Will we ever learn?

The Washington Times takes note of how political gamesmanship has trumped integrity. One side playing games to avoid responsibility for action they know is contemptible and the other side to intimidated (or something) to put that contemptible behavior in plain sight.

So, the Democratic leadership effectively gagged Mr. Johnson, a Vietnam veteran who spent nearly seven years in a POW camp, barring him from offering his alternative proposal on the floor. House Republicans need to drive home the point that the supporters of the House resolution are determined to cut off funds for the troops but are too intellectually dishonest to say so publicly right now.

And from the field, Cal Thomas cites a letter he received about how the troops view this behavior.

To the recurring question about patriotism and policy, Sgt. Dobson replies: “I would never presume to call anyone’s love for country into question … I ask the same of you. Truly our nation’s honor is at stake, and we have been given the opportunity to put our hand to the flame. Should we now, in our moment of testing, shy from it? When asked how much we love our country, should we call retreat? No, we stand at a moment of great truth, let us now show our enemies just how much we love America and our way of life. Let us show them our love of country is as great as it ever was.”

We repeat Cronkite’s Tet Offensive by making success out to be failure. Now we are looking at repeating the Cambodian killing fields by abandoning our fundamental principles. And it is all under the mantra of trying to protect our troops – or something. What happened to the understanding of freedom, liberty, and the fundamental obligations of one to another that founded the U.S.A.?

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