Looking for equality – in justice and law?

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Should Be Prosecuted by Daniel John Sobieski – “Mayor Schaaf recently acted as the functional equivalent of a gang lookout, shouting “ICE!” upon learning of a raid on criminal illegal aliens in her city.” People are getting antsy about equality in justice.

“Realizing that in the era of crime monitor Jeff Sessions, who plays attorney general on TV, no crime by a public official gets prosecuted for anything, one can only hope that for the safety of the people of Oakland that its mayor, one Libby Schaaf, is arrested and prosecuted for harboring criminal illegal aliens in her city.
It was the ICE agents conducting the raid who were protecting the citizens of Oakland, not Mayor Schaaf. Rather than a random sweep of convenience stores and the like, immigration enforcement critics charge happens, the ICE raid was targeted and effective
If any of the felons alerted by Mayor Schaaf harms, rapes, or kills one of her constituents, she should be charged with aiding and abetting.

California’s Defiance Exposes a House (and Senate) Divided by Michael Walsh – “California’s slow-motion revolt against the federal government continues apace.”

“What began with the acceptance of lifestyle crimes such as marijuana smoking in violation of federal drug laws has turned into an all-out rejection of the nation’s immigration laws, followed by unilateral action by states and cities to declare themselves “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens.

As we learned in 1861-65, state nullification of federal laws is not compatible with a federal system; “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” as Abraham Lincoln put it in his famous speech accepting the Republican nomination for Senate from Illinois in 1858. Although he lost to Stephen Douglas that year, and while he was talking about slavery, the principle still holds true today as applied to similarly divisive issues.
Don’t think for a moment that the Left doesn’t fully understand Lincoln’s warning in the boldface words. In fact, they’re counting on it, just as the old South was counting on it when the Confederate states undertook secession. And for many of the same reasons.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday will inform a meeting of the California Peace Officers in Sacramento that the feds went to court late Tuesday night to invalidate three California state laws that inhibit federal immigration officers from doing their jobs.
the Left doesn’t like the law—and because it needs the votes of aliens, legal or otherwise, while it awaits the complete demographic replacement of the current U.S. majority population—it has decided to fight it. Not in the legislature, mind you, or even primarily in the courts, but on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. This is a prescription for disaster if not, down the road, civil war. So good for Trump and Sessions for finally taking on California head-on.

The modern Left prefers to argue emotions rather than principles. As it happens, their principles are entirely fungible, unless you count their one overarching principle, which is to achieve and maintain power by any means necessary.

The REAL Reason Barack Obama Was Touting The Saudi-Funded Global Warming/Climate Change Hysteria by DCWhispers –

“The Saudis (as well as Russia and China) spent billions of dollars in media propaganda, university funding, political donations, United Nations funding etc. during Barack Obama’s eight years in office to further push the global warming agenda. None of that effort had anything to do with global warming/climate change though.
It should also be noted that that same forces behind all the global warming/climate change propaganda are also the same ones funding the open borders and gun restrictions movement in America as well. There is no greater collusion of foreign influence upon this country’s political process than that.

Ace: The McCain Associate Who Delivered the “Steele” Dossier to the FBI Hoped to Blackmail Trump out of the Election – “When you tell someone you have information over them and that therefore they must do something they otherwise wouldn’t do — well, that’s blackmail, isn’t it?” Another war hero soils himself.

Ace: Peter Strzok Was Told of Possible Breach of Hillary Clinton’s Illegal Homebrew Server, But Chose Not to Pursue That Lead – “One might speculate that proving conclusively that Hillary’s unsecure homebrew bathroom server had been breached by hostile foreign powers would have made exonerating her impossible, ergo, it was something that could not be pursued.”

Trump Vs. Our Perpetually Panicked Press by L. Brent Bozell And Tim Graham – “the Trump presidency is an ongoing and frenetic demonstration of the media choosing “scandal over substance.” It is virtually all scandal all the time, even when there isn’t a lick of evidence.”

“A new Media Research Center study of the evening newscasts on ABC, CBS and NBC during January and February found that 91% of Trump evaluations were negative. Nearly 63% of news coverage was devoted to scandals like the Russia investigation (204 minutes), the allegations of wife beating against White House aide Rob Porter (54 minutes), unproven gossip from Michael Wolff’s book about the Trump White House (53 minutes) and reports that Trump used the term “s—hole countries” in a discussion on African countries and immigration (31 minutes).
The networks obviously believe their nightly narrative should not be diluted by focusing on any matter where Trump might be succeeding.
Every study of the media’s performance reveals the “news” product is hyperbolic, negative and seemingly designed to make the Trump presidency appear perpetually on the verge of collapse. How can any of these journalists be surprised that Trump backers don’t trust their narration of the first draft of history as it unfolds?

Trump Syndromes by Victor Davis Hanson – “Trump is politically dangerous to progressivism. In military terms, he is a strategic B-52 on a deep mission. Trump targets the enemy’s homeland, even as his opponents’ far-flung and attenuated expeditionary armies bog down abroad.” Caveat: VDH dances around the ‘equality pro and con’ trap. He mostly leaves it as platitudes as he gets into observation but it does infect his rationalizations of the ‘syndromes’ he notes.

