Desperation scenario – equal justice?

Dinesh D’Souza demands equal justice for Rosie O’Donnell’s FIVE violations. He was convicted for just one. By Samantha Chang – It’s comparison and contrast time with ‘equal justice under the law’ as the topic.

“Conservatives agree that D’Souza was targeted for malicious prosecution by the Obama administration, but the left has remained curiously silent in demanding that O’Donnell be punished for violating the same law that D’Souza did.

If someone repeatedly breaks campaign finance laws, they are usually fined. Stay tuned to find out what (if anything) happens to O’Donnell.

Note that ‘campaign finance’ is what is pushing the Daniels story even though that has legs about as strong as the ‘obstruction of justice’ fantasy.

John Kerry at it again, doing what he does best by neo-neocon – “Kerry would like to preserve his “legacy,” of course. And what of the Logan Act?” Compare and contrast to the Flynn prosecution and then wonder about “equal justice under law.”

Michelle Obama, Oracle for the ‘United State of Women’ by Jeannie DeAngelis – “It’s hard to believe that 6,000 oppressed women could break free of their race and gender-imposed manacles to attend another women’s summit, but somehow they did.”

“since the Obamas left the White House, the duo have managed to provide a conflict-ridden community organizer training venue to fit every gender, race, and ethnicity.

In fact, two of this weekend’s red flag workshops were proudly entitled: “Sheroes of Community Organizing 101” and “What the Tech?! A Crash Course for Tech-Curious Change makers and Community Organizers.”

Simply put, the women’s summit was chock full of radical activism, lessons in civic engagement, homages to organizations like Planned Parenthood and Get out the Vote schemes to ensure liberal Democrats seize back and continue to run the country. The Community Partners section on the USOW proudly lists left-wing sponsors ranging from the National Center for Transgender Equality to California Latinas for Reproductive Justice to the ACLU.

fashioning divisive organizations that categorize Americans into separate militant groups may be the most effective means of “dividing the house,” and overthrowing what the Obamas believe to be a White patriarchal power base.

In the end, the “The United State of Women Summit 2018” was a gathering of 6,000 disgruntled women who attended community organizing lectures and workshops to train them to be gender and racial activists. For the rest of America, the overriding message of the weekend summit is that instigators Michelle and Barack are still coming up with creative ways to generate chaos and unrest.

An Eagle Scout Explains the Fatal Folly of Taking the ‘Boy’ out of Boy Scouts by Scott Morefield – “as we all know, once social justice warriors gets their slimy tentacles into something their thirst is never quenched until that something is entirely destroyed, and such has it been with Boy Scouting

“Of course, anyone with half a brain knows that boys and girls are different, but reason and common sense has never stopped a rabid social justice warrior from wanting to impose their twisted view of reality on the rest of us.

Granted, some of this “boy and girl stuff” overlaps. Obviously, girls can canoe, camp out, and do pretty much anything a boy can, if she wants. But whether it’s a sports team or Boy or Girl Scouting, groups formed based on gender can provide a healthy, nurturing place for kids to come of age, not suppressing their God-given instincts and preferences but rather celebrating them and learning how to express themselves and function socially within the training wheels of those of their own gender.

Because try as liberals might to erase it, gender is and will always be “a thing.”

I am grateful for Scouting and what it meant to me growing up. But I am also angry at what liberals have turned the group into, as well as the fact that, a decade from now, it very likely won’t exist.

National STEM crisis? By Mark J. Perry – “Then why are girls entering college with superior academic qualifications in STEM than boys?” It’s another of those ‘wage gap’ fantasies where the data and the victimizing don’t fit together very well.

We hear all the time about a “gender STEM gap,” a “shortage of women in STEM,” “gender inequality in STEM” and “female underrepresentation in STEM.”

