Engineers love challenges

General Walsh is an engineer and he has the opportunity – and the challenge – that is an engineer’s dream come true. He has the chance to ‘engineer’ a large and sophisticated country from near base principles. That country is Iraq.

Red State reported on a conference call to discuss this with the General.

The General started off with the startling assertion that he wanted to be in Iraq because he considered its reconstruction an unprecedented opportunity. He said that reconstructing the entire infrastructure of a country this size was a huge challenge, but that as an engineer there is no place he would rather be. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, he considers the story he has to tell to be one of success, not of failure. While he freely admitted security challenges and problems with fraud, he also said that even given these problems progress continued, and that oversight mechanisms were in place.

Nobody has ever done something like this before. What more could an engineer want to challenge his capabilities and show his stuff?

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