Fake News and an Easy Ride

Divisive Democrats, United by Hate by Peter Lemiska – “There isn’t much room in today’s Democratic Party for independent thought or moderate positions.” That ‘mind numbed robots’ thing blasted at Limbaugh listeners comes to mind … as projection.

“Whether it’s about the right of a fetus to live versus the right of a woman to choose, the inherent rights of American citizens versus the perceived rights of illegal aliens, or religious freedom and traditional values versus another new category of people seeking special protection, Democrats are of one mind. They all stand together on the far left, a place where dissent is never tolerated. Like clichéd characters in a science fiction movie, they appear to be individual organisms, but their minds seem to be linked to some enormous, pulsating brain deep within the bowels of the Democratic National Committee.
They call it “political opposition,” but the nonstop venom spewing from liberal politicians and the media, Hollywood, and academia represents something much more dangerous to our republic than healthy political opposition.
Blinded by their own hatred, liberals can’t see that they, not Donald Trump, are responsible for the deep division in the country.

Adam Schiff, meet Columbo! By Patricia McCarthy – “This old episode about the iconic rumpled detective who always solves the crime is hopefully soon to be analogous to the predicament Adam Schiff and his like-minded colleagues find themselves in today.”

“For over a year, the Democrats, especially Schiff, have been shouting “collusion with Russia” from the rooftops of the swamp. It must be true, they say. It is true, they insist. They badly want it to be true. But as we now know, none of it is true. It was all a set-up, an “insurance policy,” a grand plan to prevent Trump’s election and, after he won, to ensure his eventual impeachment. It had to work! Otherwise, an administration from outside D.C. might uncover the many unconstitutional crimes of the FBI, the DOJ, the DNC, the ever corrupt Clintons, and the Obama administration, crimes committed to cover up crimes.
Adam Schiff and his willing dupes in the media are about to be proven to be as immature and as stupidly arrogant as Columbo’s smug miscreants.
The ignorance that so often goes hand in hand with the conceit of eminence and the sense of moral and intellectual superiority that those so afflicted display is a particular tragedy of our great nation. Wealth and success have corrupted so many of those who should feel nothing but gratitude to the American founders. Instead, they often become our loudest naysayers.
Columbo was and remains a prime example of our favorite archetype, the eternal good guy, the man of virtue and values, the hero. He was a plodder. Let us hope that the plodding tenacity of Nunes and Grassley comes to a Columboesque end: the bad guys have to go to jail. Somebody has to go to jail for orchestrating the most serious political crimes in U.S. history. The Clintons were shameless crooks, but the Obama administration was downright sinister.

Spare Us the ‘Conversation’ by George Neumayr – “The gun-control crowd most eager to hold it did the most to decimate civilizing institutions.”

“The pols and pundits most insistent upon holding a gun-control “conversation” in the wake of mass shootings at schools did the most to turn them into nihilistic wastelands.
The liberal elite’s hoped-for “conversation” about guns would never proceed like one. They are not looking for a dialogue but an occasion to diatribe without ever having to answer for their own role in the demise of civil society.
The rise of school shootings is due not to the absence of laws but to the absence of a civilized culture that taught students to follow them.
That liberal vision of gun control without self-control just means a multiplicity of laws an increasingly depraved citizenry won’t obey.
They don’t want a free people. They want the prison-state, confident in the expectation that they will emerge as its wardens who can demand the confiscation of guns while standing behind their armed guards.

The demands that the rights of others be dismissed and the attacks on bogeymen like the NRA are exactly what the shooter took to heart. He turned such demands into action and dismissed the rights of his victims to life and liberty. The verbal insanity growing to action insanity in societies has a very ugly history.

Pruitt Started Flying First Class To Avoid People Yelling Profanities At Him By Caitlin MacNeal – “EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt began flying first class in May when his security team determined that it would help him avoid confrontations.” i.e. a denial of rights undertaken by people who think they it is their duty to deny rights to others that don’t agree with them by violence if necessary. Then, of course, when the victim takes steps to protect himself, you attack those steps. And then deny culpability for the behavior you model as exemplary or necessary and how others, like a crazed school miscreant, might see it.

Betsy Newmark has sense on this one – “It’s so tiresome how everyone seems to immediately reach for their ideological goggles to start attacking whenever there is one of these horrific mass shootings.” but she’s not talking about everyone when it comes to “ideological goggles.”

“I get that, in the moments of pain after learning of teenagers and teachers who were gunned down in their schools, we all wish that there is some magic solution that could prevent further tragedies. We want someone to blame besides a crazed and evil young man. But if the solutions were easy, we would have seen them already. Conservatives don’t love children any less than liberals do. They just have a different sense of how the gun reforms that are thrown around would actually work or whether they would stop any future mass shootings.

The Motives Behind the Massacre by Patrick J. Buchanan – “While this massacre may be a product of mental illness, it is surely a product of moral depravity.” He’s got a thing about weapons, but if you can get past that there is some enlightenment.

“Another factor helps to explain what happened Wednesday: We are a formerly Christian society in an advanced state of decomposition.

Nikolas Cruz was a product of broken families. He was adopted. Both adoptive parents had died. Where did he get his ideas of right and wrong, good and evil? Before the Death of God and repeal of the Ten Commandments, in those dark old days, the 1950s, atrocities common now were almost nonexistent.

Every solution to mass shootings inevitably involves a serious trade-off by Dan Mclaughlin – “What can we do? What should we do?”

“The answers are not easy, and they inevitably involve a trade-off: accepting the unacceptable, or restricting our freedoms. The three big ones are freedom of the press (publicity gives oxygen to these kinds of acts, so restricting coverage will reduce copycats); the right to bear arms (guns don’t cause human evil, but of course they make it easier to carry out); and due process (targeting potential mass shooters, or mentally ill people in general, is possible, but requires us to curtail Americans’ civil rights before they have actually committed a crime).

It is by no means clear that any of these solutions would be more effective than the others, and each of them involves punishing a very large number of people in order to stop the evil-doings of a very small number of people.

He misses the idea that the right to bear arms is defensive, to protect one’s self. It is not to assert Constitutional protection for offensive or criminal efforts. He dismisses defensive measures by assuming they are assigned to special agents rather than a necessary obligation of every citizen.

Up in smoke, Part Two by Paul Mirengoff – “Sen. Gardner decided to block President Trump’s nominees for four critical Assistant U.S. Attorney position — Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division; Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division; Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division; and Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division.”

“This is a disgrace. Again, it’s not like the Sessions Justice Department is cracking down on pot in Colorado. All it has done is refuse formally to throw federal law under the bus. Coloradans can still get as high as they want while others reel in the profits. But, as Sessions says, “I cannot and will not pretend that a duly enacted law of this country—like the federal ban on marijuana—does not exist.”
With Republicans like Gardner in Congress, who needs Democrats?

Trump’s Fake News by Andrew Heaton & Sarah Rose Siskind – “Deep breaths and fact-checking might save America.” This is an example of being intellectually confused. They assert, without any support and in denial of what can be easily observed, that “Donald Trump tends to call whatever he dislikes “fake news,” from inconvenient facts to unfavorable reporting.” Then they proceed to list the actual Fake News at CNN, ABC, etc.

“The result is that actual “fake news” is slipping into major news outlets. When hit pieces turn out to be false, they bolster Trump’s claims about the media and discredit journalists in the eyes of his supporters.

The sad part here is that a lack of integrity is only important to “his supporters” and not to the public at large. Like the “18 school shootings this year” or the use of the NRA as a King King sized bogeyman, Fake News that reinforces fantasies gets an easy ride.

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