Aggression elevates debate even above dissent: Scalp hunting, Caravans, Using Dan for credible news advice.

Scott Pruitt Is Doing Great. Trump Cannot Afford to Let the Green Blob Claim His Scalp by James Delingpole – “The knives are out for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. It’s so blatant that even liberals have noticed.”

“Pruitt is paying a terrible price for the crime of being the most effective player in Trump’s administration. And, of course, for daring to take on the most powerful vested interest in the swamp – the Green Blob, aka the Climate Industrial Complex.

The Green Blob by no means comprises merely Democrats.

Consider the array of Blobsters trying to bring Pruitt down.

Besides the usual leftist suspects such as John Podesta their number also includes conservatives such as The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol, the Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

What on earth did Pruitt do wrong?

Pruitt’s critics might sound less partisan, more credible if his predecessors hadn’t been about a thousand times more venal, profligate and dishonest.

Yes, of course lots of other left-wing organizations seek constantly to undermine those values too. The key difference with the EPA is that it masquerades as a responsible semi-independent agency which does its due diligence, observes the scientific method and which is quite above party politics. That’s what has made it so dangerous. And why it was so imperative that Trump had to rein it in – in a way that his Republican predecessors so shamingly failed to do.

‘Migrant Caravan’ is an Act of Aggression by Lloyd Billingsley – “It is not an ordinary thing for thousands of people to spontaneously decide to go on a march to a foreign nation, demanding things of that nation.”

“Americans have good cause to wonder who, exactly, is behind the “caravan” of more than 1,000 Central Americans in Mexico that had been heading north until Tuesday.

Since Mexico welcomed the caravan and escorts it through the country, Mexico is clearly the prime mover. Mexico seeks to violate U.S. sovereignty before the wall is built

Ace: The Weekly Standard: Republicans Should Be Condemning Sinclair Media and Its “Deeply Unserious” Claim that the Biased Leftwing Media is Leftwing and Biased – “The cucks continue padding their Clip Reels for their job applications to work in the leftwing media.”

Ace: Dan Rather, Purveyor of Forgeries to Swing an Election, Tells You How to Avoid Fake News. Neo-neocon has a good review of this: Dan Rather will teach you how to avoid fake news – “I initially thought that any advice Rather could give on the topic would be utterly ridiculous, given his history. But actually, his advice isn’t half bad. Is it possible he’s learned something in the meantime?”

“It’s with a subsequent remark of Rather’s that I find myself in disagreement: “The true test of trustworthy journalism isn’t that they never make mistakes. It’s whether they’re willing to challenge the powers that be on behalf of those without power.”

Oh, really? That’s part of what got them into trouble in the first place. Powerful people are not necessarily doing bad, and powerless people are not necessarily out for good.

And to Rather: physician heal thyself, and take a look at your own suggestion number one and own up to your own screwup.

Denial, aggression, and other asocial behavior does not help in problem solving.

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