About those Never-Trumpers and their relations

Never trust a Never Trumper by Don Surber – “Decades of chatter about civil rights turn out to be a facade. They no more care about the Constitution than a Canada goose does.”

How Comey Lied About Spying on Trump Tower by George Neumayr – “While he was intercepting its communications, he had aides deny the story.”

“Jim Comey deserves a special place in the annals of sanctimonious frauds in Washington, D.C. He leaked, lied, bent rules, treated FBI material as his own personal property, violated confidential conversations, and generally acted like a government unto himself. But now he has the gall to write it all up in the sonorous nonsense language of “constitutional crisis.” His forthcoming memoir amounts to nothing more than the sour grapes of a self-serving operator over a wholly justified sacking.

In a just age, Comey would have the book thrown at him, not be writing one. It is a measure of our skewed times that an unelected charlatan could subvert the elected chief executive and then emerge from his subversion as a celebrated expert on constitutional loyalty. Samuel Johnson would call Comey’s “higher loyalty” the last refuge of a scoundrel.

‘Chappaquiddick’: The Grim Record of a Kennedy Cover-Up by John Podhoretz – “The existence of Chappaquiddick, the new movie about the 1969 car accident from which Ted Kennedy walked away while his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne likely suffocated slowly inside his partly sunken Oldsmobile, is a miracle of a kind.”

“Damore’s account isn’t ideological. It is, rather, a meticulous, hour-by-hour rendering of the accident and what followed. Nor did screenwriters Allen and Logan come at the subject ideologically. They were attracted to it because they thought the tale fit nicely into the recent pop-culture appetite for controversial true-life crime stories; they were especially taken with Foxcatcher, the Steve Carell movie about the murder of an Olympic wrestler by a du Pont heir.

Rereading Damore’s book after seeing the movie, I was struck by something that hadn’t made an impression on me 30 years ago. Damore shows how the media of the day—with the shameful exception of the slavering Boston Globe—were overwhelmingly skeptical about Kennedy’s tale and deeply critical of his conduct. In fact, what makes the cover-up so startling in retrospect is that it took place in the teeth of this nationwide media skepticism. It was a raw power play. Teddy and his henchmen felt free to flex their muscles in any way necessary. That is how completely their home state had become a vassal state. You get only a taste of this from the movie.

For the Kennedys, there will always be those progressives in thrall to a bizarre dynastic delusion and ready to proffer their excuses in a staggeringly inappropriate tone of moral offense. For them, it is an offense that Chappaquiddick exists. For those who long ago threw out their original-cast album of Camelot, the existence of Chappaquiddick is a welcome moment of American cultural sanity.

Mueller and Bulger by neo-neocon – “that’s regarded in Boston as one of the great scandals of modern judicial history. And Mueller was right at the center of it

Ace has the ‘news of the day’ summary: GOP “Representatives” Have Contempt for Their Voters and Lie to Them All Day While Revealing Their True Beliefs to Fellow NeverTrumpers

“We gave them the Senate, the House and the White House. And because one of their own didn’t get the WH, they instead have thrown a snit, slow-walking confirmations, obstructing major Trump platform initiatives such as killing Obamacare, cutting spending, and building the wall (initiatives they were all for up until Trump got the nomination).

They are affirming the growing certainty among the electorate that every single principle they campaign on is situationally applicable. It is only to be offered, pursued and defended if it is politically advantageous to their own fortunes.

David Brooks: Anti-Trumpism Has Failed, Largely Because of the Inability of Its Members to Stop Sneering at Their Enemies – “Which is how you got Trump in the first place.” Neo-neocon chips on Brooks with Taking stock of Never-Trumpers – “Two fascinating pieces came out recently about the phenomenon of the Never-Trumpers, now that it’s a year-plus into the Trump presidency.”

“Trump is uncouth, coarse, nasty, seemingly inarticulate (although on close observation he actually communicates bluntly and directly and rather effectively). In other words, Trump is oh-so-many things Brooks doesn’t like, and I don’t care for either. But style is far less important to me in a president than what that person does in terms of action and policy.

But Brooks doesn’t seem to be saying that’s what he thinks, or at least he’s giving no details, at least not in that column. He says Trump has done damage (but is it the Resistance that’s done damage?). He cites Trump’s incompetences (at what?) and scandals (but are they real, or trumped (!) up, and are they important?). But he offers no evidence in the column itself of the sort of corruption or dangerousness that would warrant the depth of the Newer-Trumpers’ opposition.

The second article is a riff on the first one. It’s by Jon Gabriel, an editor at Richochet. Here’s an excerpt from it in which he talks about his own decision to leave the Never-Trumper camp:

Alan Derschowitz: Trump Shouldn’t Fire Rosenstein. Instead, He Should File a Motion to the DoJ Requiring Rosenstein to Recuse Himself – “if the DOJ refuses to recuse Rosenstein, then Trump could/should seek a similar order from a judge” … “Meanwhile, now that the Electronic Communication (EC) that sparked the Trump probe has finally been released to Congress, people can start making judgments about it.”

“Lyin’ Comey” Website Debuts, Paid for by GOP; NeverTrump Spastics Freak Out – “The Federalist is now offering Comey t-shirts. They’re not complimentary. I wonder how The Expert and the rest of the NeverTrump gang will react to these.”

Mick Mulvaney: I Told You That Making the Consumer Financial Protection Board Completely Indpendent From Congress Was a Bad Idea. Now That I’m Head Of It, Let Me Prove That. You Can Ask All the Questions of Me You Like and I Can Just Ignore Your Asses. – “Some Republicans enjoyed Mulvaney’s use of the Democrats’ own stupid rules against them.” Also see Ed Morrissey Mulvaney to Congress: Thanks to you, I don’t have to answer any of your questions — ever – “This attempt to force Congress to reckon with its own bad ideas didn’t just start yesterday.”

Diamond & Silk: Mark Zuckerberg Lied, Facebook Didn’t Contact Us – interesting poster girls for this cause …

DoJ coughs up FBI memo to House Intel chair after impeachment threat by Ed Morrissey – “House Intelligence chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) had demanded access to the full memo for months, issuing subpoenas that the Department of Justice had ignored.”

“This is no mere technicality. The FBI sought a FISA warrant to surveil someone connected to a presidential campaign. If that turns out to have been requested improperly and/or under false or misleading pretenses, it would make the nation’s top law enforcement agency look politically compromised. That falls squarely under Congress’ authority to investigate, constitutionally much more so than a special counsel operating under the same DoJ authority as the FBI itself. Stonewalling this oversight certainly rises to the level of a contempt charge, and eventually a congressional removal through impeachment of executive-branch officials that refuse to cooperate with such oversight.

California Progressives Go Full Authoritarian, Coyote Blog – “I almost titled this article “go full fascist” but the f-word is so used and abused in public discourse that I now try to avoid it.” … “Because having the government decide what is and is not true, and what can and cannot be criticized, always works out so well.”

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