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Stop Diminishing the Men By Eileen F. Toplansky – “in the space of just a few decades[,] American women have managed to demote men from respected providers and protectors to being unnecessary, irrelevant, and expendable” (Venker & Schlafly, The Flipside of Feminism).

“The decline in the primary male economic function of being a provider and working is huge, and ”as the centrality of work among males declined, so, apparently, has their ardor to go to college – why bother? Why do well in high school? Viewed increasingly negatively by society, men have engaged in increasingly violent, anti-social behavior, manifested in more of them rioting, taking drugs, and ending up in prison. Society urges women to study the STEM disciplines, but not men.”
Recently, I had a class of mostly single mothers analyze Hymowitz’s piece. After they had considered her points, I asked the following: if single moms keep reiterating that men are unnecessary, how will this affect their own young sons’ perceptions of themselves?

You could hear a pin drop. They had never considered the consequences of this on their own sons.

The Ignored Correlation Between Fatherlessness and Mass Shooters By Rachel Alexander – “No one wants to talk about the importance of fathers in boys’ lives, because society is too concerned with not stigmatizing single mothers.”

“Seven of the 19 shootings since 2005 were committed by young males. Peter Hasson at The Federalist observed that only one of the seven “was raised by his biological father throughout childhood.”
Sociologist David Popenoe notes that “fathers are important to their sons as role models. They are important for maintaining authority and discipline. And they are important in helping their sons to develop both self-control and feelings of empathy toward others, character traits that are found to be lacking in violent youth.”

Boys need fathers. Some boys really need them. The data shows that. As Susan L. M. Goldberg asks in a column at PJ Media, “When Will We Have the Guts to Link Fatherlessness to School Shootings?”

New physics lessons help girls catch up by Michael Walther – “Many school pupils fail at physics because they misunderstand the fundamental concepts. A new teaching method can change this – ETH researchers have now proven its effect. It particularly helps intelligent girls to learn more effectively.” Good teaching matters. School teachers, especially, need effective curriculum guidance. For physics, there was a revolution with the IGY and Sputnik with the Physical Science Study Committee. What is described in this article only emphasize that the ‘market’ has its interest in simple measures for simple skills and very little patience for education and intellectual grasp of concepts. See the student gun control show for example.

It is also interesting that the focus of the article is gender bias. Education is a matter for all students. Why leave out the boys? Why the assumption that girls need to “catch up?” The reason for a decent education in physics is to avoid the sort of intellectual dishonesty on display.

How Successful Climate Pressure Tactics Paved The Way For Gun Control Bullying by Marc Morano – “The gun control lobby is borrowing the playbook from one of the most effective propaganda campaigns in history: anthropogenic global warming…”

Hypocritical Enemedia Pushing Trump Bimbo Eruption to Derail His Pro America Agenda by Alicia Colon – “He was known as a billionaire playboy not a choir boy and the very idea that the media is bringing his past up when it ignored the much more sordid lives of prominent Democrats is concrete evidence of its hypocrisy.”

“Why does it take revelations decades after for the public to know the disgusting activities by these notables that make Trump’s sins pale in comparison?
While the upcoming film, Chappaquiddick will finally shred the legacy of the “esteemed” lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, the very idea that Kennedy escaped censure for so long is unacceptable.
Now why didn’t the feminist hierarchy raise a stink about this?
Although most of we deplorables can see through the leftwing attacks on our president, but for those who may have voted for him but did so reluctantly because they disapproved on the character issue, the media bimbo coverage is diminishing their support and this is dangerous.

President Trump needs full support in his battle to drain the swamp

John Nolte says the 60 Minutes interview “ended up being the Al Capone’s vault of anti-Trump news.” Giraldo, where are you?

Is Trump Using Omnibus Bill To Now FULLY FUND The Border Wall? It Sure Looks That Way. by DCWhispers – “It would be a truly MAGA Art of the Deal moment.”

I Refuse to Lose My Mind Over the Omnibus Fiasco, and So Should You by Kurt Schlichter – “Remember the Kobayashi Maru scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? Sometimes, you end up with no good options.”

“Trump chose the least worst of two bad options, and I, for one, refuse to lose my Schiff over it.
There’s another spending fight coming. Trump says he won’t sign another flaming pile of garbage like this. After the reaction he got the other day, it’s likely he’ll keep his word.
What do the rest of us do? Not quit. Get up, brush off, and get ready to fight. Tighten the hell up and jump back in the game. If you can’t take a hit, if you can’t stand to encounter an obstacle, if you’re giving up everything because something goes wrong, you’re not really committed to recovering your country and your own freedom.

Obama’s third term by Don Surber – “Liberals are as spontaneous as a wedding.”

“No, liberals wait for an event that is slightly off-kilter and flawed.

This was planned. They wanted the right shooting. They will wait years for one. This one fit because unlike, say, Dylann Roof’s obviously racist slaying in a church.
Liberals seek flawed cases because they want to give conservatives traction to oppose them because liberals want to battle. All the time. On all fronts because what liberals seek is power, and they know the power of the state peaks in times of chaos and turmoil.
The shooting spree triggered actions planned months ago.
We are seeing Black Lives Matter again. If Barack Obama had a school shooting, it would look like this.

