Chutzpah, Fake News to Bork a nominee or Anticipated news to protect your own

It depends upon what you want and how far you are willing to suspend reality to pretend its going to come to you. The CIA nominee is a classic case of using deceit to dishonor political opponents. The McCabe situation turns the situation upside down as it is a case of trying to protect against established dishonorable behavior. What you get is a comparison and contrast on how the Left maligns its opposition compared to how they respond to being maligned themselves.

On the Gina Haspel torture story: fake, but inaccurate by neo-neocon – “In still another example of the sad and sorry and downright dangerous state of journalism today

“the tale of Gina Haspel’s (Trump’s new pick to head the CIA) involvement in overseeing the waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah in Afghanistan in 2002, published in February of 2017 by ProPublica, is now being retracted as false.

The Democrats’ response to Haspel’s nomination was to accuse her of being a torturer overseer on the basis of these stories.

Extraordinary. Or maybe the most extraordinary thing about it is that it was ultimately retracted, because such errors (if they are errors rather than deliberate falsifications) are not unusual. How did these intrepid journalists get it wrong?

So the original claim seems to have been based on the reports of some people who weren’t necessarily there and who remain unnamed and whose positions are unspecified. And fact-checking the most simple fact—when was Haspel posted to the Thai prison and did it coincide with the timeline of the waterboardings—seems to have been beyond the capacity of the Times or ProPublica.

That’s the way reporting goes these days; lots of mistakes. However, have you ever noticed that the errors seem to mostly go in one direction only, the direction that favors the left’s “narrative”? How can that be, since we all know reporters are oh-so-objective?

Andrew McCabe was just offered a job by a congressman so he can get his full retirement. And it just might work by Amber Phillips – “At least one Democratic congressman has offered McCabe a temporary job so he can get full retirement benefits.” Just how partisan was the FBI? Here’s an answer. It’s also an illustration of just how far the Left will go to protect its own. What will happen if a Congressman hires a security person who is then indicted for federal felonies?

‘Deep State’ top brass hand Trump more ammo by W. James Antle III – “political combatants have become even more committed to their preferred narratives about President Trump and the Russia investigation.” Notice that evidence is not a part of the story.

“For Republicans and Trump supporters, it is the latest evidence of permanent government interests working to undermine a duly elected president who was never part of their establishment clique, leaking about matters they were supposed to be investigating impartially as part of a probe that could trigger a constitutional crisis.

For Democrats and “Never Trump,” it was the latest handiwork of a spiteful and vengeful president, who routinely transgresses institutional norms and legal boundaries while traducing the dedicated public servants who stand in his way, perhaps precipitating a constitutional crisis of his own making.

If You Are a Fed Official, Perjury Is ‘Lacking Candor’ by Clarice Feldman – “Lacking candor under oath” is the operative phrase. If it were you or I, the charge by a special prosecutor would be perjury. Ask Lewis Libby or General Mike Flynn.”

“Of note, the President had nothing to do with this; the recommendation came from within the FBI itself based on its analysis of the report it received from the Justice Department’s inspector general, an Obama appointee. Bear this in mind when you read McCabe’s response and the twist the major media are putting on the firing.

Many other instances of McCabe and his staff’s misconduct have been reported and are not included in Sessions’s statement, but they seem certain to be revealed when the OIG reports are released.

It’s hard to ignore, however, that this firing and the constant disclosures about those closest to Comey and McCabe likely will lead to a significant restructuring of the FBI. Whether it will restore faith in that corrupted agency remains to be seen.

Interesting Response Statement By McCabe Attorney Michael Bromwich by sundance – “in order for McCabe and Bromwich to have lengthy prepared statements ready for immediate release – they were well aware of the pending public release of the DOJ notice of termination.”

“So attorney Michael Bromwich was for the OIG investigation (January 2017) until his client, Andrew McCabe, was found to have acted inappropriately/unlawfully as a result of the OIG investigation (March 2018) – and now he’s against it.

Great News – Andrew McCabe Claims He Kept Notes of Discussions With President Trump by sundance – “Within hours of Attorney General Jeff Sessions firing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the politicized intelligence community and their media advocates began shaping a narrative.” It’s innuendo, not evidence. It’s narrative, not substance. It’s threats against prosecution.

“In an effort to assist his wounded-indian-routine, politically thinking McCabe claims to have taken copious notes of interactions with President Trump, who –according to McCabes prior sniffeling– hurt his feelings.

Yes, that’s right, the Deputy Director of the FBI clutches his pearls while proclaiming his innocence against the charges he politicized his position; and defends against his firing by saying he had his sensibilities wounded when President Trump pointed out -to his face- that McCabe held an important position, and was stupid for thinking it was a good idea for his wife to run for political office.

It might be worth noting, McCabes notes all stem from President Trump questioning the judgement of a guy who was eventually fired for lying about his actions – which evidenced a brutally obvious lack of judgement – that he tried to hide…

McCabe Should Sweat Prison, Not Pension by Daniel John Sobieski – “In his response to his firing, McCabe lied again, ignoring his multitude of offenses only to whine about persecution by a vindictive President Trump.”

