Basic Management and Basic Scandal

Scott Adams has been using the current political war to illustrate the ideas in his new book Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter. Don Surber comes up with another, ‘amateur’ Jay Fivekiller, observer with “DACA is not a bargaining chip, it’s a wedge.” Fivekiller posted a series of 30 tweets where he laid out his view. It’s quite an analysis. For Surber it is also a reminder that those who think Trump is going in the right direction and knows more about how to get there than anyone might expect are not alone.

“30. So, once again, remember the Three Rules of the Trumpening.

  1. Always trust Trump.
  2. Never bet against Trump.
  3. Don’t get tired of winning.

“Now those are the observations of some guy who had 2,031 followers as of 9 PM last night.

I began assuring readers in August 2016 we are not alone, back when everyone wrote off The Donald.

And then 13 months later, in September 2017, I assured readers that Ann Coulter, Patrick Buchanan, and the rest were wrong about Trump’s meeting with Nancy and Chuck.

What we saw in Trump that they did not see by Don Surber – “Any honest man must admit that Donald Trump has proved in just one year to be a far better president than his predecessor.”

“We the voters are not surprised by Trump’s competence. Beneath the maelstrom and headlines lies a rather boring and casebook management style.

Congress acting downright childish By Joseph Curl – “When senators from both parties gathered over the weekend to privately discuss how to end the government shutdown, they were forced to resort to using a “talking stick.” Hold the talking stick, only you can talk. Everyone else has to put on their listening hats.”

“The three-day shutdown of the government was the most childish in history. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer had no end game at all, he simply wanted to shut it all down. And you want to know the real reason? Because he couldn’t stand the idea that President Trump was heading down to Mar-a-Lago to host a big party to celebrate his anniversary (which was Saturday).

“Today we enter the third day of the Trump Shutdown, the first ever real shutdown to occur when one party controls the entire legislative process,” Mr. Schumer said Monday. “The Republican Party controls the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and yet they were unable to keep the government open for the American people.”

The claim was, as usual, disingenuous. The Senate needed 60 votes to move forward, and there are only 54 Republicans in the chamber. Mr. Schumer knows that, which makes the “claim” a “lie.”

Howard Kurtz: Trump and the media now in a battle over truth, and who owns it By Jennifer Harper – the hype and the author don’t seem to be in sync. What seems to be missing is the problem of distinguishing between truth and pecadillo, putting a focus on ‘mistakes’ rather than the truth of the message.

“These are not easy words for me to write. I am a lifelong journalist with ink in my veins. And for all my criticism of the media’s errors and excesses, I have always believed in the mission of aggressive reporting and holding politicians accountable. But the past two years have radicalized me. I am increasingly troubled by how many of my colleagues have decided to abandon any semblance of fairness out of a conviction that they must save the country from Trump,” Mr. Kurtz said in a excerpt published Tuesday by the Hollywood Reporter.

“I first got to know Donald Trump three decades ago and never made the blunder of underestimating him during the campaign. I saw all his weaknesses — the bluster, the bullying, the refusal to admit mistakes — but I also saw strengths that most of my colleagues missed, especially an ability to channel the anger of millions of voters who despise the press — including the old-guard conservative press — and other elite institutions,” the author wrote. “This is, at bottom, a battle over the truth. Who owns it, who controls it, who can sell their version to a polarized public that increasingly cannot agree on basic facts.”

Media lying about McConnell to help save face for Chuck Schumer By Ed Lasky – “Chuck Schumer has a huge problem, but his friends in the mainstream media are pitching in to help – with lies. … instead of reporting on the disarray among the Democrats, the narrative just has to be that the evil Republicans engaged in perfidy.”

“This fake news is intended to sow distrust of McConnell among populists and some Republicans and set him up, should he not bring up the issue, for the media propagating the false narrative that Republicans are lying about bringing up DACA by the first week of February.

Fake, Fake, Fake.

Paraphrasing Groucho Marx’s immortal question: Who ya gonna believe, the media or your own eyes?

Mueller’s Fruit of the Poisonous Tree by George Neumayr – “His investigation is hopelessly compromised.”

“Once again, Trump’s criticisms are vindicated. Go back and look at even his most inflammatory tweets about Obamagate and they all hold up. His campaign was wire-tapped; FBI agents were plotting against him; Obama’s FBI director was leaking to the press; the FBI was collaborating with Hillary’s opposition researchers; the FBI/Justice Department exoneration of Hillary was rigged.

The great villain in the media’s tale of collusion turns out to be the victim.

What emerges from all this evidence of astonishing bias is a probe that didn’t seek to discover a crime but create one.

This is not the slow unfolding of justice but scenes from a show trial, one in which the only serious crimes are committed by abusive prosecutors and investigators, so intoxicated by their own political self-righteousness that they can brag to their paramours about the “fix” on Trump.

