Americans are dreamers, too

In California, Coffee Causes Cancer And Lawyers Collect The Fee By Alex Berezow – “A judge in California is going to determine whether or not coffee causes cancer.”

“Think about that. We live in a society where judges and lawyers — not medical doctors, scientists, or even a group of really clever AP biology high school students — get to determine the credibility of biomedical research.

One may be tempted to conclude that Californians deserve the government that they get. That might be true, but the rest of the country doesn’t deserve it.

Because California is such a large state, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California. … The notion that a handful of activists in California can dictate science and health policy for 320 million Americans is, quite frankly, obscene.

Yet, that’s where we find ourselves. Lawyers who are hellbent on destroying science to make a quick buck can find plenty of fertile ground and ample opportunity in California.

Flaunting lawlessness in the Capitol By Charles Hurt – “Never in the history of this Republic has there been such a jubilant celebration of lawlessness in the heart of our government as we saw at President Trump’s State of the Union address to Congress.”

“Under the gaze of Moses, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson and all the great champions of law from history, today’s current crop of “lawgivers” in America sneered, mocked and ridiculed the mere notion that we might have laws.

That these laws might mean anything.

That these laws might be enforced with equality.

That’s because also gazing down on our modern “lawgivers” in the chamber were an untold number of illegal aliens. These illegal aliens were actually invited to illegally come into the House chamber — the sacred nursery of America’s laws — to sit in sneering judgement of a nation built on the promise that no man (or woman or child) is above the law.

Across the street, enthroned in the pediment of the Supreme Court above the words “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW,” Justice wept.

As is the case with such lawlessness, it necessarily metastasizes. One becomes many.

The Democratic betrayal of the Dreamers By The Washington Times – “The ferocity of the Democratic opposition to a plan that would make Dreamer dreams come true, and assure citizenship and eventually voting rights to 1.8 million illegal immigrants, is a bit puzzling.”

“They know that without getting the money for the wall, President Trump will not agree to the amnesty the Democrats seek. But terrified of the party base that moves ever farther to the left, the Democrats must keep the issue unresolved and boiling. They want no restrictions at all on illegal immigration, and seek nothing less than the Californication of the rest of the country. The Dreamers can see the resolution of their predicament, if only the Democrats will let them have it.

Trump just took ‘telling ordinary Americans’ stories’ to a whole new level By John Podhoretz – “The true inspiration for Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was not Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln. It was Paul Harvey.”

“His five-minute daily show, “The Rest of the Story,” featured beautifully told tales of individual Americans and the challenges they overcame from a populist right-wing perspective.

The only thing anyone is going to remember about this speech are the stories he told about the people his administration invited to sit in the Capitol gallery.

Trump took it to a new level last night — to a Paul Harvey level.

Speaking From The Heart, Trump’s Speech Was All Democrats Feared It Would Be, IBD – “President Trump, defying expectations that he would give a speech filled with concessions to the bitterly angry Democrats, gave a full-throated, detailed (and long) defense of his first year in office and offered a vision for the future. It was a bravura performance, one of the best in recent history.”

“After hearing Trump demonized and vilified in the media for the better part of a year, average Americans were no doubt surprised to hear a confident president with an extensive resume of successes express his love, admiration and, yes, devotion to the country he plainly loves a great deal.

We don’t know for sure how average Americans viewed his speech. But we do know that it was the kind of speech that Americans like. It was clear and plain-spoken. His ideas were based on common sense and normal American decency, not weird ideologies that bear no relevance to every-day American life.

based on the Democrats sour reaction even when Trump announced initiatives, such as infrastructure rebuilding, that are at the core of Democratic politics, it didn’t really matter. The assembled Democratic politicians looked like they had just bitten into a lemon. They, apparently, have decided not to cooperate with Trump on anything — and signaled it loudly on Tuesday.

Such stunning economic success should be celebrated. That it isn’t, especially by those who pretend to represent the African-American and Hispanic communities, only shows how poisoned the Democratic Party has become by its own extreme ideology.

In any case a lot of Americans were probably surprised by what they saw and heard after a year of nonstop Trump demonization: A man in full, flawed but street-smart, full of love of country, ready to defend it, full of ideas, and eager to go forward. An American.

But any Americans who were listening with an open heart and open mind no doubt heard much to like, and even more to deeply admire: A president who loves his country, is avidly fixing its problems, and wants the continued help and support of the American people to do so.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a president like that.

The Shabby, Sophomoric Behavior of Democrats at the SOTU By Patricia McCarthy – “It is difficult to imagine a more galling demonstration of incivility than the Democrats in the room for Trump’s SOTU speech.”

“They scowled, frowned, and sat on their hands throughout the speech. They could hardly be bothered to acknowledge the heroes in the audience when they were introduced. While the Dems brought illegal immigrants, Trump invited actual paragons of American character and the families of victims of illegal immigrant crimes, as well as a victim of North Korea. It was embarrassing, like watching the anti-Semites in the UN stomp out of the room when Benjamin Netanyahu speaks. How is it any different? Our Democrats behave exactly like the most racist, intolerant people on the planet, and in their own Capitol.

