Let’s get honest. Christianity, Health Care, Guns, etc.

There Is Only One Sure Way to Stop School Shootings by Patricia McCarthy – “This is yet another catastrophic failure of a whole panoply of law enforcement agencies, social services, and school authorities.”

“Given the bare facts above, it is hardly surprising that the American people want to blame someone for the colossal failure of law enforcement. Mistakes were made, to put it mildly. But now many of the young survivors, their parents, and the usual suspects on the left are blaming Trump. Why?
These grieving young people are being manipulated by the adults in their lives to use the tragic deaths of their classmates for political purposes. … And again, kids are the pawns in what the left sees as a game. It is no game.

Israel learned the hard way. A terrorist school shooting forty years ago took the lives of over a hundred elementary school children. Since then, any school in Israel with a hundred students or more has armed guards and staff with concealed weapons.
The first thing tyrants do is disarm their citizenry so they are defenseless. Which is why the proliferation of “gun-free zones” is suicidal on its face.
For members of the NRA who know how responsible that organization is, it is infuriating to see it used again and again as a whipping boy by the anti-gun left, whose members never bothered to investigate or report their true mission … If America had long ago adopted Israel’s commonsense approach and made schools secure and protected by well trained armed persons, it is quite likely that Columbine and Newtown would never have happened. One young ROTC student at Stoneman Douglas High School commented that Coach Feis, who died after he threw himself in front of a group of kids and saved their lives, could have taken the shooter out had he been permitted to carry a gun. He might well have saved many more lives had he been armed.
Let the legacy of those young lives lost in Parkland be that we wake up and put an end to gun-free zones, especially at our schools. Let us protect our schoolchildren with the same fervor with which we protect those schlubs in Congress and all those Hollywood celebrities who never venture outside their homes without armed security.

Did the Progressive ‘Broward County Solution’ Cost 17 Student Lives? By Jack Cashill – “Broward County used to lead the state of Florida in sending students to the state’s juvenile justice system. County leaders responded with a perfectly progressive solution: “lower arrests by not making arrests.”

“One particular motivation behind programs like Broward County’s was the pressure from multiple sources to reduce the statistical disparity between black and Hispanic student arrests on one hand and white and Asian student arrests on the other.
This is not the first time that this “solution” to school crime has produced lethal results. An earlier case in the nearby Miami-Dade County public school system should have been a warning, but unfortunately, the media conspired to suppress the details of the case. The victim in Miami-Dade was one Trayvon Martin.
As one detective told investigators, the arrest statistics coming out of Martin’s school, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, had been “quite high,” and the detectives “needed to find some way to lower the stats.”
In July 2012, the Obama administration formalized the pressure on school districts with an executive order warning school districts to avoid “methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”
The media’s larger motive in suppressing the facts of this story was to protect the narrative of innocent black youth killed by white cop wannabe George Zimmerman. A secondary motive was to protect Obama’s misbegotten quest to achieve racially statistical “equity” for youthful offenders by not arresting them for very real crimes.
Cruz had to have done something more troubling than carry bullets in his backpack. Before even talking about gun control, Republican leaders should demand a complete audit of Cruz’s school records and the rethinking of the “Broward County Solution” wherever it is applied.

The ‘Christian Shaming’ of Mike Pence, Tim Tebow, and Tony Dungy Must Stop by Warner Todd Huston – “Over the last few months, liberal entertainers, as well as sports reporters, have been attacking various high profile Americans simply because they are Christian.”

“For instance, early in February sports commentator Tony Dungy was attacked by sports writers because he often includes his Christian beliefs in his own sports analysis. Vice President Mike Pence has been slammed for his Christian beliefs throughout his first year in Washington, but especially during this year’s Winter Olympics. And former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has been a target of ridicule since he first appeared in the national sports spotlight.

In his February 16 op-ed, Ashford slams those who think that being a practicing Christian is a “sign of mental illness.”

For another example of intellectual lack of integrity, see 8 Attacks on Freedom, From the Left and the Right by A. Barton Hinkle – “Americans are still relatively free.” The equalizing ‘both sides are the same’ idea has Obamacare, zoning restrictions, rent control, and bans on soap pods and smoking from the left. From the right is pornography, trade fairness, and immigration, the last two with ‘perception’ problems. What you get is tortured logic, constructed rationalizations, and a forced reality.

We Need an Accurate National Conversation About Guns by Jim Geraghty – “It is a horrifying statistic. And it is wrong.”

“We keep hearing, “we need to have a national conversation about guns,” and then we keep hearing statements from those same voices that are simply not true. If we’re going to have that national conversation, I want the other side to do its homework first.
And I want them to know that as long as groups advocate ideas like this, the line “no one wants to take away your guns” is a disingenuous lie.

A more subtle intellectual integrity problem is Here’s why health insurance is different from other insurance by Joseph Crisp – “health insurance covers the cost of maintaining the intangible state known as “health.” Health is the physical and mental state of the body that enables one to acquire and enjoy property, but neither health nor the body are property.” In other words, the dishonesty is conflating health care with health insurance. He is taking ‘health and body’ out of the real world and into a spiritual place where real world constraints do not exist.

“These three conditions — the existence of wealth, the small chance of losing it, and limited loss — are needed for sustainable insurance. The problem with health insurance is that it does not meet any of these conditions. … A poor person might never own an expensive house or car, but he or she is embodied, and thus endowed with a physical, mental, and spiritual entity that is beyond all price.
Since health insurance does not meet the conditions for sustainable insurance, perhaps, we should think of it less as an insurance product and more as a cooperative effort to protect ourselves from a risk to which everyone is liable. Such an effort must necessarily include everyone — old and young, healthy and sick, rich and poor — in order to create a large enough pool to make the losses sustainable

The size of the pool is a statistical matter suitable for insurance but not for what the author proposes: socialized medicine. The problem he avoids is that health care has a cost and that means that decisions must be made about what is affordable and what is not and who is to pay. Is such a choice one for the individual or is it one for the government? If, as in the U.S., the choice is something of a mix, just where should the line be drawn?

“Requiring people to fulfill their responsibility is simply asking them to do their part to insure a just and healthy society for all.” And just who decides what “their part” should be and what “just and healthy” should mean? Why should this decision be taken away from individuals and given to others? Such questions need carefully considered answers that are not ignorant of history and human nature.

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