Civil war update

Donald Trump is Forcing American Blacks to Pick a Side by L.E. Ikenga – “Donald Trump is coming very close to removing, once and for all, the carefully and artfully applied paint from the face of a Beast that has been masquerading as Truth and Justice for far too long.” But it’s really about the culture war.

“Throughout their post-slavery and post-colonial histories, blacks in America have always been easy targets for elitist cabals that have sought to use their ignorance for power and profit. Be it the post-bellum carpetbagger Northerners of the Reconstruction era; the Pan-African Congresses that began at the turn of the 20th century, which were headed by notable black socialists such as W.E.B. Dubois; or the current line-up of leftist pedants who hold coveted tenured positions at America’s top universities by day, while moonlighting on gilded media stages at night peddling their most updated versions of critical race theory to intellectually lazy audiences, it’s obvious that black ignorance is big business.

It is a rather long essay and it wanders about and it might even be considered racist by some of the hypersensitive. That is experience speaking to reinforce an important message that needs careful consideration.

Why does replacing food stamps with food so anger liberals? By Ed Straker – “Extolling the free market. Condemning big government. Criticizing D.C. bureaucrats. Hey, Trump finally accomplished something! He’s gotten liberals to talk like conservatives!”

“”Marriage” between two men or two women. Boys in girls’ bathrooms. Gutting the military. Obamacare. Leaving our borders unprotected. None of these is “radical and risky.” But giving food to poor people instead of money – that’s “radical and risky.”
The startling thing about this entire discussion is that liberals are outraged that people on food stamps are being deprived of choice. Liberals didn’t care about depriving people of choice when it came to Obamacare, or gun control, or raising taxes. They didn’t care even when Michelle Obama, the cultural tsarina in charge of food tastes, tried to tell our kids what they should be eating in school.

Why such a different attitude when it comes to food stamps?

Occam’s Razor states that the simplest answer is also most likely the correct one. The simplest answer is that liberals don’t care about feeding the poor.

FBI-gate: The Outlines of the Story Are Coming into Focus by Thomas Lifson – “We are on the cusp of a drama much bigger than Watergate breaking open, and its story elements are compelling.” But what happens if both Priestap and Horowitz fail to produce? That’s cynicism based on experience so far and it’s not in this essay.

“In the calm before the storm breaks, the mainstream media and the Democrat attack squad from the House Intel committee [i] are in the midst of utterly discrediting themselves. Once the story breaks into the open, indictments will be handed down, and the witnesses, hostile and cooperating, will be heard in hearings and in court. They have worked together to cover up and distract from the story, but the truth will out, and now it is becoming clear how that will happen.

The Great Flynn Case Mystery by Clarice Feldman – “the government has lost the presumption of ethical conduct, which many courts still afford prosecutors. Actions have consequences.”

Comey told Congress FBI agents didn’t think Michael Flynn lied by Byron York – “some lawmakers are trying to figure out what occurred between the time Comey told Congress the FBI did not believe Flynn lied and the time, several months later, when Flynn pleaded guilty to just that.”

FBI, Hillary scandals could have a ripple effect on Wall Street by John Crudele – “if you are investing in US financial markets, keep a close eye on developments regarding the FBI and the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.”

“The markets don’t like chaos, and that’s what we are headed for.

There have been a lot of major developments recently, although most big media organizations are ignoring them. They will soon regret that.
everything happening in Washington right now is crucial to the well-being of an already nervous Wall Street. So pay attention.

Our New Secessionists by Roger Kimball – “I think of Lincoln and his contemporary unpopularity because of the secessionist mood that is still, in some fetid redoubts, rippling through the country. Most colleges and universities are gigantic petri dishes for the production of this toxin, as are many elite organs of opinion.”

“The Civil War began not because of slavery, but because of Lincoln’s election.
Today, the secessionist mood is defined not so much by geography—though there is always California to consider—but by a species of identity politics.
Someday, the sudden efflorescence of incontinent animus against Donald Trump will occupy an interesting section in the annals of psychopathology, furnishing, perhaps, a new chapter for Charles Mackay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. But for the moment, the political ergot is too freshly distributed into the metabolism of “elite” opinion to be described calmly. We can only stand by and watch, like an anthropologist at some savage ritual, while the natives rage.

As the months pass, however, and Trump’s achievements pile up the disjunction between the reality of his administration and the hysteria of his opponents becomes ever more glaring.
The astonishing and still expanding scandal that is FISA-gate was intended to consume first candidate Trump and then, when that failed, to hobble or destroy President Trump. Thanks to a dedicated band of commentators—including contributors to American Greatness—that protracted act of political sabotage seems to be unraveling before our eyes. It is difficult, still, to take its measure, but from this vantage, it appears to be shaping up as the biggest political scandal in America’s history.

To date, Donald Trump’s actions have been as patient and methodical as his rhetoric has been taunting and dismissive.
The deep state has declared war on Donald Trump and a united America. Those of us hoping to make America great again should repay the favor and help the president wage war against the enemies of our excellence.

Want More Women In STEM? Bring STEM Into The Experience Of Girlhood by Adelina Sarkisyan – “To understand the lack of female participation in STEM disciplines we need to examine why girls feel shut out.” This is an illustration of the essence of bias. There is no other idea entertained other than “shut out” and its implication of victimhood. Uber had the same reaction to its gender wage gap but they had solid data to look at to understand why. The gender war has been ongoing for many years and continually loses when it comes to reality. But evidence and reality don’t matter to those whose thinking is ‘victim and perpetrator’ or win/lose zero sum conflict.

I Don’t Miss George W. Bush Anymore by by Juliette Ochieng – “Bush’s defense of illegal aliens – essentially a criticism of Donald Trump – wasn’t a surprise to me, though his location while doing it, in Dubai, was(!)” It is very sad to see the Bush’s get woke all of a sudden.

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