Prosecutorial Collusion in the Fourth Estate: Anatomy of a Witch Hunt, Part 4 by Mark Pulliam – “The special prosecutors’ deceitful collusion with the news media reveals the poisonous motives of both.” This is about another case with eerie parallels.

“Among the many parallels between the abuses of mercenary “special prosecutors” Kent Schaffer and Brian Wice and the out-of-control investigation being conducted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is the prevalence of media leaks, planted stories, and outright collusion between government officials — servants of justice, supposedly — and the overwhelmingly-biased press corps. This marks an ominous development in the pattern of prosecutorial abuse that Glenn Reynolds has termed Ham Sandwich Nation; the Fourth Estate, instead of constraining such abuse, has become an accomplice to it.

The worst aspect of this grotesque miscarriage of justice, however, is the ignominious role played by a hyper-partisan, supine, and incurious press corps, which served as the special prosecutors’ obsequious PR flacks. If abusive lawfare is to be prevented, a free and independent news media must play the role of watch dog, not lap dog. The Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column — a tool of overreaching, scheming, and manipulative prosecutors. Shame on them.

Did The Obama Administration Abuse FISA To Spy On The Trump Campaign? We’ll Have To Wait 19 Days; UPDATE: Maybe Not by Matt Vespa – It’s about that 4 page memo and when the rest of us can see what upsets so many who have cleared security to read it. Top that with lost communications from a critical period and you can understand why things are getting interesting. “Things are moving with the speed of an espionage leak.” BREAKING: FBI Text Said To “Directly” Link Obama To Illegal 2016 Election Tampering

NBC: Did McCabe sandbag Flynn into an obstruction charge? By Ed Morrissey – “How did Michael Flynn get caught in an obstruction of justice charge resulting from an FBI interrogation? The answer should serve as a warning signal to anyone who gets a call from law enforcement seeking a meeting.” It’s about using implied false pretenses to sandbag a victim for a manufactured process crime.

What Do We Do About the FBI? By Roger L Simon – “should “lying to the FBI” be a crime, when the FBI itself lies?”

“So if — and it’s not that big an if anymore — this story out of a spy novel (the density of Le Carré coupled with the outlandishness of Fleming) is indeed the truth, what do we do about it? The answer is not easy. At minimum it would necessitate a massive over-hauling, possibly even a dismantling, of the FBI and the Department of Justice. But how would we do that? That too will not be simple.

Critics of the FBI often acknowledge, seemingly paying obeisance, that there are many good people at the heart of the organization. Can we assume that to be accurate? Undoubtedly there are a significant number, but how do we determine who is who in an organization so adept at, and wedded to, stonewalling? Moreover, we can assume that the perpetrators at the top will be backed up and supported — some of the time anyway — by leaders of other investigative and intelligence branches, notably the CIA and the NSA, that have been similarly infiltrated over the years.

So many issues are at play here it’s mind-boggling. How do we deal with the dishonesty of our officials and bureaucrats when those same people are the keepers of our secrets and the enforcers of our laws (both of which are related)? When is transparency necessary? When is secrecy justified? Who will watch the watchers? Are the congressional oversight committees enough? Do they have sufficient power?

Ace: Peter Strzok on Joining Mueller’s RUSSIA Investigation: “My Gut Says There’s No Big ‘There’ There,” But Then, It May be a Chance to “Fix It and Finish It”

“Despite his gut telling him that there was no “there” there on the Russia claims, Strzok nevertheless discussed “fix[ing] things” — he seems to have felt that even a rigged Hillary fake-investigation was too much, and wanted to “fix” that — and his possible Rendezvous With History if he joined Mueller’s team … Maybe we can start calling this guy Mr. Fix-It.

Diagnosing the president disrespects those who truly have mental illnesses by Michael Kirsch, MD – “In the past month, the Goldwater Rule has appeared in our newspapers and all over cable news and commentary programs.”

“It is beyond obvious that many of these “mental health experts” are simply using a new tool to attack a president whom they oppose politically or despise personally. I oppose this practice both as a physician and as a citizen. We cannot normalize average citizens or medical professionals on the sidelines offering psychiatric assessments of folks they don’t really know. If this objectionable process were to become accepted, then it would be ultimately applied throughout society. There would be an inexorable mission creep that would make all of us potential targets of these inquisitions. If a boss at work, a teacher, an athlete or a customer started arguing, might this individual be labeled by onlookers as having a condition?

The wisdom of keeping silent is aged and timeless. “Those who guard their mouths and their tongues keep themselves from calamity.” – Proverbs 22:23.

There are those who notice the childish behavior and many are getting rather concerned. Maybe. We can hope.

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