The war on men has many fronts

PJ Media starts off the week. Instapundit’s First Lady offers insight about her expertise as a psychologist specializing in forensic issues applied to the war on boys and men. Then a pundit digs into the modern practice of journalism and these sum up with an essay about a stimulus for a civil war, a real one.

The solution to male violence is not to spout off drivel about the evils of masculinity by Helen Smith – “in today’s anti-male climate, politicians and their gaggle of clueless citizens will clamor for something to be done, whether that be blaming law-abiding citizens for having guns, teaching boys about “toxic masculinity” or accusing all men of being complicit in the “rape culture.”

“These messages are dangerous and bypass the many complex reasons that a young man like Nikolas Cruz became a killer. They soothe the feelings of the masses and ignorant politicians looking to feel better, but anti-male messages will never address the deep wounds and complex psychological and social reasons that killing your fellow human being seems like the only way to end the pain, depression and anger that these young men feel. Talking about masculinity as “toxic” is like pouring gasoline on a wound and lighting a match for the psyche of these young men and it is no solution. How many more fires like the one in Florida can we afford?

Journalists Hate Conspiracy Theories and Fake News, Except When They Don’t by Jim Treacher – “Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media can’t seem to figure out why nobody trusts them anymore.”

“There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about conspiracy theories, so I thought I’d examine a few of them.
These examples are just from this week. And it isn’t even over yet! Now that the news comes at us 24/7, the lazy mistakes and inept misinformation and outright lies come at us 24/7 as well.
Conspiracy theories. Fake news. Plain old online BS. It’s a growing problem. But if these professional journalists can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t, if they won’t even bother to try, why should the rest of us listen to them?

What Liberals Don’t Understand: A Serious Attempt at Gun Confiscation Could Lead to Civil War by John Hawkins – “The response to this from liberals would probably be something like, “Well, that certainly didn’t happen in Australia.” Very true, but what most liberals believe Australia did and what it actually did are very different.”

“Australia made it extremely difficult to buy a new gun as it instituted a gun buyback. This means that in 1996, there were 17.5 guns per hundred people and in 2016, the number was only down to 13.7 per hundred people. So Australia’s big accomplishment was to decrease the number of guns in its nation by 22 percent. How much of a difference would that make in America where there are 101 guns for every 100 citizens and open borders that would allow illegal weapons to stream in if there were ever a large-scale demand for them?

To get rid of guns on a scale widespread enough to matter in the United States, you’d need to go house to house and search because most people would claim their weapons were stolen or lost. Doing that with millions of up-to-that-point law-abiding citizens would be considered tyrannical and it would produce a violent backlash that hasn’t been seen in this country since the Civil War.

Instapundit (from Ed Driscoll) – “If someone told you that disgraced journalist Dan Rather appeared on a show called ‘Reliable Sources’ to excoriate President for living in a ‘fantasy land’ and to give career advice to a young anti-gun advocate,” NewsBusters reports, you might think they were reading an article from the popular satirical news site The Onion. But it wasn’t a joke! It actually happened on CNN on Sunday.”

NRA Turning Toxic Overnight by Rod Dreher – “it’s chilling to see how quickly this kind of thing happens, owing to social media. “Chilling” because of the herd mentality that develops overnight when a social media mob gets started on a subject.”

“If you can think if a single instance in which a social media mob was activated behind a conservative cause, then you’re a better thinker than I am. It is inconceivable to me that big business would break off any relationships with left-wing advocacy groups because a conservative social media mob intimidated them.

Even if you think the NRA deserves what it gets, you ought to be deeply worried about the power of social-media mob action. It’s terrifying how quickly the mob can destroy a person’s livelihood. You might believe that it’s perfectly fine, because finally a technique is having an effect on an evil institution, and bring about justice. But what happens when that mob is turned onto you, and an institution or cause that you support? What happens when you are given no opportunity to defend yourself, but have to face a tsunami of rage? What happens when you can’t count on anybody to defend you, because they rightly fear that the mob will go after them next?
All of which is to say that the outcome of the conflict between the social media mob and the NRA is a more important than you might think.

The Left’s Objective in Its War on the NRA by Steve McCann – “the actual purpose of this targeting is far deeper than what the left proclaims to be its objective: the passage of “commonsense” gun laws and restrictions on gun ownership as an antidote to gun violence.”

“Beginning in the first part of the twentieth century, the disciples of Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, and later Alinsky (the American left) understood that in order to establish their version of a uniquely American socialist state, virtually all traditions, history, and societal underpinnings would have to be fully undermined and replaced. This process, while time-consuming, would eventuate in a new American society subservient to the central government.
The NRA is perhaps the most powerful grassroots organization in the nation still dedicated to preserving the rights as enumerated in the Constitution.
Therefore, the left-wing cabal must mobilize and utilize all tactics possible in order to marginalize the NRA
The election of Donald Trump was a major setback to the ongoing machinations of the left. However, they are more determined and devious than ever as they endeavor to get their “revolution” back on course. Whether it is gun control, immigration, spending, or a myriad of societal and cultural issues, there can be no good-faith compromising with such a Machiavellian and callous group that would exploit a tragedy purely for political gain in order to destroy one of its most outspoken nemeses: the NRA.

