Rule 12 and Self Congratulations

One of the means by which people give their ideas credibility is to give themselves awards. While some may note that the award is rather lacking in standards, that is not usually a problem as long as the awards don’t get too ridiculous. It can be erosive in that it dimishes the award and dimishes the size of the group that values it. Some examples include several Nobel Peace Price awards, such as the one for a famous terrorist, and the Dixie Chics grammies.

Another award is that being considered for the move The Inconvenient Truth. As Kevin Mooney points out, Gore’s Film an Oscar Favorite but Violates Academy Standards, Critics Say. In this case the rationale appears to be “creative license” in using errors of fact to illustrate ideology. Normally such tactics would be considered a symptom of propaganda but one man’s propaganda is another’s documentary if your standards are flexible enough. And it appears that those of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences are under suspicion due to patterns in their awards.

It is the behavior that sets the standard for intellectual integrity. Finding excuses to work around your rules just tells other what you really think of your own standards.

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