Hate, obstruction, consequences

Why the Left Hates Betsy DeVos by John Stossel – “The secretary of education is fighting government bureaucracy.”

“The haters claim DeVos knows little about education, only got her job because she gave money to Republican politicians, and hates free public education.

The department she inherited is a good example of that. K-12 schools are controlled and funded locally, but taxpayers are forced to ship education money to Washington, D.C., where bureaucrats there grab some, and then ship the rest back—with strings attached.

When activists blocked her school visit, she told me for my latest online video, “We drove away, and (the security guard) said, ‘Ma’am, I don’t think we should go back’ and I said…’they are not going to win. I am determined to meet those kids and those teachers.'”

She did.

The protesters seemed less interested in her views on education than on the fact that she’s rich.

Betsy DeVos Gets Standing Ovation for Commencement Speech Despite Protests by Mike LaChance – “The warm welcome was in stark contrast to the disapproving crowds DeVos encountered last year

Ace of Spades has a full slate today. Now Mossberg Discontinues Sales to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Too – “Virtual signalling and alienating customers to get nice articles written about you for the non-customer’s of Buzzfeed’s audience will cost you real cash money.” A Dick’s Sporting Goods subsidiary is Field & Stream so its PC is rather an extreme example of self flagellation. Ace also note Fienstein going after the CIA nominee using Fake News, cites Brett Easton Ellis who thinks There’s a Big Backlash Against Leftist Hysteria Coming, the NYT embarrassment over trying to diss the SoS Pompeo, CNN’s Daniels obsession still going strong, and the GOP actually nominating some strong Senate candidates.

Stormy Daniels sets a new standard for women. No victims need apply by Suzanne Fields – “We’ve entered the porn phase of feminism. You could call it the third stage.”

“The first stage, led by Susan B. Anthony and the Suffragettes, wore white to proclaim their virtue and to show themselves morally superior to men who opposed them. They won the vote in 1920, despite President Woodrow Wilson’s frown.

The second stage arrived in the 1960s, when Betty Friedan’s book, “The Feminine Mystique,” appealed to middle-class mothers confined to homes she described as “comfortable concentration camps.”

There’s certainly nothing new about a philandering president and a public affair. What is new is the latest perception of sexual behavior both public and private, and how presidential behavior comes wrapped in double standards, depending on politics.

The truth behind Scott Pruitt’s “scandalous” trip to Italy by Jazz Shaw – “Now even more details of Pruitt’s trip have been released. Rather than simply “touring the Vatican and posing for photos” the EPA boss and his staff were engaged in back to back meetings on the subject of climate concerns.” It’s another ‘Fake News’ item where there is ready-to-hand comparisons with the previous administration to show how absurd the allegations really are, presumption of guilt biases news stories to absurdity, and later reports make clear the duplicity and dishonesty of the assaults.

Confirm Jeff Clark by Paul Mirengoff – it’s about the effort to roll back “oppressive, costly, and unnecessary federal regulations” and the assault on such efforts coupled with the obstruction to assembling a team to support and defend the efforts against the attacks against them.

For conservatives, the rolling back of oppressive, costly, and unnecessary federal regulations is probably the signature achievement of the Trump administration so far. This rolling back, if it continues and if it survives challenge, will deliver a major blow to the administrative state and provide the equivalent of a large national tax cut.

Every stride the Pruitt EPA has made will be challenged in court. Thus, genuine accomplishment is contingent on the Trump administration’s ability to defend the EPA’s actions.

Rod Rosenstein put it well when he said: “There are seven litigating components in Main Justice. Only two of them have Senate-confirmed nominees. When the founders drafted the Constitution in 1787, this is probably not what they had in mind.”

It’s not what Donald Trump had in mind when he promised to drain the swamp, either.

McCain to Senate: Don’t let Haspel run the CIA by Ed Morrissey – “Lots and lots of reaction that accuses McCain of using Haspel to take shots at Trump, but that sells McCain short on this issue. He’s been passionate about the torture issue — and has the personal experience that gives him a lot more credibility than most to opine on it.” McCain and Kerry make a pair in reminding us how the Vietnam experience diminished honorable soldiers.

NYT columnist: The Senate just killed blue slips on judicial nominations — and that’s awesome by Ed Morrissey – “Former prosecutor David Lat writes that this will not just benefit both parties, but also all of the Americans who have been waiting far too long for judges to become available to hear their cases

“Lat makes one other good point about partisan benefit. There’s no doubt that the end of the blue slip as a means of obstruction will benefit Trump in the short run, but it will also help make this process a more normal function of the Senate. After the openings get filled now, the Senate will be able to maintain staffing much easier without having to rely on fits and starts only when the president’s party has the Senate majority. Or, at least there will be less excuse for procrastination.

Prosecutors and the rule of law by Andrew P. Napolitano – “Judge Ellis’ actual ruling — clouded by the fog of his dicta — gave Mr. Mueller two weeks to demonstrate his lawful jurisdiction.”

“I have characterized this prosecutorial behavior as extortion or bribery, but I am in a small minority in the legal and judicial communities. The courts have made clear that prosecutors can nullify prison exposure by reducing charges to induce the testimony they want from a witness. Yet if defense counsel gave the same witness so much as a lollipop to shade his testimony, both would be indicted for bribery.

the rule of law is only a safeguard of our liberties when the people in whose hands we repose it for safekeeping are faithful to it though, in the motto of the DOJ, the heavens fall.

America The Weird by Victor Davis Hanson – “On first glance, America does not seem that exceptional.” But here is a heavy dose of reality and history.

“Europe never had a vast frontier like the United States, or a history of mass immigration. Again, neither its individual nations nor the present European Union embrace anything like the values of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The idea of a multiracial America united only by common allegiances to the ideas of freedom and liberty is still foreign to Europe, or at least it was until the last two decades or so. Despite the stain of chattel slavery, America has otherwise had no experience with the long European traditions of monarchy, hereditary aristocracy, colonialism, or indentured peasantry.

The original vision of the Founders—to protect freedom and liberty by limiting the power of government with a system of checks and balances—was quite different than the European ideals of mandated fraternity and egalitarianism.

The result is that America exists both as the world’s refuge and its beacon, the sole place where individuals can find a safe harbor. Only in America can the individual remain free and able to live his life under the assumption that the major decisions of his life are his own and not predicated on state approval. Only in the United States does the rags to riches story still exist, given that neither regulation, the deep state, nor an entrenched aristocracy can fully suppress entrepreneurs or aspiring capitalists.

A Day With Candace Owens by John Hinderaker – “Beginning with Kanye West’s famous tweet, her life has been a whirlwind of television and radio appearances and speeches. The Left is attacking her viciously, while some on the right view her as a potential savior.”

“If you get the impression that I liked Candace, you are right. She was as engaging offstage as on. I suppose sudden fame could spoil her, or she could succumb to one pitfall or another. The Left, of course, is lying in wait for her to make a mistake. But my guess is that she will be a significant force on the right, and in American public life, for many years to come.

There are some gifted people in the pipeline coming in from the Right. From the Left? Rather empty.

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