Waiting for the popcorn to do its thing, some kernels show what’s to come.

Almost All Anti-GMO Articles In The US Are ‘Clickbait’ Promoted By Russian Propaganda Sites By Hank Campbell – it’s too easy to take this overboard but the idea does fit Russian propaganda history and policies. Meanwhile, Campbell offers a good summary definition of GMO.

At Iowa State University Crop Bioengineering Center’s annual meeting, a team of scholars showed their research validating what the scientific community has long suspected – that some anti-GMO groups are either sending information to Russian propaganda sites to assist in their efforts to undermine American agricultural dominance or they are acting as what Joseph Stalin called “useful idiots” by promoting concern about America’s food supply.

GMOs are genetically modified organisms, where a gene has been moved from one species to another to instill a useful trait. GMOs are a more precise successor to the thousands of foods previously produced by genetic modification techniques like mutagenesis, which includes many foods labeled organic, and hybrids and selective breeding before that. Though more precise, they were once controversial because of concerns about unintended effects. Yet history has validated the science. From the Rainbow Papaya that saved the industry in Hawaii in the 1990s to corn that has meant more yield using less water on less land with less environmental strain than ever possible, GMOs have been consumed by hundreds of millions of people and a hundred billion animals with no ill effects. Insulin, the first GMO product approved, has been in use for 36 years.

Democrats must be made to pay a price for coziness with Farrakhan by Thomas Lifson – listening to Juan Williams on The Five yesterday rationalizing and excusing indicates that it’ll be difficult.

Mueller keeps fishing in back channels, casting a new fly line in Seychelles by Monica Showalter – “Oh, desperation, thy name is Robert Mueller!” Here’s another case to illustrate just how entrenched the Left has become in trying to fit reality into its fantasies.

“Going against all precedent to see a crime where there never was one, the special counsel is now pursuing the potential back channels Trump administration officials set up with the Russians in Seychelles shortly before he took office.

This is an old story, by the way, first reported 11 months ago, in 2017.

back channels are nothing new; they’re just problematic when President Trump does them, and Democrats want to prove that he conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Yeah, sure.

What we are seeing here is more grasping at straws, a phenomenon first noted by Mike Allen of Axios.

Senator Jeff Sessions Confirms Prior Appointment of “DOJ Prosecutor” to Parallel IG Horowitz, NOT a Special Counsel by sundance – “There is already an appointed person, likely a prosecutor, from “outside of Washington”, in place prior to the recent request for a Special Counsel by Goodlatte and Gowdy.” Things are happening and patience is needed to see how it works out. Sundance covers the history and explains why it all fits a pattern.

Sessions: We’re Finally Going To Release Fast & Furious Documents Withheld From Congress By Holder by Ed Morrissey – “The decision will allow the committee to complete an investigation over a program that was linked to hundreds of deaths, including that of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry” and then there’s the lawsuit against California sanctuary city laws. Things are happening.

When a picture is worth a thousand nervous breakdowns by Rick Moran – “The editor of the newspaper was terrified that the mere sight of Murray would be a traumatic, triggering event for many students and felt compelled to explain himself in an editorial.” This essay harks back to the Russian propaganda campaign noted above.

“Just another example of mind-blowing stupidity on campus? More proof that many college students will be unable to function in a society that doesn’t care how woke they are?

Yes, and more. Hit and Run’s Robby Soave explains

What they’re terrified of is not “feeling” the correct amount of outrage at what they’re told to be outraged about. If they don’t hate the target of the day enough, their own place in the community of the oppressed may be questioned.

This is not about social activism. It is a classic exercise in how to wield power.

Wield power by levering ignorance. So easy.

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