At the high school level, girls take more math and science classes than boys, they take more AP/Honors classes than boys, they earn higher GPAs overall and in math and science courses, and they are far more likely to graduate in the top 10% (and top 20%) of their high school classes. So if there is any unconscious bias against girls in science and math, gender stereotyping, or girls getting “pushed off the STEM track” it sure isn’t supported by the data above that demonstrates the impressive academic success in math and science courses by high school girls, who are far outperforming their male counterparts in STEM education and academic excellence.

What the numbers don’t show is the gender problem involved in how schools function favoring one gender over the other. Taking classes and getting good grades is different from entrepreneurship and gifted research product. 

How Americans Got Hoodwinked By Anthony J. DeBlasi – “It gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” When he said this, Hitler could have been speaking about America today.

“When war broke out in Vietnam in the 1960s, however, and violent demonstrations on college campuses and riots erupted across America, older Americans suspected that the Marxist movement had been relegated to the dustbin of history too soon.

By the time of the 1960s uprisings, it was clear to all but the blind that America was under attack from within. Where were the news media reports of subversion? Why was the public kept from knowing, for example, that the Soviet Union provided $1 billion to the U.S. anti-war movement (AKA peace movement)?

By the 1980s, an entire new generation was disoriented. School and media had turned young minds toward an ideology at odds with America’s founding principles and values.

As in “the invasion of the body-snatchers,” America changed from a relatively free and happy land to a fretful and contentious one.

The left’s brainwashing of American minds was accompanied by a progressive deterioration of morality, due in great measure to the failure of religious leaders to publicly condemn those in the public eye who acted amorally or immorally.

Betsy Newmark illustrates, again, how bias can destroy credibility. Consider the assertion that “People all know that Trump is a sleaze toward women and that he lies constantly, and doesn’t lie all that well.” One logical fallacy is ‘argumentum ad populum’ and another is the appeal to probability. Then there’s the dissonance between the assertions and what one can see for one’s self on TV or in person. The sleaze idea as well as the liar idea are both propaganda constructs based on third hand reports and accusations, private conversation, misperception, or exaggeration. Newmark’s a priori assertion does not fit well in terms of scope or context. Now, figure the implications that Newmark teaches history at the high school level …

Illinois counties pull the trigger on Sanctuary status for gun owners by Jazz Shaw – “This has drawn a puzzling response from Illinois Democrats who can’t seem to grasp the hypocrisy of their own answers.” Use their own rules against them is an Alynski guide. That confuses the Left.

In No Apparent Rush, the Grand Inquisitor Plods On By Michael Walsh – “The Robert Mueller “investigation” is a disgrace to the Constitution, to our tradition of ordered liberty, and to the American Way.”

this is not justice in any meaningful sense of the term. Rather, it’s the sore-loser Left’s latest attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election by orchestrating, via deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and St. James Comey, a quasi-legal proceeding to demonstrate that Donald Trump is unfit to sit in the Oval Office, and that therefore his presidency must be ended by any means necessary. As Ed Koch, the late former mayor of New York City, famously said: “The people have spoken and now they must be punished.”

The point of the Wall Street Journal story quoted above is that with the election season fast approaching, Mueller may have to lie doggo for a while so as not to — stop laughing! — influence the fall congressional vote.

A year later, it’s clear that the Swamp doesn’t want to be drained. And, from all the evidence we’ve seen so far — which is none — Robert Mueller is one of the chief swamp creatures. Mr. Straight Arrow sees his job as making sure that, despite Trump’s election, nothing whatsoever changes in the way Washington does business.

Except, of course, the president.

Time to Shut Mueller Down by Jed Babbin – “He’s become a threat to national security.”

“The Mueller investigation has gone on so long and is absorbing so much of the president’s time and attention that it is creating a deleterious effect on national security.

One-time Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been indicted in two different federal courts on separate charges. Manafort, supposedly a cooperating witness in Mueller’s investigation, suffered a pre-dawn raid and search of his home on Mueller’s orders, a harsh tactic normally reserved for serial killers, drug traffickers and mafia dons who might destroy evidence.

