannot Be Indicted by Matt Vespa – “citing a DOJ memo that stated it would be an unconstitutional act, preventing the executive from efficiently carrying out its duties

The Left is gambling that the outrage is for impeachment; the Right on why Trump was elected in the first place. What is on display in today’s headlines is why Trump was elected – to clean out the corruption in D,C,

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