It’s a propaganda machine under false colors

In regards to the FISA summary memo, those who think it flawed only have to offer up the evidence upon which they base their conclusion. Instead, the allegation is ad hominem assault. Rep. Adam Schiff: Nunes memo ‘political hit job’ on FBI by Tom Howell Jr illustrates this. There is also some effort to nitpick for flaws to exaggerate into total denunciation. In doing so, the defense ignores the major issue of improper government surveillance compounded by using the authority and weight of government agencies to go after political opponents.

This is Madness – The Media are Just as Complicit In The DOJ Corruption and FISA Abuse by sundance – “We shared a discussion thread a few weeks ago about how the media are enmeshed within the entire story of the DOJ and FBI corruption.”

“The media engagements with the parties swirling around the Clinton-Steele Dossier and DOJ corruption are so pervasive they cannot currently report on the story without exposing their own duplicity.

As more evidence surfaces the relationship between journalists, Fusion-GPS, Chris Steele and the media’s DOJ/FBI sources begins blending together. The FBI was using media reports, which were based on Fusion-GPS pitches, to bolster its investigative documents to the FISA court

The problem is not just corruption with the U.S. Justice System, the DOJ and the FBI; the problem is corruption within the media.

Journalism is Dead by Derek Hunter – “This week we saw a perfect example of how corrupt journalism has become. There was an opportunity to report the news and journalists and their fellow travelers in the pundit class balked.”

“The lying by Democrats in the lead up to the memo’s release wasn’t surprising, nor was the complicity of journalists in spreading that lie. What was is how there was virtually no curiosity or interest in the memo and its contents in the days leading to its release from the people whose job it is supposed to be to convey information to the public. All journalists did was attempt to taint it’s release so as to foster disinterest in it in their audience when they could finally see it.

The ‘Constitutional Crisis’ the Fourth Estate Birthed by Clarice Feldman – “As the “Russian Collusion” story disintegrates, it takes with it any reason to rely on the Fourth Estate, which in large part assisted in Obama administration wrongdoing.”

“It has proven to be a handmaiden of those who concocted a big lie to bring down a political opponent. … This time, it’s not only Haman — the FBI and DOJ officials involved in lying to the FISC and unmasking what they learned — but their hangers-on in the press that are trapped as well.

How serious was the misuse of the FISA procedure? So serious, to my mind, that Congress must interrogate the judges involved and find out how the Court allowed itself to be so misled. Perhaps the law needs to be revised.

Winners and losers from the House memo detailing FBI surveillance abuses by Washington Times Staff – “Despite complaints Mr. Nunes memo reveal classified investigative FISA techniques, it’s not necessarily a bad thing when the American public gets a look into the inner workings of powerful government entities.”

Answering 3 key questions about the House memo by Byron York – “amid all the name-calling, there have been three serious and substantial questions raised about the memo that deserve a closer look:” It’s a good rundown on the Schiff assertions and reports in the propaganda machine that stem from anonymous tipsters. What is also worthy of note is York’s observation about what Republicans expected as that implies they have a plan to deal with it.

“It’s fair to say that much of the media reaction to the House Intelligence Committee “FISA abuse” memo has been a mixture of scorn and ridicule. Many commentators have called the memo wrong, worthless, or worse.

House Republicans expected as much, from the usual suspects.

So those are some of the objections and questions raised about the House memo. Though repeated loudly and often, they don’t have much merit, and the memo’s key assertion — that the unverified, oppo-research dossier played an essential role in securing a warrant to wiretap Carter Page — appears sound.

The Overwhelming Odds a FISA Warrant Would Have Been Issued on Page Even Without the Dossier By Rick Moran – “more than 35,000 FISA warrants have been issued. Only 12 requests to the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Court (FISC) have been denied.”

“That makes the odds pretty good that a request from the FBI for a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump volunteer Carter Page would have been granted regardless of the anti-Trump bias in the bureau and the questionable provenance of the Steele Dossier.

Carter Page was not a meth dealer nor was this an ordinary criminal case. This was the FBI requesting permission to spy on the political campaign of a candidate from a political party in opposition to the party of the president sitting in the White House.

It doesn’t get any more consequential than that.

You would think, then, that because the stakes were much higher for the FISA court to issue a warrant, the evidence bar would be set higher as well. Apparently not. The FISA judge appeared inclined to issue a warrant whether the evidence in the Steele Dossier was corroborated or not.

The key here is that despite the fact that Page was already the subject of a FISA warrant, issued in 2014 before he volunteered for the Trump campaign, the request to spy on his activities while with the Trump campaign meant that Trump’s aides and staff would also have their conversations recorded. That is an intolerable turn of events unless there’s solid evidence that there were people working for Trump who were traitors to the United States. Only something as serious as evidence of treason would justify this kind of spying on American citizens.

And Mueller, the FBI, and the DoJ have bupkis.

FISA Court Judge James Boasberg Rules Comey Memos Will Remain Secret by Sundance – “The media are pointing out that a Federal District Court Judge, has ruled against the release of the memos former FBI Director James Comey wrote to himself while acting head of the FBI. However, one little thing they fail to notice

The deadly ignorance on the road to Rome by Wesley Pruden – “now there’s a carefully cultivated tolerance for the intolerant, and anyone clever enough to come up with a mindless slogan for the simple-minded can market anything.”

“And not just the simple-minded. The intellectual class, so called, is particularly vulnerable to the self-righteous piety of slogans.

The latest crime of the century, for which there is no defense and the evildoers are entitled to nothing more than public punishment at the end of a sea grass rope, is something called “nationalism.”

Elizabeth Warren bellows rallying cry at activist event: ‘We march in pink pussy hats!’ By Douglas Ernst – This reminds me of recent PBS documentaries on disease and evolution that noted that chimpanzee female genitals are external and swell to indicate to males they are ready for mating. It is interesting to note that modern feminists are in evolutionary regression and have to construct artifacts to parade around just like the chimpanzees.

I am proud of the FBI by Don Surber – “As your resident Trump-ologist, I had to decipher this tweet from Friday

“Trump is disciplined. And patient. And thick skinned. The key to Trump-ology is to realize what most people think about him is a media facade he built.

It serves his purpose to be misunderstood. His success is built in part upon it.

Many older Americans are living a desperate, nomadic life by Richard Eisenberg – “They live in RVs and drive from one low-wage job to another. … Nomads need a voice, but at the same time, it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll organize for better working conditions because they’re vulnerable and always on the move.” This is a book review that goes down hill from the negative associations of words in the title. It describes desperate people who hocked their house to the hilt and lost it when the housing bubble burst. They lost their retirement funds when they sold out during the market crash. They deserve to be coddled by government and corporations because of their poor judgment and social security just isn’t enough. The other side of the story is out there from YouTube channels where retirees like this are earning extra income doing videos about their lifestyle to the Coyote Blog about running facilities that cater to these folks both as customers and volunteers and employees.

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