Judge Ellis said that the Justice Department lawyers’ earlier characterization of the case was false and amounted to, “We said what this investigation was about but we are not bound by it and we were lying.”

We shouldn’t read too much into either judge’s action. Judge Ellis, as I can vouch for from personal experience, loves to bully lawyers. His comments Thursday may have been no more than that. Judge Friedrich may be losing patience with Mueller’s team, but that will have little bearing on the disposition of the cases against the Russians indicted by Mueller in February.

Neither of the judges is at all likely to rein in the Mueller investigation, far less bring it to an end. Nor is it more likely that Deputy AG Rosenstein or AG Jeff Sessions will call a halt to Mueller’s work. The president won’t fire Mueller, for to do so would be political suicide.

Mueller’s threat to national security is accomplished, as Judge Ellis alluded to, by lying to the courts, misleading the public, and interfering with the execution of the president’s duties. He is doing far more to damage our national security than the Russians did in their unsuccessful effort to interfere in 2016.

The Mueller problem began as a legal problem with Rosenstein’s too-broad grant of powers to the special counsel. By his Beria-like methods, Mueller has made it into a political problem that no one, especially Rosenstein, seems willing to solve. As Judge Ellis said on Friday, “We don’t want anyone with unfettered power.” But that’s just what we have in Robert Mueller.

Rosenstein needs to mandate that Mueller’s investigation be ended before the November election. If Rosenstein won’t do that, Trump should fire him and hire someone who will.

On ‘Russian Collusion,’ Trump Will Win…Big Time by David Prentice – “The winds of the special counsel are blowing hard. A big tempest is brewing, and it’s not clear what is happening.”

“the evidence we do have shows that the side making the accusations did a lot of very wrong things.

There is another major storyline to all this. As a country, we are at a moment of critical mass. A tipping point is approaching.

Leftists thinks they are going to get rid of the evil Drumpf – impeached, frog-marched, jailed forever. Meanwhile, many on the right are wringing their hands over the injustices we are seeing, depressed because they see the criminal left getting away with it all. Complaints and whining about the lack of headway are registered daily. Belief that the left is in control even as they are out of power is growing, fueled by the testimony of Michael Caputo.

I am not saying the left is not leaving a devastating mark on our lives. It is. These people have crossed a line of evil, destroying many human beings, institutions, and lots in between.

But they will not win this. They will not triumph. Here is why.

Russia investigation isn’t really about Trump, but giving cover to Obama and Hillary by L. Todd Wood – “Those of us to the right of the political center in America, patriots who yearn for the return of rule of law and the righteous American ideals of freedom and equal justice, look with shock and disbelief at the legal charade and mockery of the Constitution which plays itself out …” [Nag warning – Washington Times]

“We truly can’t understand why this witch hunt gone wild is allowed to continue. We don’t understand why someone in power in the Department of Justice won’t stand up and end what is obviously a Deep State coup against a duly-elected president of the United States.

Well, I’ve been writing about this for some time but I think it’s time I said it again because the answer to these questions is very simple. This investigation is not about Trump. It is about Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and the rest of their merry band of brothers know one thing all too clearly. They are not there to prosecute Trump; that is only a tactic to achieve the real goal. This entire drama has been played out, not to indict Trump, but to prevent the country from understanding how truly depraved, traitorous, and duplicitous the regime of Barack Hussein Obama really was. They cannot stop this investigation because if they do, Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Jarrett, all of them, go directly to jail without passing go.

Mueller is not a special prosecutor, he is a goalie, meant only to protect the truth from coming out.

No, Mueller can’t stop. If he does, the entire house of cards comes crashing down.

They will stop at nothing. The alternative is life in prison.

It’s a desperation scenario. The stakes have been raised to such a point that ‘striking a deal’ is almost out of the question. Consider Japan at the end of WW II.

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