“Chutzpah has a new poster child in Andrew McCabe, who, after aiding and abetting Hillary Clinton’s exoneration and collusion with the Russians, committing a fraud upon the FISA court to aid one political party over another, and being an active participant in the attempted deep state coup against Donald Trump, dared to ask he not be fired so he can retain a cushy pension

McCabe is an accomplished Deep State liar and co-conspirator who took his leave in January to avoid demotion and preserve his pension. That came after current FBI director Christopher Wray reviewed the House Intelligence Committee memo in which his activities in the vendetta against Trump involving the now infamous Christopher Steele dossier were prominently featured.

Connect those dots: Democrats and others looking for Russians hiding under Republican beds. A deputy FBI director, Andrew McCabe, campaigning for his wife, who receives huge sums of money from the Democratic Party of Clinton political ally Terry McAuliffe. Flynn, character witness on behalf of one of McCabe’s accusers, becoming a target of an FBI probe in which his identity is illegally unmasked. Was Mrs. McCabe’s subsidy a quid for a future quo? Was Flynn’s unmasking McCabe’s revenge?

McCabe’s firing is a well deserved outcome. But he shouldn’t sweat the loss of his pension. Federal prison inmates get free room and board.

McCabe waiting for his indictment now by Thomas Lifson – “The odds are very high that an indictment will be forthcoming for Andrew McCabe.”

“This finding came from the nonpartisan Office of Professional Responsibility, acting on the basis of a referral from the nonpartisan Inspector General.

We already know that a US Attorney in Little Rock is on the case, thanks to a comment from Sessions. We don’t know if a grand jury has been empaneled, but that is how US attorneys get subpoenas, so my guess is that one is sitting, and has or soon will get to consider an indictment that could remain sealed until it is needed.

Meanwhile, McCabe’s defenders in the media are planting the seeds of their own credibility destruction.

This maybe the most interesting political season ahead in living memory. I certainly hope so.

Don Surber: Press failed to prepare us for this – “Roger L. Simon correctly framed the pension-hampering firing of Andrew McCabe as the beginning of the biggest scandal ever. The Gate of Gates, as he put it.”

“The real draining of the Swamp has finally begun. Jeff Sessions may have quietly been engineering it in ways his critics, even Trump himself, didn’t realize. It is time for every concerned citizen to keep up the pressure. At moments like this, it’s easy to be cynical and think, oh, this is a good moment, but it will go back to business as usual soon. By thinking that way, you become part of the part of the problem. Don’t. Act,” Simon wrote.

I believe the man who appointed Sessions is more likely behind this because for all his bluster and exaggerations, Trump knows of which he speaks.

However, Sessions is quite knowledgeable about criminal justice, and should not be dismissed as a prissy gentleman.

The public is not prepared for what is about to come down. Marxists hold out hope that by keeping the public in the dark, they can frame this as a political witch hunt.

My guess is that will fail because Americans have an affinity toward the truth.

Trump Rips Mueller Investigation. He’s Right By John Hinderaker – that’s why his political opposition has gone over the shark in denouncing Trump’s Tweets.

Man of Steel by Pedro Gonzalez – “If the American Dream was flat-lining, the Trump administration may be acting as a defibrillator.” It’s about the Republican Establishment and their stand on tariffs, free trade, protectionism, and trade wars that have been buried in the past with pleasant words. It’s about swamp draining and making an aquarium to properly view its contents.

Waco: The Untold Story by David T. Hardy – “The sad fact is that the documentaries to date contain major errors. I know this because I spent three years in Freedom of Information Act lawsuits in a quest for the truth.” It is a story of government malfeasance and just how far some will go when it oversteps.

“There were, of course, official investigations and congressional hearings. The documentary films released to date largely parallel the government’s “official line” voiced during these. …

The FOIA lawsuit turned up evidence contradicting all of this. …

The official explanation for why the ATF did not peacefully arrest David Koresh was that he was a paranoid recluse who never left the Davidian building; a sudden, forceful, raid was the only way to root him out. The ATF had installed undercover agents in a house across the street from the Davidians, but they weren’t sure what Koresh looked like and never saw him leave.

This explanation was a complete fabrication.

Twenty-four children and fifty men and women had died in the flames.

All this evidence has been available, largely on the internet, for over a decade. We are left to hope that some journalist or documentarian will pick up the ball.

The Age of Expert Ignorance by Christopher DeGroot – “It seems to stand to reason that mass education would have produced a more curious and educated citizenry. Still, that is not what has happened.”

“Before the academy was overrun by leftist pretenders, scholars were committed to teaching the truth about human history. So students used to learn that, just as imperialism was not unique to the West, so slavery existed on every continent and among virtually all peoples. …

Making human beings responsible for events with which they themselves had nothing to do is not only incoherent, it is an infinite task. When does it end? Is God, or the Big Bang, or what you will, finally to be found fault with?

One reason Donald Trump was elected was the need to restore law and order in America. Yet here, too, we face the obstacle of expert ignorance.

It all depends upon your point of view and your anchors. “The public is not prepared for what is about to come down.” — “This maybe the most interesting political season ahead in living memory.” Interesting or painful?

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