“Equally explosive is the syndrome in which middle-class moderates and independents are tired of being damned as privileged and biased, on the basis of their appearance — often by those who enjoy far more privilege and exhibit far more bias. For all the hype that the stereotypical Trump voter was uneducated and without a degree, Trump appealed as much to the college educated and professionals for what he at least was not, rather than for what he was.
Finally, is there any serious introspection as to why so many misjudged Trump’s trajectory? After Trump’s supposedly impossible election, many doubled down and suggested that he would soon be impeached, or quit, or prove non-conservative or impotently conservative. And the critics continue in this vein today. What was continually missed, and why, and how is such acknowledgment critical in offering believable assessments to come?

Politico: Texas primary puts egg on DCCC’s face by Ed Morrissey – Most of the Propaganda Machine is about turning Texas Democrat. Ed qualifies that story.

Russia Scandal: Did Hillary Clinton Run FBI’s Trump Investigation? IBD editorial – “The entire “investigation” of Trump, start to finish, seems to have been propelled by Hillary Clinton and her minions.”

As of today, that year and a half old investigation has yielded nothing, but has taken down a bunch of peripheral players in and around the Trump administration on technical violations of the law.
At some point, Congress, which is responsible for this corrupt and likely illegal mess, should step in and end it by either defunding Mueller, forcing him to focus on the original aims of the investigation, or by simply shutting it down.

If not, it’s likely to end up with trumped up charges, pun intended, against a sitting president and demands for his impeachment.

Jane Mayer’s Dossiad (1) by Scott Johnson – “Mayer’s article should not be ignored. Mayer and the New Yorker mean to fix — repair and set — the Democrats’ story line.” Limbaugh mentioned this effort as well. It is change in the propaganda machine towards a more insidious and desperate approach. Johnson cites other analysis and promises more to follow.

“Mayer’s article is 15,000 words long. Reading it is an ordeal. It’s not all Dullness. She mixes Dullness with Dishonesty. Indeed, in Mayer’s Dossiad, Dishonesty predominates.

The dishonesty permeates the article and it is infuriating. An article at least as long Mayer’s is needed to disentangle and rectify it. Mayer’s pretense of impartiality in adjudicating questions of fact and credibility must count as the article’s leading misrepresentation. If only she had a sense of humor, one might think surely she jests.

Pity a Poor Liberal Activist by Christopher Chantrill – “In the liberal universe, activism and protest are the highest forms of human social interaction.”

“When liberals enact a day of marches, or a town hall full of baying students, this is seen by all as a triumph of the progressive will and faithfully recorded by our modern Leni Riefenstahls.

But is it really such a good idea? Is all this activism really going to lead to fundamental transformation? Suppose it leads to a backlash.

“Backlash,” by the way, is a term liberals invented back in the ’60s to stigmatize average Americans who really didn’t like what the Kids and their Movement and their Protests were doing to America.
No wonder our progressive friends are switching into witch-hunting mode, lashing out at individual citizens and voluntary associations of patriotic citizens. It cannot be true, it must not be true that the politics and the activism of the global educated elite are an utter failure.

Really, if our rulers and their supporters were not such a threat to our lives and our jobs and our sacred honor, we could just sit back and laugh at their pathetic antics.

When Democrats “gunsplain” by Allahpundit – “There’s an op-ed at WaPo today complaining that it’s the right, not the left, that has a problem with “gunsplaining.” It’s a diversion tactic”

“The mistake made by Bloomberg and others, that “assault weapons” are automatic weapons and are freely available for purchase, is non-trivial. The fact that so many have difficulty defining “assault weapons” at all while intent on banning them is also non-trivial. And it’s not just the ignorant average man on the street who’s guilty
“Gunsplaining” isn’t about silencing the other side with gotchas (or it shouldn’t be), it’s about making sure regulators know precisely what they’re doing and why.
the gun debate is frequently more about emotion than pragmatism. If it weren’t, we would spend more time debating gun control as a measure to reduce suicides than as a measure to reduce homicides, especially mass shootings. The latter are horrendous, all the more so when children are the victims, but rare. The former aren’t rare and are horrendous in their own way. Yet it’s the latter that drives national gun debates, not the former.
“Mansplaining” is offensive because it involves a man assuming he knows more about a topic than a woman purely because he’s a man. “Gunsplaining” really does involve superior knowledge, though, but Weinstein wants to treat that as a liability. Go figure. Anyway, I’m sure with smart, serious, virtuously ignorant Democrats like the ones in the clip steering national policy, everything will work out.

A victory for the law: Maryland judge upholds DACA phaseout by Paul Mirengoff – “Its value resides, first, in the refreshing reaffirmation of the proper role of judges and, second, in its power to persuade higher-level courts. I believe Judge Titus’ opinion is persuasive, though I doubt that five Supreme Court judges need to be persuaded of his position.”

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