It beggars belief

The IG report on an alternative assessment of intelligence said it was all legal and ethical but innapropriate. The WaPo got caught in a big error assigning Biden quotes to the IG. And now some are pointing out just how hypocritical the criticisms have become. Here’s Barone.

Of course, Feith is right. The idea that presidential appointees are obliged to treat intelligence community consensus as holy writ, not to be questioned or criticized, is loony. The fact that the same people who are criticizing George W. Bush and his appointees for accepting the intelligence community consensus that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction are also criticizing an appointee for questioning the intelligence community consensus on another point beggars belief.

It is difficult to create a rational assessment of much of the criticism about the Iraq conflict. There has always been the ‘say what?’ trying to compare the enthusiasm and rhetoric for going after Sadaam in the last ten years to the current ‘all is lost’ rhetoric now. Then there are the allegations of monolithic, secret agenda driven, fixing the case meme to this report. Like Barone says, it “beggars belief” to see how reality is twisted and history redone to accomodate current fixations.

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