Proud to destroy. Where’s your loyalty? How do you rationalize guilt?

Michael Wolff hurt the country and he’s proud by Eddie Scarry – “Michael Wolff inflicted immeasurable damage on the country and, like an idiot child proud of getting expelled from school, he’s still bragging about it.” … and he’s not alone in this effort.

“The fantasies are endless in Wolff’s book, which would be retracted by the publisher if we weren’t living in a time where it’s perfectly acceptable to throw the nation into a crisis, so long as it makes money.

There’s one honest thing Wolff says in his Hollywood Reporter column. “My book, with its trove of Trump,” he writes, “became no longer a mere book but a seismic political event.”

True. Wolff now has a sick place in history, helped along by a national media eagerly pushing his fraud and fiction.

Feds: Michael Cohen is barely even a lawyer by Ruth Brown – “Michael Cohen is a fraud of a lawyer who works exclusively for President Trump, federal prosecutors charged Friday.” Playing games with the meanings of words is a common behavior when rationalizing behavior that cannot otherwise be considered honest and proper.

Ace has another example. Jake Tapper Falsely Claims Scooter Libby “Leaked” Noted Anti-Semite Conspiracy Theorist Valerie Plame’s Name to Press; Refuses to Correct – “If Jake Tapper is now so down on leaking, are there any highly-placed former Obama officials, like maybe someone with a last name who rhymes with his own, he’d like to denounce for leaking highly confidential national security information to him…?”

When the Lie Becomes a Pillar of the State by Fay Voshell — “It was the film’s most wonderfully stirring scene.”

“But the fact that a scene never happened did not matter to the Soviet propagandists who wished to make up truth to bolster the Communist Party’s goals of transforming Russian society and indeed, the entire globe. The whole Soviet system was built on lies. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn was later to write, “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.”
It is to the West’s great shame that its top intellectuals believed and still believe in the great lies that nearly annihilated Russia.

But the new radical Left has completely lost any idea of what the truth actually is. They have absorbed the Lie completely; but like Stalin, they prefer speaking only power to truth tellers who expose their Lie. Power alone is seen as truth.

Now is the time for all good men and women to stand up and tell the Truth.


To do otherwise is to grant the victory to people who are pathological liars who see no distinction between good and evil or the truth and the lie; and who are intent on silencing those who see the difference.

The OIG Report is About McCabe’s Leaks Against Obama Officials and Hillary Clinton, Not About Trump. – “leak against Hillary or Obama’s minions, and they hop into furious action.” … “And “Commenter,” aka Jack Straw, says this isn’t the report, but one of several report, and those, I hope, will get at the Trump leaks.”

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