How and why have the leftists among us become so anti-American, so contemptuous of the Constitution, the Founders, and American heroism? When did they get to be so rude?

It was truly shocking for all to see how disrespectful were the Democrats in attendance. Do they think their bad manners will endear them to the American people, most of whom have been taught basic manners and probably agree with nearly every word Trump spoke tonight?

The fact that the Democrats in Congress loathe Trump more than they love their country or the American people is a tragedy … Generally speaking, enmity and rancor do not win over voters. Optimism and success for all does. Love of country does. Trump loves the country and all of its people. That was the message of the night, loud and clear.

5 Things Democrats Refused To Applaud During SOTU by Amber Athey – “Democrats refused to stand during a number of key moments in President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, showing their disrespect for veterans, Americans receiving tax cuts and more.”

“We’ve compiled a list of the worst times Democrats chose not to stand for Trump’s speech. … 1. The National Anthem … 2. ‘In God We Trust’ … 3. Tax Cuts … 4. Record Low In Black Unemployment … 5. Veterans

Spot the stupidest MSM SOTU television commentary By Thomas Lifson – “There is a lot of competition for the most inane commentary on the triumphant State of the Union Address that President Trump delivered last night.”

The jiu jitsu SOTU speech by neo-neocon – “In his SOTU speech Trump caught them flat-footed by being almost 100% the Happy Warrior.”

“If you spend a lot of time hammering home the idea that your opponent is stupid, crazy, and/or senile, then every time he acts smart, sane, and competent it makes you look stupid, crazy, and/or like a lying propagandist. If your opponent gets to show himself to the American people and he’s not as you’ve described, who ends up looking foolish?

A special kind of sleazy: Andrew McCabe’s sneaky set-up of Reince Priebus By Monica Showalter – “McCabe took advantage of Reince’s open, honest, honorable nature … and screwed him over for having it.”

“McCabe is suspected of leaking damaging information about Trump and Russia to the press, not because there was anything there, but because there wasn’t. He just wanted to inflict pain.

So here Priebus was, with information exonerating the Trump administration, and he wanted to honor McCabe’s request, as if the truth itself out there was McCabe’s personal possession, safer in McCabe’s hands. O.K., that was a bit weak, but it was understandable. Priebus’s real problem was that he didn’t know he was dealing with a snake.

What kind of a person does that to someone trying to protect him and keep open lines of communication? What kind of a sleazy operative or power player? Priebus was dealing with a swamp thing, not just of manners, but morals. And this is the guy James Comey claimed ‘stood tall’ against all the “small people” who got wise to his games and got rid of him.

Does the FBI need a good hosing out or what? These are dangerous, underhanded people who play unfathomably lowdown, dirty games.

FBI Scandal: McCabe’s Resignation Is Only The Beginning, IBD – “Was FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s sudden departure from the nation’s premier law enforcement agency a one-off move by a disgruntled and politically harassed bureaucrat?”

“McCabe was forced out of the No. 2 FBI power post on Monday just before the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a top secret memo detailing possible extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses during the Obama administration.

McCabe was no coincidence. FBI Director Christopher Wray read the memo Sunday, and by Monday afternoon McCabe was gone.

McCabe is at the center of what increasingly appears to be a cabal of FBI officials dedicated to undermining Trump’s presidency. If so, and a congressional memo is not in and of itself proof, it would signal a major scandal that ultimately could lead to firings, fines and even prison terms.

As Congress and the president mull releasing even more information on this sad affair for American democracy, it’s important to note that this is potentially bigger than even Watergate. If in fact a circle of government employees worked to subvert American law and the political process, it’s not a firing offense — it’s a criminal offense.

Democracy’s Highest Crime and Misdemeanor by Scott S. Powell – “Every week brings new revelations and details about a cabal in the federal government whose actions border on both sedition and conspiracy.”

“The United States is now at a defining moment. Will there be a restoration of the rule of law, or will Washington’s elite continue to give cover and a pass to fellow members of the Ruling Class (a descriptive phrase coined in these pages by Angelo Codevilla)?

The U.S. is unique in human history being the only nation founded solely on moral ideas and principles and a noble vision of man’s potential for good, but also a recognition of his sinful propensities for selfishness and abuse of power.

America was founded in revolution against oppression, and then tested, forged, and reaffirmed by bloody sacrifice in civil war and successive foreign wars right up to the present — fought to uphold the cause of freedom and its attendant rights and duties inexorably tied to natural and civil law. If we give a pass to a cabal of lawbreakers in today’s Ruling Class, we betray our heritage, our ideals and vision, and the blood of so many patriots.

This kind of law breaking — the attempt to subvert the will of the American people in the 2016 election and its aftermath — is the highest crime and misdemeanor, akin to treason. So what to do?

Failing to hold Ruling Class lawbreakers accountable is not an option, for the next stage of ruin on that slippery slope we’ve been on looks more like a police state than a country club.

Yes, Americans dream … and are characterized by how they make these dreams come true. This president knows that better than many.

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