Understanding behavior starts with describing it

I Should Know: Dems’ Intel Abuse Is Reminiscent of My Work for Ceausescu By Ion Mihai Pacepa – “They say that history repeats itself. If you have lived two lives, as I have done, you have a good chance of seeing a re-enactment with your own eyes.”

“Seen from my vantage point, the four-page FISA abuse memo authored by Rep. Devin Nunes is proof that former president Barack Obama and Democratic Party leaders wanted to transform the U.S. into a Russian-style intelligence dictatorship — and the FBI into a KGB-style instrument for rewriting American history by smearing its capitalist politicians.
Forty years ago, I paid with two death sentences from my native Romania. I had publicly revealed that Ceausescu’s highly praised independence from Moscow was in fact an undercover intelligence dictatorship, designed to transform Romania into a monument to him by annihilating his critics and enemies.
It is time for the Democratic Party to realize that all Marxism has ever left behind is countries looking as if they’ve been devastated by a hurricane, their leaders roasting in Dante’s Inferno. The current economic collapse of Venezuela, once the world’s largest oil producer, is the most recent warning.

The Democratic Party’s open Marxism is a national emergency.

Too Funny: Special Prosecutor Mueller Patched Together Much of His ‘Muh Russia’ Indictment from Old News Articles by sundance – “Today the absence of substance turns toward the hilarious.”

“As Gateway Pundit reports almost everything in the Mueller indictment was previously outlined in a Radio Free Europe report from 2015. If that wasn’t funny enough, even the Washington Post finds the majority of the indictment was published last October in a Russian Business Magazine (RBC) article.

Understanding the California Mind By Victor Davis Hanson – “They accept a few unspoken rules of state behavior and then use their resources to navigate around them.” He tells tales of personal experience and then summarizes what he finds.

“Law enforcement in California hinges on ignoring felonies to focus on misdemeanors and infractions. … Elite progressive virtue-signaling is in direct proportion to elite apartheid … California is no longer really a single state … The postmodern 21st-century state media in its various manifestations is committed to social justice, not necessarily to disinterested reporting …

Californians, both the losers and beneficiaries of these unspoken rules, have lost confidence in the equal application of the law and indeed the idea of transparent and meritocratic government.
In a state where millions cannot be held accountable, those who can will be—both to justify a regulatory octopus, and as social justice for their innate unwarranted privilege.

Trump Unloads On Obama, Clinton, & MSM Via Powerful Sunday Tweet Storm by DCWhispers – “Check it out.” See for yourself if the adjectives applied by the Trump haters are accurate. Think about what it is the really upsets them to well past any rational behavior.

“This morning Mr. Trump wasn’t holding back and the word in D.C. is that he has his globalist enemies in an uproar and it isn’t just because of what he clearly said but also because of what the words behind the words are insinuating regarding potential upcoming investigations against both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
The above tweets are the words of a President who appears to be readying a major counter-attack on the D.C. swamp. He’s fired up. He’s confident. And he’s understandably more than a little pissed off.

Trump vs. The Hill by John Hinderaker – “President Trump has been tweeting up a storm. … This is too much for the Democratic Party press to bear.” Dissecting both the tweets and Press Commentary. “The good news is, there are many more people who read President Trump’s tweets than who read The Hill.”

Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant by Paul Driessen – “Tried-and-true scare stories still dominate the daily news, often with new wrinkles tied to current events.”

“Spending trillions of dollars – and condemning billions of people to expensive, insufficient, unreliable, land and raw material gobbling wind, solar and biofuel energy – is not just unnecessary. It is immoral.

7 Things We Can Do to Prevent Another School Massacre, Without Violating the Second Amendment by Jeff Sanders – “Are we even ready to face what will not work and what just might work? We now know that several things had been going wrong for quite some time, and all these wrong things finally erupted … ”

“The people who write policy for the public schools in Broward County may have been very well intentioned when a few years back they re-wrote policy on how to deal with troubled and violent students. According to their “PROMISE” program, they wanted to reduce the number of students begin charged with crimes for minor offenses.

They wanted to cut down on the “school to prison pipeline.” So instead of calling the police for things like vandalism and assault/battery and hauling people to jail, they tried the counseling approach.
These school policies may lead to more, not less, crime.
when someone starts flapping their gums at you about the need for tighter gun laws, have them read all the federal laws ALREADY on the books in this piece published by The Hill.
So what can we do? None of the following ideas will individually solve the problem. It took us 40 to 50 years for us to get into this mess; so don’t expect to see a turn around in a day. But here are a few ideas to get us started: 1. Train teachers. … 2. Get police in the schools. … 3. Get rid of “gun free zones.” … 4. Stop coddling lawbreakers. … 5. Home educate. … 6. Start parenting. … 7. Repent.
when a society no longer believes that there is a final Judge of mankind to whom they will give an account, and when society thinks people are just accidental blobs of goo without any purpose or meaning … then we get what we get. And, ladies and gentlemen, we are getting it right now. We don’t like it much, do we?

Hero Aaron Feis, the Disarmed School Guard by Patrick Jakeway – “Aaron Feis was the right man in the right place at the right time, but he was legally prevented from using the right, constitutionally protected tool to do the job.” He was killed.

“Most media reports have focused on his after-school job as a Stoneman Douglas High football coach (here, here, here, here, and here) – but, on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Feis was doing his day job as a school guard. Mr. Feis was legally disarmed by the federal government in his attempt to save potentially dozens of children from murder.
This raises the question of why only one person was trained and armed to fight back against an assailant. One reason is that the “Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990,” originally passed as part of the Budget Control Act of 1990, bars school personnel from arming themselves.
Supposedly, these laws are to protect us from ourselves while assuring us that the government will do its job.
Precisely in order to protect us against evil men and government incompetence and malfeasance, the following words were written in 1789 into the 2nd Amendment by men who had pledged their lives and honor in pursuit of life and liberty
The delusional left believes in the perfectibility of man, that inherent evil does not exist and that crime may be eliminated through social policy. History since time immemorial proves, however, that evil men always have been and always will be among us. So we must be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones against them.

Aaron Feis was ready, but he had been unconstitutionally disarmed. How often must we watch innocent children die before we realize that the illusions of weaponless dreamers aid evil men?

The 2nd Amendment is about defense.

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