The Me Too movement was carefully crafted as well.
This is Maoism. This is Barack Obama’s third term.

09:50 – Doesn’t Add Up. Never Has. Never Will. 09:50 The FBI Lied, Not Steele by sundance – the latest exploration of bits and pieces and how they fit into a bigger picture.

Michael Waldman’s video on gun control is historically askew by Taylor Millard – taking apart a propaganda flic.

Revealing scenes from the “March for our Lives” by Jazz Shaw – “Nearly all the coverage of the March for our Lives events today predictably looked like a scene straight out of central casting.”

“I thought this was a rally to end gun violence in schools? Or at least a more generic call to “action.” When did the focus of the entire thing become “gun control?” Ah, well. Nevermind, I guess. This is CNN.

They were at least revealing some of the conveniently repeated themes on display with the shirts and signs in the crowds. A more suspicious person might guess that this was all being orchestrated from somewhere. Here’s one of them which caught my eye immediately.
those kindergartners are really upping their game in mastering printers and label making.

Seven reactions to the “March for our Lives” by Scott Johnson – “Paul passed on seven observations on the “March for our lives.” Having slept on it for a couple of nights, I have seven seven personal reactions to offer as a counterpart.”

“1. I hate being lectured.

2. I hate being lectured in a tone of moral superiority.

3. I hate being lectured by preening ignoramuses.

4. I hate being lectured by teenagers who know next to nothing and who demand that “something be done.”

5. I find that approximately everything the teenage mob and its spokesmen “know” to be false.

6. I find it loathsome that one of the leading spokesmen of this mob — one David Hogg — feels free to make loathsome claims to advance his cause. I am referring to David Hogg. The young Mr. Hogg should be hogtied, figuratively speaking.

7. I hate the media’s imputation of “absolute moral authority” to mobs with which they are politically simpatico. The media rush to join the mob if the mob is on the left. The media types are even more loathsome than the ignorant teenage mob.

Oakland Mayor who gang-signals illegals can’t stop talking about Trump by Jazz Shaw – an indication of an obsession that is overcoming reality – take heed.

“It was, according to Schaaf, all a big misunderstanding and she never intended to thwart the ICE raid, so there was no need to discuss it further. That’s not a position she seems to be sticking with since she keeps talking about it.
That’s certainly an interesting set of claims to break down, isn’t it? First comes the usual strawman argument
And that brings us to her stunning claim that California allows ICE to detain the most dangerous criminals.

Our expectations of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are what ruined them by Jazz Shaw – “If you set up a water pipe and allow people to freely add to it, someone will always be upset when another person decides to put grape or cherry Koolaid in it. But that’s not the fault of the person who built the pipe.”

“In a way, the fashion in which Facebook and YouTube have failed is the perfect example of why the First Amendment protects the most offensive speech. As soon as you allow someone to begin drawing the line as to which speech is “acceptable” and which isn’t, that line may move and you could be the next one to find yourself on the wrong side of it.

That’s what’s happened with YouTube and their decision to delete videos discussing gun sales or firearms use. There’s nothing illegal about selling firearms to qualified buyers. But now the guardians of speech on YouTube have decided that such things can be banned. What’s next? If you post a video saying there are only two genders (such as Bill Nye the “Science Guy” did), will it be removed? If you claim a 7 week old fetus is a baby, will your video disappear?

Don’t laugh at the idea of the slippery slope. It’s very real and both Facebook and YouTube have already shoved armies of people down it. And the saddest part of this tale is that they’re doing it because we asked them to.

Camouflaged Elites by Victor Davis Hanson – “An anonymous and irascible Athenian author: You would often hit an Athenian citizen by mistake on the assumption that he was a slave. For the people there are no better dressed than the slaves and metics, nor are they any more handsome.”

“Yet the irony of this new camouflaged status is that appearances are conflated with reality. Mark Zuckerberg may look like an average American, but that does not mean he has the same interests or lives a similar sort of life as ordinary citizens. The concerns of an ostensible everyman with $71 billion could not possibly be the same as those of the rest of us. It may be that their casual clothes, cool phraseology, and radical politics serve as penance for exercising power that was once considered inordinate and dangerous.

Which raises an interesting point: People like Zuckerberg are actually far more powerful than their looks suggest. The robber barons of the nineteenth century are disparaged today for their greed and power. But Amazon, Facebook and Google operate virtual monopolies, the influence of which exceeds the oil, rail, steel, and banking trusts of the Gilded Age.
One reason billionaire Donald Trump won the Electoral College was that he was transparent. He did not fake a southern drawl or an inner-city patois in the manner of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Unlike Mitt Romney, he exaggerated rather than apologized for his wealth. His loud clothes, garish jet, and American boosterism were in your face, and allowed Americans to draw their own conclusions—and, in contrast, made vastly rich progressive activists like Tom Steyer and Al Gore seem disingenuous.

Visible class distinctions of the past were a result of pride in achievement and old-fashioned snobbery. But their practical effect was to warn that the interests and agendas of the elite were not always the same as those of the public. Today’s billionaire hipsters blur these ancient distinctions. But just because a Master of the Universe looks like us does not mean that his dogged pursuit of tax exemptions, offshoring and outsourcing, and vertically integrated monopolies is in our interest.

Clues gone. Deception and deceit run rampant. There is need to be very careful.

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