Blind hate creates cognitive dissonance: Russians, Civilization; Fade debates; Fuel efficiency

So why was Trump aide talking to a Russian spy? by Byron York – “The CNN team wanted viewers to know there could be a very big development in the Trump Russia investigation.”

“Maybe that’s right. Maybe there is an entire hoagie there. And it appears that what the CNN talkers said was factually accurate, no corrections required. But at the same time, what was not said, especially about the court filing at the heart of the conversation, is essential to understanding the news, and also suggests that the developments discussed might be somewhat less exciting than CNN reported. Sometimes spin and omission can leave inaccurate impressions from accurate reporting.

Ron Brownstein was right when he advised caution in drawing conclusions about the Mueller investigation. There is still too much that is hidden. But it is reasonable to assess what we know so far. And for the moment at least, the bread crumbs do not add up to a hoagie.

One thing hidden is the charge given Mueller. It was revealed in response to the Manafort case but everything except reference to Manafort was redacted.

Reminder: The Left Hates Our Civilization by Steven Hayward – “there is fresh evidence in recent weeks of how much the left today hates western civilization and human excellence in general.”

“Times have changed indeed. The left’s fundamental self-loathing of the western inheritance, hostility to human excellence, and childlike grasp of political reality has led to these increasingly candid expressions, for which in a sense we should be grateful—at least the left is being more honest.

Here once again we should repair to the observation of British historian Sir Geoffrey Elton, who wrote: “There are times when I incline to judge all historians by their opinion of Winston Churchill: whether they can see that, no matter how much better the details, often damaging, of man and career become known, he still remains, quite simply, a great man.”

Ah—that “great man” thing: contemporary leftist egalitarians cannot tolerate such distinctions among human beings.

The Fake Gun Control Debate by Scott Adams – “The Persuasion Filter sees nothing remotely like rational debate happening on either side.” That ‘pursuasion filter’ needs to be very careful about the assumptions it makes. You may be able to persuade with dishonesty but that raises other questions.

“One of the reasons I respect advocates on both sides of the gun debate is that we live in a political system that allows (and maybe encourages) people to vote for their self-interest, as they see it, even if the outcome would lead to the death of other citizens.

If you can’t say your preferred laws about guns are guaranteed to result in the deaths of innocent people — albeit different classes of people depending on the laws — you aren’t part of a real debate. You’re part of a fake debate that feels real.

Writing about persuasion and politics reduced my income by about 30-40% because of tribal effects. (See Laura Ingraham’s experience).

Mass shootings: Let’s face it, the real issue is mental health by Andrew Malcolm – “We don’t need new laws. We need a serious social, legal and education confrontation with the issue of mental health.”

“The nation’s convulsion of conscience after each modern mass shooting has become eerily predictable. Thoughts and prayers. Flowers on the sidewalk. Teary memorial services.

And cries – sometimes very loud, large ones, as followed the recent Florida school shooting – to do something about firearms. All this to ignite a national conversation.

Because Americans do not listen to each other anymore, it becomes instead a pointless national argument, stoked by those benefiting from public strife, including media.

mental health remains a touchy subject. Better to face it up front don’t you think as possible prevention rather than later as a useless explanation for mass murder.

Trump slammed for congratulating same Egyptian leader Obama congratulated by Jazz Shaw – “Are we in Groundhog Day mode now?” This is why it is called blind hatred.

“To be fair to MSNBC and the WaPo, maybe they’ve never heard of Google. Because if they had, they’d see the same story about Obama (yet again) from al-Sissi’s last election, without a hint of criticism. (Reuters)

Andrew McCabe: Now that you’ve given me half a million dollars, I think I can shut down my GoFundMe page by Allahpundit – “Nothing but nothing drives small-money political donations nowadays like spite.”

“Man, what a grift. I remind you at the outset that, contrary to popular belief, it’s not true that McCabe lost his pension when Jeff Sessions fired him on the eve of his retirement. What he lost was the right to qualify for that pension early, at age 50. He’ll need to wait now until he’s 57 to begin receiving money. Or, to put this in private-sector lingo, instead of being able to retire comfortably 15 years before a private-sector worker might, he’ll only be able to do so eight years before.

In the meantime, there’s no end to the ways he can monetize “Resistance” pique at Trump. Just follow the Comey model. First comes the bestselling book, then come some speaking gigs, maybe a paid job writing anti-Trump analysis for some website, a contributor’s role on CNN, on and on. And in case all of that’s not enough to pay the bills, it so happens that Mrs. McCabe is not just a doctor but medical director of the pediatric emergency unit at a well-respected hospital in Virginia. McCabe will be fine.

But Trump hates him and that’s good enough reason for liberals to shower with him cash.

The President has noticed that army of illegal aliens heading for our border by Jazz Shaw – “The usual media backflips are on display this morning as Trump’s opponents seek to claim that there’s no relationship between DACA, NAFTA and illegal aliens queuing up to sneak over the border into America. In reality, of course, all of these subjects are interwoven.”

“First of all, the fact that the so-called “dreamers” were brought here as children doesn’t mean that they aren’t in the country illegally if DACA fully expires and Congress takes no action to address the situation legislatively. And that remedy is going to require some cooperation and compromise on the part of the Democrats if they want to influence the process while they’re in the minority.

NAFTA is involved because Mexico has already agreed repeatedly (at least on paper) that they too are responsible for the security of the border. Their unwillingness to pitch in on building the wall has been a rather obvious jab at the President (who they need to be making a deal with) and it’s clearly exhausting his patience. If they want a better trade deal and the cooperation of their neighbors to the north, they could heal a lot of wounds by stepping up their enforcement efforts, beginning with shutting down this “caravan.”

The Democrats back home are involved on that front as well. If they want any sort of immigration reform passed, a Dreamers deal or anything else, they too should have been able to get much of what they wanted by coming to the table. At this point, it’s not much of a mystery as to why Trump may be reaching the end of his rope and calling on Republicans to go nuclear on the filibuster and pass something.

Is Our Culture Dead? By John Hinderaker – “Our common culture, the foundation of Western civilization, is under attack. Those who should be defending it in most cases are not. But more fatal in the long run is that our inheritance of millennia, Western culture, is being forgotten, lost in a rising tide of ignorance.” Two examples from media and one from the Pope illustrate his point.

Coyote Blog: The Electric Vehicle Mileage Fraud, Updated: Tesla Model 3 Energy Costs Higher than A Prius, Despite Crazy-High eMPG Rating – “Rather than adopt sensible rules for giving electric vehicles an equivalent mpg rating, they used a horrible unscientific methodology that inflated the metric by a factor of three.”

“Basically, I have been a voice in the wilderness on this, but I just saw this note on the Tesla Model 3 and its operating costs from Anton Wahlman writing at Seeking Alpha

“the general rule of thumb in the EV world: A smaller energy-efficient EV will yield around 4 miles per kWh, whereas a larger EV will yield around 3 miles per kWh.”

Electric vehicles have other issues, the main one being limited range combined with long refueling times. But there are some reasons to make the switch even if they are not more efficient.


Self interest is sometimes not as clear as some might want it to be.

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