I have owned firearms for over 60 years, yet I had never joined NRA. However, in light of what is happening now, I have joined. So should all Americans who value liberty, whether they own a gun or not. The stakes are far greater than many realize.

Net Neutrality Zealots Are Wrong — The Market Just Proved It. Investors Business Daily – “With more competition for customers, ISPs won’t “block, slow down, or charge more for certain content as they see fit” as net neutrality zealots claim.”

“What net neutrality advocates won’t tell you is that the only companies actually guilty of blocking, slowing down, or charging more for certain content are big net neutrality advocates like Netflix (NFLX) — which charges more if you want streaming HD — and Google (GOOGL) — which charges $10 a month for the better YouTube Red — and social media companies — which have been repeatedly shown to hamstring conservative content.

So yes, the internet won’t be the same after Obama’s net neutrality rules disappear. It will be far better.

Worse Than Watergate: Part 3 — The Schiff Memo by Jed Babbin – “The Schiff memo is cleverly written, making several assertions by which it attempts to confuse and misinform on the issues. It flails and fails in Schiff’s effort to discredit the principal findings of the Nunes memo.”

“The Schiff memo is very interesting because it goes a long way, far out of the way, in its efforts to defend former DoJ Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr and FBI agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, an FBI attorney who exchanged tens of thousands of campaign-related emails during her love affair with Strzok.
After the Schiff memo and the Grassley-Graham letter we’re left right where we started with the Nunes memo. There was a continued abuse of law enforcement powers by the FBI to surveille the Trump campaign and some of its members for political purposes. As I’ve written, this is far worse than Watergate because in Watergate the misconduct — burglarizing the DNC headquarters to plant listening devices and copy documents — were the acts of private citizens, not the government.

Watergate — the burglary, not the coverup — was aimed to tilt an election to favor one candidate over another. In the FBI’s evident abuse of power in 2016-2017, it was the government acting to disrupt an election and its result. The former was awful. The latter is worse.

California agents are on the hunt for targeted guns By Scott Wilson – This is a WaPo response to the John Hawkins essay above. It is remarkable for its tone and style.

Why We Need the Second Amendment More than Ever by Roger L Simon – “It’s evident now, no matter what you think of current gun laws, that a myriad of governmental bureaucracies and police departments — from school authorities to social workers to the FBI to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office — screwed up on a level that borders on the incomprehensible.”

7 things America can’t do to reduce mass violence by Torree Mcgowan, MD – “Another youthful slaughter, then a rote parade of shattered students, cacophony to ban all guns or arm every citizen. Candlelight vigils, flowers, teddy bears mark the passing of more datapoints into statistical analyses of carnage. It’s sound and fury and no action.”

“I submit 7 things America can’t do to reduce mass violence. … You can’t repeal the Second Amendment. … You can’t blame this all on guns. … You can’t ignore warning signs. … You can’t insist on privacy and security. … You can’t be a soft target. … ou can’t give shooters what they crave. … You can’t protect your sacred cows.

14 months later: How Hanover schools say armed teachers are working for them by Lena Howland – “A decision made in hopes of preventing another school shooting here at home and more than a year later, most people are grateful this was put into place.”

“The school board passed the policy because it would take law enforcement more than 30 minutes to respond to a call at Hanover Junior-Senior High School on the very rural, southern edge of El Paso County.
Dr. Schmidt says he’s been getting calls from other school districts across the country all year, wanting to know how they put this into place, asking for guidance, research and other documents to use as a model.

When wives beat their husbands, no one wants to believe it by Cathy Young – “Sorensen, quoted in the Post, calls the exposure of his marital troubles “an opportunity to highlight the grossly underreported and unacknowledged issue of female-on-male domestic violence.” Whatever the truth of his experience, Sorenson is correct about the issue itself.” Yes, women are human, too, believe it or not.

“Partner violence by women is one of the most contentious subjects in social science. The first large-scale study of domestic abuse, the 1975 National Family Violence Survey conducted by the late University of New Hampshire sociologist Murray Straus and his colleague Richard Gelles (now at the University of Pennsylvania), found that similar numbers of women and men admitted to assaulting a spouse or partner in the previous 12 months. The researchers were skeptical initially, assuming most female violence had to be in self-defense, though in many cases the wife was the self-reported sole perpetrator. Later surveys showed that in mutually violent relationships, women were as likely as men to be the aggressors. These findings have been confirmed in more than 200 studies.
Abused men have faced widespread biases from police, judges and social workers, who tend to assume that the man in a violent relationship is the aggressor and to trivialize assaults by women.

In the house, women have the most weapons to hand in the traditional sense.

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