Boundaries for civil discussion

Trump changing the game on school shootings By Robert Turner – “What legitimate purpose is served when CNN uses victims of a horrendous crime to foment hatred and rage in an auditorium and throughout the nation?”

“Wednesday evening’s orgy of anger is the perfect illustration of the malignant partisanship in play at both CNN and other progressive news organizations. To describe Wednesday’s meeting as a town hall is a misnomer of titanic proportions. It was a media-created hate session preying on the raw emotions created by the wanton murder of 17 individuals, mostly students.
Does there exist in the United States today any price for failure? Is there anything other than an accusation of sexual harassment that can get a “public servant” fired?

When considering the source of failures making possible this tragedy, one needs look no farther than a school district that by its progressive policy refused to report to the police criminal behavior within its student body, a sheriff’s department that saw no reason to arrest Cruz despite a reported 39 complaints, an armed deputy lacking the courage to enter the building and confront the shooter ,and an FBI that apparently ignored specific warnings about Cruz’s posted intention to become a school shooter. At so many levels, this crime was preventable.
Why is it that with numerous steps available by which safety in our schools can be improved, such steps have been ignored? Why, rather than evaluating and implementing necessary steps to increase security and harden up school campuses, have our politicians at both state and federal levels allowed schools to remain sitting-duck gun-free zones, thereby inviting disaster?

Why does it take President Trump – whom the “resistance” vilifies, depending on the mood of the moment, as ignorant, unqualified, insane, immoral, or dictatorial – to actually start a serious conversation regarding student safety?
Instead of defending itself against straw men set up by Democrats and their media masters, Republicans are becoming the party of solutions. Who would have thought Donald Trump would be the catalyst for such change?

The Unlearned Lessons of Columbine by Sonny Bunch – “Dave Cullen—whose book, Columbine, is chilling and fascinating in equal measures—highlighted the four major lessons that school shooting taught people seeking to avoid a repeat.” Note the caveat and precaution against the onslaught of misperception.

“One of those lessons is that shooters show signs ahead of attacks … Another lesson from Columbine was tactical. Rather than being treated as hostage situations, such shootings were to be confronted immediately
Now look: I’m not saying that we should replace the “all NRA officials and members are murderers” argument with one that goes something like “everyone who failed to stop this killer is a murderer.” Both suggestions are facile, both arguments relieve the killer of responsibility. And there are things we can do to cut down on gun violence further without restricting the constitutional rights of everyone else in the country. But if we want to have a discussion about why this attack happened and why it was as brutal as it was, we need to ask why the authorities failed to follow the lessons of Columbine—and what we can do to help them heed them going forward.

Assimilating Grief-Stricken Florida Students Into the Mob Is Harmful By D. C. Mcallister – “The CNN town hall, … was disturbing to watch. Not because of the horrific topic or the apparent trauma on parade, but because it showed us in loud, sarcastic, and bitter detail the power of groupthink.”

“Herd mentality runs on emotionalism and fear. It stands against reason. It is rooted in reaction instead of rational response. It is driven by instinct in the face of real or perceived threats to one’s survival. It attacks instead of engages. It is, as Robert Heinlein put it, “a hundred bellies and no brain.”

This is what we’re seeing in response to the evil actions of a single murderer in a Florida high school.
Any adult who encourages these students to join the mob is dehumanizing children and weakening them in the long-term. Children’s terrors are being used to promote a political cause and to infuse their individuality into a mindless herd that is driven by animal instinct. Children who should be protected, educated, and armed with reason are reduced to their most base fears that heighten their sense of loneliness and their need to be a part of a greater group no matter the morality of it.
If parents really want to help their children, they need to teach them the truth about life, good and evil, rights and responsibilities. They need to help their children overcome fear, not by engrafting them into the mob, but by surrounding them with truly functional and healthy communities, beginning with the family and religious groups.

In these close spaces, children will learn the truth about evil, reasonable responses to tragedies, respect for dissenters, and love for their fellow man. They will gain a sustainable strength that will enable them to stand on their own or with others as they face evil with goodness and rationality. They will not mindlessly cheer or frantically demand; they will thoughtfully respond — something that is sadly lacking in our society today.

Ace: Media Just Embarrassing Itself Over the “Broward Coward” – “The cuck media is taking this a proof that “good guys with guns can’t stop gun crime,” not realizing that 1, this guy was actually a paid agent of the state and therefore 2, if paid agents of the state specifically assigned to carry guns to defend citizens won’t do so, then 3, it’s up to every private citizen to arm himself in order to protect himself.” The media is complicit and the sort of argument illustrated here shows why “civil discussion” of the issue is next to impossible.

Don’t talk about guns — or square-root signs by Joanne – “A Louisiana teenager who joked that the square-root sign looks like a gun has been barred from school and faces an expulsion hearing.”

“Students will be investigated by police if they talk about guns or school shootings? What if they want to discuss how to prevent school shootings — or how to prevent absurd over-reactions to school shootings? Can they talk about gun control?

Fools, knaves, and the Knavs by Paul Mirengoff – “What happens when non-partisans realize that there are no catastrophic, or even particularly dark consequences from this presidency, just conservative policies and a bunch of unfortunate tweets? The answer is a dreaded one: Trump becomes “normalized.””

“This dread explains, I think, why lefty outlets like the Washington Post must feed readers a daily dose of anti-Trump material. On an ordinary day, the Post’s readers can expect a minimum of two front page stories a day of some alleged Trump outrage, plus more on the inside pages.

Since a president, no matter how bad, cannot commit that many outrages per day, the Post’s stories are frequently ridiculous.
So, again, why is the Knavs’ immigration story front page news? It is front page news because the mainstream media needs to keep up its anti-Trump drumbeat to counteract the growing public sense that this presidency doesn’t resemble the one the left warned us about.

Joe McCarthy and Lillian Hellman: The Hated Patriot vs. the Beloved Commie by David Solway – “The liar, it appears, is the incarnation of a higher truth. Such is the power of the press and the cultural salience of left-wing attitudes in America.”

“Over half a century after the “Red Scare,” playwright and memoirist Lillian Hellman, whose name is often coupled with her adversary Senator Joe McCarthy, seems to have emerged relatively unscathed in the court of elite progressivist opinion despite the exposure of her manifold fabrications and deceptions.
Facts have little bearing on the cultural afterlife of Hellman and McCarthy. The mendacious communist sympathizer is still extravagantly eulogized in some quarters – the Huffington Post attributes creative licence to Hellman, “when it’s less than a lie and more than the truth.” Meanwhile, the persistent anti-communist is routinely denounced.
For the leftist intelligentsia and Star Machine, Hellman could do no wrong.
The upshot is this: McCarthy, whatever his flaws, was an American patriot. Hellman, whatever her virtues, was a communist loyalist.
The larger story is that left always lies, as the current campaign by the media, progressivists, and Tinseltown brigades against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton abundantly confirms.
Ultimately, the left needs its McCarthy as much as it needs its Hellman – the one to vilify for seeking to defend his country, the other to rehabilitate for seeking to subvert it.

The conflict has roots.

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